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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: MHT Files, n.d.
Upper Fells Point Historic District
Inventory No.: B-5123
Date Listed: 12/20/2007
Location: Baltimore, Baltimore City
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: c. 1845-c. 1930
Resources: 494 (462 contributing, 32 non-contributing)
Description: The Upper Fells Point Historic District comprises the 18 1/2 blocks lying between the Fells Point National Register Historic District (to the south) and the Butcher's Hill National Register Historic District (to the north and east). The heart of the district is a three-block-long section of Broadway, running north of Gough Street to East Baltimore Street, as well as the surviving blocks to its east and west. This primarily residential section of the city developed at the height of the Greek Revival period in Baltimore, between about 1845 and 1855. Elaborate three-story, three-bay-wide townhouses face Broadway and much of Baltimore Street, while builders erected much more modest housing on the east-west side streets, Lombard and Gough, and the north-south streets, Ann, Wolfe, Washington, Chester, and Collington, in the same decade. These same builders put up even smaller two-story houses on the district's alley streets--Bethel, Regester, Durham, Chapel, Castle, Duncan, and Madeira--for the many Irish and German immigrants flocking to the area. The Greek Revival town mansions, while having brick facades today, originally were often painted cream or gray, or covered with light-painted stucco. Common characteristics include the very low-pitched gable roof, often almost hidden behind a simple modillion cornice; finely executed splayed brick window lintels and marble sills; a distinctly Greek-style doorway enframement; and wide marble steps leading to the entrance. A few have free-standing porticoes, and others have round-arched door enframements resting on Doric pilasters. The district also contains several examples of Greek-style cast iron window lintels. The more modest, working-class homes also follow design influences of contemporary high-style Greek Revival townhouses, with their low-pitched roofs and tiny attic windows. Instead of the steeply pitched dormered roof of the formerly popular Federal-influenced styles, now the roof was raised to include a low attic story, lit by two small attic windows at both front and back. This configuration offered families two extra bedrooms in the attic, lit by low windows instead of one garret space lit by dormer windows. Windows were usually 6/6 sash. Since the house was only two bays wide, the front door opened directly into the parlor. A narrow, enclosed, tightly winding staircase was located on the side of the house opposite the entrance, along the partition wall that separated the front and rear parlors. Most of these six-room houses, which usually measured 13' to 14' wide and often had one-story back buildings housing the kitchen, were outfitted with fireplaces in each of the four main rooms, all of which came equipped with Doric mantels. Because early house lots in Fells Point were laid out back to back, without rear service alleys, the only street entrance to the back yard is through the arched sallyport located in the center of each pair. