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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Dean R. Wagner, 10/2002
Radnor-Winston Historic District
Inventory No.: B-5089
Date Listed: 12/29/2003
Location: Baltimore, Baltimore City
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: c. 1870-c. 1927
Resources: 163 (161 contributing, 2 non-contributing)
Description: The Radnor-Winston Historic District is an early-20th century residential neighborhood located in north Baltimore, a short distance inside the city line. The district is located approximately a half block west of the York Road corridor, a major north-south artery now characterized by mid-20th century commercial development. The campus of the College of Notre Dame forms most of its western boundary. The district's location is insular, in that there are no through streets, and the short streets within the neighborhood are organized in an intricate one-way pattern that further limits traffic. Although several late-19th century houses within the district represent the area's prior history, most of the 223 buildings within the district are bungalows and American Foursquares, and a few reflecting Dutch Colonial influence, constructed between c. 1900 and 1927, when Radnor-Winston was actively developed as a residential suburb. Houses in the district are primarily of frame construction, uniformly set back from the streets on modest-sized lots. Many of the houses have associated garages. The district is characterized by an unusual degree of cohesiveness and has retained integrity. That the neighborhood was created by a few builder/developers who offered a limited range of designs accounts in large part for the district's architectural cohesiveness. Significance: The Radnor-Winston Historic District is significant for its association with the suburban development of Baltimore, and as an example of a type of residential subdivision which characterized the area in the early 20th century. Radnor-Winston is distinctive among the subdivisions of north Baltimore for its consistent architectural character. While several buildings survive to reflect the area's history through the last quarter of the 19th century, the majority of houses in Radnor-Winston are frame bungalows or American Foursquares reflecting the period c. 1910 to 1927, by which date the development of the community was essentially completed. These houses are uniformly set back from the streets on modest-sized lots and retain integrity of design, form, and massing. The district conveys a sense of time and place through its architecture, and the rhythm of its streetscapes, setbacks, and landscaping.

District Resources (163) (161 contributing, 2 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
401 Charter Oak AvenueC 
403 Charter Oak AvenueC 
405 Charter Oak AvenueC 
407 Charter Oak AvenueC 
409 Charter Oak AvenueC 
411 Charter Oak AvenueC 
413 Charter Oak AvenueC 
415 Charter Oak AvenueC 
417 Charter Oak AvenueC 
419 Charter Oak AvenueC 
421 Charter Oak AvenueC 
423 Charter Oak AvenueC 
4801 Crowson AvenueC 
4803 Crowson AvenueC 
4805 Crowson AvenueC 
4807 Crowson AvenueC 
4809 Crowson AvenueC 
4811 Crowson AvenueC 
4813 Crowson AvenueC 
4900 Crowson AvenueC 
4901 Crowson AvenueC 
4902 Crowson AvenueC 
4903 Crowson AvenueC 
4904 Crowson AvenueC 
4905 Crowson AvenueC 
4906 Crowson AvenueC 
4907 Crowson AvenueC 
4908 Crowson AvenueC 
4909 Crowson AvenueC 
4910 Crowson AvenueC 
4911 Crowson AvenueC 
5100 Norwood RoadC 
5102 Norwood RoadC 
5104 Norwood RoadC 
5106 Norwood RoadC 
5108 Norwood RoadC 
5110 Norwood RoadC 
5112 Norwood RoadC 
5114 Norwood RoadC 
5115 Norwood RoadC 
5116 Norwood RoadC 
5118 Norwood RoadC 
401 Notre Dame LaneC 
403 Notre Dame LaneC 
300 Radnor AvenueC 
302 Radnor AvenueC 
304 Radnor AvenueC 
306 Radnor AvenueC 
308 Radnor AvenueC 
310 Radnor AvenueC 
312 Radnor AvenueC 
314 Radnor AvenueC 
316 Radnor AvenueC 
318 Radnor AvenueC 
320 Radnor AvenueC 
322 Radnor AvenueC 
324 Radnor AvenueC 
326 Radnor AvenueC 
328 Radnor AvenueC 
330 Radnor AvenueC 
332 Radnor AvenueC 
334 Radnor AvenueC 
300 Rossiter AvenueC 
301 Rossiter AvenueC 
302 Rossiter AvenueC 
303 Rossiter AvenueC 
304 Rossiter AvenueC 
305 Rossiter AvenueC 
306 Rossiter AvenueC 
307 Rossiter AvenueC 
308 Rossiter AvenueC 
309 Rossiter AvenueC 
310 Rossiter AvenueC 
311 Rossiter AvenueC 
312 Rossiter AvenueC 
313 Rossiter AvenueC 
314 Rossiter AvenueC 
315 Rossiter AvenueC 
316 Rossiter AvenueC 
317 Rossiter AvenueC 
318 Rossiter AvenueC 
319 Rossiter AvenueC 
320 Rossiter AvenueC 
321 Rossiter AvenueC 
322 Rossiter AvenueC 
323 Rossiter AvenueC 
324 Rossiter AvenueC 
325 Rossiter AvenueC 
326 Rossiter AvenueC 
327 Rossiter AvenueC 
328 Rossiter AvenueC 
329 Rossiter AvenueC 
330 Rossiter AvenueC 
331 Rossiter AvenueC 
332 Rossiter AvenueC 
333 Rossiter AvenueC 
340 Rossiter AvenueC 
342 Rossiter AvenueC 
344 Rossiter AvenueC 
400 Rossiter AvenueC 
402 Rossiter AvenueC 
404 Rossiter AvenueC 
406 Rossiter AvenueC 
5100 Whiteford AvenueC 
5101 Whiteford AvenueC 
5102 Whiteford AvenueC 
5103 Whiteford AvenueC 
5104 Whiteford AvenueC 
5105 Whiteford AvenueC 
5106 Whiteford AvenueC 
5107 Whiteford AvenueC 
5108 Whiteford AvenueC 
5109 Whiteford AvenueC 
5510 Whiteford AvenueC 
5111 Whiteford AvenueC 
5112 Whiteford AvenueC 
5113 Whiteford AvenueC 
5114 Whiteford AvenueC 
5115 Whiteford AvenueC 
5116 Whiteford AvenueC 
5118 Whiteford AvenueC 
301 Winstone AvenueC 
303 Winstone AvenueC 
305 Winstone AvenueC 
307 Winstone AvenueC 
309 Winstone AvenueC 
311 Winstone AvenueC 
313 Winstone AvenueC 
315 Winstone AvenueC 
317 Winstone AvenueC 
319 Winstone AvenueC 
321 Winstone AvenueC 
323 Winstone AvenueC 
325 Winstone AvenueC 
327 Winstone AvenueC 
329 Winstone AvenueC 
338 Winstone AvenueC 
340 Winstone AvenueC 
400 Winstone AvenueC 
402 Winstone AvenueC 
404 Winstone AvenueC 
406 Winstone AvenueC 
408 Winstone AvenueC 
410 Winstone AvenueC 
412 Winstone AvenueC 
419 Winstone AvenueC 
421 Winstone AvenueC 
423 Winstone AvenueC 
424 Winstone AvenueC 
425 Winstone AvenueC 
400 Woodford RoadC 
401 Woodford RoadC 
402 Woodford RoadC 
403 Woodford RoadC 
404 Woodford RoadC 
405 Woodford RoadC 
406 Woodford RoadC 
407 Woodford RoadC 
408 Woodford RoadC 
409 Woodford RoadC 
4804 York RoadC 
334 Rossiter AvenueNC 
336 Rossiter AvenueNC 


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