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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: D. Taylor, 06/2004
Decatur Heights Historic District
Inventory No.: AL-IV-A-166
Date Listed: 12/28/2005
Location: Cumberland, Allegany County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1820-1950
Resources: 344 (309 contributing, 27 non-contributing)
Description: The Decatur Heights Historic District is a mixed-use residential/commercial/industrial historic district of 77 acres located on the northeast side of Cumberland. The district lies immediately east of the downtown and contains a total of 377 resources, including five properties previously listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The topography of the district rises from west to east, with much of the district lying in a valley between Waverly Terrace on the east and Bedford Street on the west. Baltimore Avenue--the National Road and later U.S. Route 40--rises considerably as it meanders westward from Henderson Avenue and climbs steeply as it moves northeast from Bellevue Street. The topography immediately east of Baltimore Street is precipitous, with a nearly 200' rise from Baltimore Street to Waverly Terrace. Approximately 50% of the resources in the district predate 1890, approximately 40% date were constructed between 1890 and 1930, and the remaining approximately 10% post-date 1930. The architecture of the Decatur Heights Historic District includes a strong concentration of vernacular residences, early row houses executed in the Federal and Greek Revival styles, a considerably smaller number of commercial buildings, and several institutional buildings, among which are the previously listed YMCA and AME Church and Carver School, a pre-integration African-American education resource. The majority of the domestic architecture is of wood and a smaller proportion is of brick, and most of the district's few commercial buildings are of brick. A particularly distinctive construction technique in the district--and seen elsewhere throughout the city--involves the use of brick laid in a stylized Flemish bond with double glazed headers. An alternative masonry construction technique involves the use of concrete block, which grew from late 19th and early-20th century technological advances and adds to the architectural importance of the district as a whole. The majority of buildings in the Decatur Heights Historic District are two to three stories in height and of a conventional rectilinear form, although a few buildings are irregular in form to match angled corners and intersections. The district's few commercial buildings are generally flat-roofed or have shed roofs which slope gently from front to back. Residential buildings have gabled and hipped roofs as well as front-to-rear-sloping shed roofs. A series of locally distinctive stylized French Second Empire-style buildings have Mansard roofs with dormers and a handful of Dutch Colonial Revival-style buildings have gambrel roofs. The architectural styles represented in the Decatur Heights Historic District include most of the design modes popular during the district's c. 1820-1950 period of significance. the district's earliest extant buildings date from the third and fourth decades of the 19th century; most of these are executed in Federal or Greek Revival style or in vernacular derivations thereof and many are row houses with three-bay facades and side-passage plans. Some of these houses include "eyebrow" windows at attic level. The Italianate style was popular in the middle and late decades of the 19th century, incorporating tall and narrow window proportions and overhanging cornices along the roofline. Some Italianate-influenced buildings in the district exhibit a level of sophistication of design, while others are simple in their detailing and incorporate modest brackets along the cornice of an otherwise-unadorned shed-roofed single-family residence or double house. The French Second Empire style is represented in the district by a series of dwellings with a locally distinctive variant of the characteristic Mansard roof which defines this particular style, some with dormers and others without. The Queen Anne style is characterized by substantial homes of irregular materials, plan, and finish, often incorporating into their design towers and turrets. The Colonial R Significance: The Decatur Heights Historic District is significant for its association with the history of African-American education in Cumberland because of the presence in the district of the Carver School at 340-344 Frederick Street. It is also significant for its association with the exploration and settlement of the region, with the district positioned along the National Road and dating from the first decades of the 19th century. Significance for transportation is established by the presence of Baltimore Street originally known as the Baltimore Turnpike, which became part of the National Road, America's great early-19th century overland route westward. Lastly, the district is significant for its architecture, established by a strong, locally significant, and dense concentration of primarily residential buildings built between c. 1820 and the 1940s, among which are examples of many of the styles of design popular during the period of significance. Its significance is strengthened by the presence in the district of buildings representing the work of significant local architects, particularly Wright Butler, who was a leading designer in Cumberland in the late 19th and early 20th century. The period of significance begins in 1820, representing the approximate date of construction of the earliest buildings in the district, and ends c. 1950, a date by which the district's basic appearance had been established. The district retains integrity in its physical qualities, associative values, design features, and specific aspects of construction which date from its period of significance.

