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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Jim Fritsch, 04/2005
Linthicum Heights Historic District
Inventory No.: AA-990
Date Listed: 5/31/2006
Location: Linthicum Heights, Anne Arundel County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1908-1939
Resources: 320 (254 contributing, 66 non-contributing)
Description: The Linthicum Heights Historic District is a suburban community radiating from the intersection of Camp Meade Road (MD 170) and Maple Road, and situated on a series of low hills about three miles south of the Patapsco River in Anne Arundel County. Platted beginning in 1908, the subdivision includes 17 tree-shaded streets created as a planned suburb on the rail lines connecting Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington. The district is almost entirely residential, consisting of 254 contributing resources, although two churches, a cemetery, and a former commercial/residential building are within the district boundary. The dwellings range in date from the late 19th century through the present, with the majority constructed prior to 1939. The resources within the historic district reflect a variety of building forms and stylistic influences of the period, including houses derived from vernacular gable-front and popular early-20th century forms and styles including the Bungalow, American Foursquare, Colonial Revival, Dutch Revival, and Tudor Revival. Most of the early houses in the district exhibit the influence of the Arts and Crafts Movement in their picturesque siting and stylistic characteristics. Development was substantially completed by the late 1930s; infill construction has continued since that time, owing, in part to WWII and the district's proximity to Ft. George Meade and present-day interstates, however the district has retained its early-20th century suburban character. Significance: Linthicum Heights is significant for its association with the suburbanization of Anne Arundel County at the turn of the 20th century. Suburbanization represents one of the defining themes in the history of northern Anne Arundel County--the transition from its historically agrarian economic base--and the cultural and political influences upon it from its close proximity to Baltimore City and the state's capital, Annapolis. Just before the turn of the 20th century, rail transportation connecting downtown Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington with outlying areas made possible the development of suburban communities. The Linthicum Heights Historic District is directly associated with the suburbanization of former rural spaces in Anne Arundel County and the way in which it was developed serves as an exceptional historical and cultural example of early suburban railroad community marketing. The district derives additional significance for its architecture as an example of a type of suburb which characterized the region in the period, comprising a cohesive collection of residential buildings which exemplify popular tastes in domestic architecture prior to World War II. The influence of the Arts and Crafts movement and the district's semi-rural atmosphere inspired the use of rustic materials such as stucco, rough stone, and wood shingles in the earliest houses; several shingled gable-front houses exemplify the transition from farming to suburban community and remain as a testament to that Agrarian history. Other early-20th century house types represented in the district include the American Foursquare, Bungalows and vernacular gabled forms, and various Revival styles: Colonial, Dutch Colonial, and Tudor. The period of significance for Linthicum Heights Historic District extends from 1908, when the suburb was first platted, through 1939, by which date its development was substantially completed. The 1924 and 1933 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps have been used to establish development patterns in the district. Properties were developed after that date, the result of infill development in response to housing needs brought onto the community due to its proximity to an international airport and the Baltimore/Washington business corridor.

District Resources (320) (254 contributing, 66 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
203 E. Maple RoadC 
205 E. Maple RoadC 
206 E. Maple RoadC 
207 E. Maple RoadC 
300 E. Maple RoadC 
301 E. Maple RoadC 
303 E. Maple RoadC 
304 E. Maple RoadC 
305 E. Maple RoadC 
307 E. Maple RoadC 
308 E. Maple RoadC 
311 E. Maple RoadC 
312 E. Maple RoadC 
315 E. Maple RoadC 
316 E. Maple RoadC 
317 E. Maple RoadC 
320 E. Maple RoadC 
321 E. Maple RoadC 
323 E. Maple RoadC 
327 E. Maple RoadC 
101 E. Maple RoadC 
103 E. Maple RoadC 
105 E. Maple RoadC 
329 E. Maple RoadC 
331 E. Maple RoadC 
333 E. Maple RoadC 
403 E. Maple RoadC 
405 E. Maple RoadC 
104 W. Maple RoadCAA-83 -- Linthicum Station (WB&A Railroad)
102 W. Maple RoadC 
Sweetser RoadCAA-114 -- Turkey Hill (The Homestead)
310 W. Maple RoadC 
403 W. Maple RoadC 
404 W. Maple RoadC 
405 W. Maple RoadC 
407 W. Maple RoadC 
408 W. Maple RoadCSt. John's Lutheran Church Parsonage
409 W. Maple RoadC 
411 W. Maple RoadC 
500 Dogwood RoadC 
105 N. Camp Meade RoadCLinthicum Heights United Methodist Church
109 N. Camp Meade RoadC 
101 N. Camp Meade RoadC 
303 N. Camp Meade RoadC 
307 N. Camp Meade RoadC 
309 N. Camp Meade RoadC 
311 N. Camp Meade RoadC 
313 N. Camp Meade RoadC 
107 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
108 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
110 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
112 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
114 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
302 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
304 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
305 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
306 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
309 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
101 Catalpa RoadC 
102 Catalpa RoadC 
103 Catalpa RoadC 
104 Catalpa RoadC 
105 Catalpa RoadC 
106 Catalpa RoadC 
108 Catalpa RoadC 
200 Hilltop RoadC 
203 Hilltop RoadC 
204 Hilltop RoadC 
205 Hilltop RoadC 
116 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
200 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
202 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
204 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
206 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
208 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
210 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
212 S. Camp Meade RoadC 
202 W. Maple RoadC 
203 W. Maple RoadC 
206 W. Maple RoadC 
208 W. Maple RoadC 
209 W. Maple RoadC 
210 W. Maple RoadC 
303 Hilltop RoadC 
304 Hilltop RoadC 
307 Hilltop RoadC 
208 Valley RoadC 
101 Sycamore RoadC 
102 Sycamore RoadC 
103 Sycamore RoadC 
104 Sycamore RoadC 
106 Sycamore RoadC 
107 Sycamore RoadC 
108 Sycamore RoadC 
109 Sycamore RoadC 
110 Sycamore RoadC 
111 Sycamore RoadC 
112 Sycamore RoadC 
113 Sycamore RoadC 
114 Sycamore RoadC 
115 Sycamore RoadC 
116 Sycamore RoadC 
117 Sycamore RoadC 
119 Sycamore RoadC 
100 Homewood RoadC 
105 Homewood RoadC 
309 Hilltop RoadC 
310 Hilltop RoadC 
311 Hilltop RoadC 
314 Hilltop RoadCLinden Hill
209 Arundel RoadC 
107 Homewood RoadC 
108 Homewood RoadC 
109 Homewood RoadC 
110 Homewood RoadC 
111 Homewood RoadC 
112 Homewood RoadC 
212 W. Maple RoadC 
114 Homewood RoadC 
116 Homewood RoadC 
118 Homewood RoadC 
107 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
108 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
109 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
110 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
111 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
112 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
113 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
114 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
115 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
212 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
102 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
104 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
106 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
108 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
200 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
206 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
207 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
208 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
302 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
303 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
306 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
100 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
105 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
400 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
403 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
407 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
500 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
501 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
502 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
503 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
504 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
508 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
509 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
602 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
604 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
203 Greenwood RoadC 
204 Greenwood RoadC 
205 Greenwood RoadC 
207 Greenwood RoadC 
208 Greenwood RoadC 
209 Greenwood RoadC 
300 Greenwood RoadC 
301 Greenwood RoadC 
303 Greenwood RoadC 
304 Greenwood RoadC 
305 Greenwood RoadC 
306 Greenwood RoadC 
700 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadCCrocketts Store
200 Greenwood RoadC 
201 Greenwood RoadC 
506 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadC 
309 Greenwood RoadC 
407 Greenwood RoadC 
404 Greenwood RoadC 
405 Greenwood RoadC 
413 Greenwood RoadC 
420 Greenwood RoadC 
421 Greenwood RoadC 
422 Greenwood RoadC 
424 Greenwood RoadC 
428 Greenwood RoadC 
429 Greenwood RoadC 
430 Greenwood RoadC 
431 Greenwood RoadC 
435 Greenwood RoadC 
436 Greenwood RoadC 
300 Hawthorne RoadC 
301 Hawthorne RoadC 
303 Hawthorne RoadC 
304 Hawthorne Road C 
305 Hawthorne RoadC 
306 Hawthorne RoadC 
309 Hawthorne RoadC 
426 Greenwood RoadC 
407 Hawthorne RoadC 
408 Hawthorne RoadC 
410 Hawthorne RoadC 
413 Hawthorne RoadC 
414 Hawthorne RoadC 
306 Oakdale RoadC 
309 Oakdale RoadC 
310 Oakdale RoadC 
405 Cleveland RoadC 
406 Cleveland RoadC 
407 Cleveland RoadC 
408 Cleveland RoadC 
409 Cleveland RoadC 
410 Cleveland RoadC 
411 Cleveland RoadC 
414 Cleveland RoadC 
415 Cleveland RoadC 
416 Cleveland RoadC 
417 Cleveland RoadC 
419 Hawthorne RoadC 
421 Hawthorne RoadC 
200 Oakdale RoadC 
201 Oakdale RoadC 
202 Oakdale RoadC 
204 Oakdale RoadC 
301 Oakdale RoadC 
302 Oakdale Road/304 Middle CourtC 
303 Oakdale RoadC 
421 Cleveland RoadC 
424 Cleveland RoadC 
427 Cleveland RoadC 
429 Cleveland RoadC 
431 Cleveland RoadC 
404 Shipley RoadC 
405 Shipley RoadC 
408 Shipley RoadC 
410 Shipley RoadC 
420 Shipley RoadC 
402 Forest View RoadC 
403 Forest View RoadC 
404 Forest View RoadC 
405 Forest View RoadC 
406 Forest View RoadC 
407 Forest View RoadC 
408 Forest View RoadC 
409 Forest View RoadC 
410 Forest View RoadC 
411 Forest View RoadC 
412 Forest View RoadC 
413 Forest View RoadC 
414 Forest View RoadC 
414 Shipley RoadC 
415 Shipley RoadC 
417 Shipley RoadC 
416 Forest View RoadC 
300 Ridgewood RoadC 
302 Ridgewood RoadC 
303 Ridgewood RoadC 
304 Ridgewood RoadC 
301 Ridgewood RoadNC 
417 Forest View RoadNC 
418 Forest View RoadNC 
418 Shipley RoadNC 
419 Shipley RoadNC 
415 Forest View RoadNC 
413 Shipley RoadNC 
409 Shipley RoadNC 
406 Shipley RoadNC 
407 Shipley RoadNC 
403 Shipley RoadNC 
430 Cleveland RoadNC 
428 Cleveland RoadNC 
425 Cleveland RoadNC 
304 Oakdale RoadNC 
305 Oakdale RoadNC 
203 Oakdale RoadNC 
419 Cleveland RoadNC 
420 Cleveland RoadNC 
415 Hawthorne RoadNC 
418 Hawthorne RoadNC 
409 Hawthorne RoadNC 
427 Greenwood RoadNC 
406 Hawthorne RoadNC 
434 Greenwood RoadNC 
425 Greenwood RoadNC 
414 Greenwood RoadNC 
415 Greenwood RoadNC 
406 Greenwood RoadNC 
408 Greenwood RoadNC 
409 Greenwood RoadNC 
410 Greenwood RoadNC 
412 Greenwood RoadNC 
310 Greenwood RoadNC 
507 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadNC 
202 Greenwood RoadNC 
307 Greenwood RoadNC 
308 Greenwood RoadNC 
606 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadNC 
505 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadNC 
405 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadNC 
106 N. Hammonds Ferry RoadNC 
310 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadNC 
202 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadNC 
205 S. Hammonds Ferry RoadNC 
119 Homewood RoadNC 
120 Homewood RoadNC 
117 Homewood RoadNC 
115 Homewood RoadNC 
300 W. Maple RoadNCSt. John's Lutheran Church
113 Homewood RoadNC 
201 Valley RoadNC 
203 Valley RoadNC 
106 Homewood RoadNC 
308 Hilltop RoadNC 
211 W. Maple RoadNC 
300 S. Camp Meade RoadNC 
300 Hilltop RoadNC 
115 S. Camp Meade RoadNC 
111 W. Maple RoadNC 
101 W. Maple RoadNC 
406 E. Maple RoadNC 
332 E. Maple RoadNC 
330 E. Maple RoadNC 
107 E. Maple RoadNC 
328 E. Maple RoadNC 


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