District Resources (344) (309 contributing, 27 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
320 Baltimore AvenueC 
326 Baltimore AvenueC 
326 Baltimore AvenueC 
330 Baltimore AvenueC 
336 Baltimore AvenueC 
338 Baltimore AvenueC 
340 Baltimore AvenueC 
342 Baltimore AvenueC 
346 Baltimore AvenueC 
348 Baltimore AvenueC 
350 Baltimore AvenueC 
422-428 Baltimore AvenueC 
430 Baltimore AvenueC 
432 Baltimore AvenueC 
436 Baltimore AvenueC 
440 Baltimore AvenueC 
446 Baltimore AvenueC 
448 Baltimore AvenueC 
458-460 Baltimore AvenueC 
462-464 Baltimore AvenueC 
468 Baltimore AvenueC 
472 Baltimore AvenueC 
474 Baltimore AvenueC 
478-480 Baltimore AvenueC 
482-484 Baltimore AvenueC 
55 Front StreetC 
200 Glenn StreetC 
27 Front StreetC 
17 Front StreetC 
205 Baltimore AvenueCAL-IV-A-151 -- Cumberland YMCA
212 Baltimore AvenueC 
220 Baltimore AvenueC 
224-226 Baltimore AvenueC 
228 Baltimore AvenueC 
230 Baltimore AvenueCAL-IV-A-004 -- George Truog House (Leisure-Stein Funeral Home)
75 Front StreetC 
312 Baltimore AvenueC 
314 Baltimore AvenueC 
500 Baltimore AvenueC 
502 Baltimore AvenueC 
504 Baltimore AvenueC 
506 Baltimore AvenueC 
508 Baltimore AvenueC 
510 Baltimore AvenueC 
499 Baltimore AvenueC 
479-481 Baltimore AvenueC 
477 Baltimore AvenueC 
473-475 Baltimore AvenueC 
471 Baltimore AvenueC 
463 Baltimore AvenueC 
461 Baltimore AvenueC 
459 Baltimore AvenueC 
457 Baltimore AvenueC 
455 Baltimore AvenueC 
453 Baltimore AvenueC 
451 Baltimore AvenueC 
449 Baltimore AvenueC 
447 Baltimore AvenueC 
445 Baltimore AvenueC 
443 Baltimore AvenueC 
345 Baltimore AvenueC 
343 Baltimore AvenueC 
341 Baltimore AvenueC 
339 Baltimore AvenueC 
327 Baltimore AvenueC 
323-325 Baltimore AvenueC 
303 Baltimore AvenueC 
301 Baltimore AvenueC 
223 Baltimore AvenueC 
221 Baltimore AvenueCAL-IV-A-126 -- Dr. Thomas W. Koon House
224-226 Glenn StreetC 
230 Glenn StreetC 
232 Glenn StreetC 
234 Glenn StreetC 
236 Glenn StreetC 
221 Glenn StreetC 
223 Glenn StreetC 
225 Glenn StreetC 
231 Glenn StreetC 
233-235 Glenn StreetC 
410 Decatur StreetC 
404 Decatur StreetC 
312 Decatur StreetC 
308-310 Decatur StreetC 
306 Decatur StreetC 
304 Decatur StreetC 
302 Decatur StreetC 
216 Decatur StreetC 
212 Decatur StreetCAL-IV-A-007 -- House
200-206 Decatur Street (200-208 Decatur Street)CAL-IV-A-006 -- Decatur Street Row Houses
116 Decatur StreetC 
112-114 Decatur StreetC 
108 Decatur StreetC 
106 Decatur StreetC 
102-104 Decatur StreetC 
16 Decatur StreetC 
12 Decatur StreetC 
10 Decatur StreetC 
1 Decatur StreetC 
3 Decatur StreetC 
5 Decatur StreetC 
7 Decatur StreetC 
9 Decatur StreetC 
11 Decatur StreetC 
13 Decatur StreetC 
15 Decatur StreetC 
17 Decatur StreetC 
101 Decatur StreetC 
103 Decatur Street (103-111 Decatur Street)CAL-IV-A-005 -- Row Houses
105-107 Decatur Street (103-111 Decatur Street)CAL-IV-A-005 -- Row Houses
109 Decatur Street (103-111 Decatur Street)CAL-IV-A-005 -- Row Houses
111 Decatur Street (103-111 Decatur Street)CAL-IV-A-005 -- Row Houses
405 Decatur StreetC 
407 Decatur StreetC 
409 Decatur StreetC 
411 Decatur StreetC 
Decatur StreetCAL-IV-A-136 -- African Methodist Episcopal Church
223 Fulton StreetC 
222 Fulton StreetC 
221 Fulton StreetC 
220 Fulton StreetC 
219 Fulton StreetC 
212-216 Fulton StreetC 
209-213 Fulton StreetC 
206 Fulton StreetC 
207 Fulton StreetC 
204 Fulton StreetC 
212-214 Charles StreetC 
211 Charles StreetC 
216-218 Charles StreetC 
213-215 Charles StreetC 
220 Charles StreetC 
222 Charles StreetC 
514 Baltimore AvenueC 
518 Baltimore AvenueC 
520 Baltimore AvenueC 
509-511 Baltimore AvenueC 
507 Baltimore AvenueC 
505 Baltimore AvenueC 
503 Baltimore AvenueC 
312 Davidson StreetC 
316 Davidson StreetC 
318 Davidson StreetC 
322 Davidson StreetC 
324 Davidson StreetC 
326-328 Davidson StreetC 
332 Davidson StreetC 
340 Davidson StreetC 
342 Davidson StreetC 
344 Davidson StreetC 
354 Davidson StreetC 
349 Davidson StreetC 
347 Davidson StreetC 
341 Davidson StreetC 
337 Davidson StreetC 
327 Davidson StreetC 
325 Davidson StreetC 
321-320 Davidson StreetC 
223-225 Davidson StreetC 
209 Davidson StreetC 
205-207 Davidson StreetC 
311 Helen StreetC 
307 Helen StreetC 
306 Helen StreetC 
308 Helen StreetC 
309-317 Footer PlaceC 
307 Footer PlaceC 
5 Bellevue StreetC 
6 (?) Bellevue StreetC 
7 Bellevue StreetC 
9 Bellevue StreetC 
11 Bellevue StreetC 
20 Bellevue StreetC 
464 Goethe StreetC 
466 Goethe StreetC 
468 Goethe StreetC 
470 Goethe StreetC 
472 Goethe StreetC 
474 Goethe StreetC 
478 Goethe StreetC 
482 Goethe StreetC 
10 Schiller TerraceC 
12 Schiller TerraceC 
481-483 Goethe StreetC 
479 Goethe StreetC 
477 Goethe StreetC 
475 Goethe StreetC 
473 Goethe StreetC 
471 Goethe StreetC 
469 Goethe StreetC 
467 Goethe StreetC 
465 Goethe StreetC 
463 Goethe StreetC 
461 Goethe StreetC 
459 Goethe StreetC 
457 Goethe StreetC 
453-455 Goethe StreetC 
451 Goethe StreetC 
445-447 Goethe StreetC 
443 Goethe StreetC 
441 Goethe StreetC 
437 Goethe StreetC 
435 Goethe StreetC 
433 Goethe StreetC 
429 Goethe StreetC 
427 Goethe StreetC 
3 Marion StreetC 
rear, 5 Marion StreetC 
27 Marion StreetC 
29 Marion StreetC 
31 Marion StreetC 
rear, 31 Marion StreetC 
43 Marion StreetC 
45 Marion StreetC 
47 Marion StreetC 
49-51 Marion StreetC 
64-66 Marion StreetC 
60-62 Marion StreetC 
58 Marion StreetC 
56 Marion StreetC 
54 Marion StreetC 
52 Marion StreetC 
46-48 Marion StreetC 
44 Marion StreetC 
42 Marion StreetC 
40 Marion StreetC 
32-34 Marion StreetC 
28 Marion StreetC 
26 Marion StreetC 
24 Marion StreetC 
22 Marion StreetC 
12-14 Marion StreetC 
10 Marion StreetC 
6-8 Marion StreetC 
3 Weber StreetC 
5 Weber StreetC 
11 Weber StreetC 
13 Weber StreetC 
15-17 Weber StreetC 
19-21 Weber StreetC 
23 Weber StreetC 
27 Weber StreetC 
29 Weber StreetC 
31 Weber StreetC 
33 Weber StreetC 
35 Weber StreetC 
37 Weber StreetC 
36 Weber StreetC 
34 Weber StreetC 
30 Weber StreetC 
28 Weber StreetC 
24 Weber StreetC 
12-14-16 Weber StreetC 
6 Westview TerraceC 
8 Westview TerraceC 
7 Westview TerraceC 
9 Westview TerraceC 
11 Westview TerraceC 
461 Waverly TerraceC 
453 Waverly TerraceC 
451 Waverly TerraceC 
447-449 Waverly TerraceC 
445 Waverly TerraceC 
441 Waverly TerraceC 
439 Waverly TerraceC 
114-116 Bellevue StreetC 
115 Bellevue StreetC 
117 Bellevue StreetC 
404 Goethe StreetC 
406-408 Goethe StreetC 
410-412 Goethe StreetC 
414 Goethe StreetC 
418-420 Goethe StreetC 
422 Goethe StreetC 
424 Goethe StreetC 
426-428 Goethe StreetC 
432 Goethe StreetC 
436 Goethe StreetC 
438 Goethe StreetC 
440 Goethe StreetC 
444 Goethe StreetC 
446-448 Goethe StreetC 
450-452 Goethe StreetC 
454-456 Goethe StreetC 
458 Goethe StreetC 
460 Goethe StreetC 
115 Decatur StreetC 
119 Decatur StreetC 
north side of Decatur StreetCSacred Heart Hospital wall
307 Decatur StreetC 
223-225 Charles StreetC 
107 Bellevue StreetC 
109 Bellevue StreetC 
452 Waverly TerraceC 
Frederick StreetC 
315 Frederick StreetC 
317 Frederick StreetC 
331 Frederick StreetC 
341 Frederick StreetC 
340 Frederick StreetC 
345 Frederick StreetC 
513 Linden StreetC 
509 Linden StreetC 
505 Linden StreetC 
503 Linden StreetC 
501 Linden StreetC 
360 Frederick StreetC 
Frederick StreetCEngine House No. 3
217-219 Glenn StreetCAL-IV-A-141-3 -- Allegany Towers
215 Decatur StreetNCAL-IV-A-141-2 -- 215 Decatur Street
517 Linden StreetNC 
515 Linden StreetNC 
Frederick StreetNCFrederick Street Carpet
Frederick StreetNC 
333 Frederick StreetNC 
81 Front StreetNC 
329 Frederick StreetNC 
99 Henderson AvenueNC 
437 Waverly TerraceNC 
113 Bellevue StreetNC 
401 Decatur StreetNC 
309-311 Decatur StreetNC 
462 Goethe StreetNC 
Marion StreetNC 
19 Bellevue StreetNC 
Helen StreetNC 
350 Davidson StreetNC 
501 Baltimore AvenueNC 
224 Charles StreetNC 
113 Decatur StreetNC 
208 Decatur Street (200-208 Decatur Street)NCAL-IV-A-006 -- Decatur Street Row Houses
Baltimore AvenueNC 
512 Baltimore AvenueNC 
316 Baltimore AvenueNC 
63 Front StreetNC 
236 Baltimore AvenueNC 
486 Baltimore Avenue then cemetery then Yale X  
Waverly Terrace  
450 Waverly Terrace  
319 Frederick Street  
325 Frederick Street  
303 Decatur Street  
301 Decatur Street AL-IV-A-008 -- Deneen-Davidson House, site
400 Decatur Street AL-IV-A-010 -- Greek Revival House


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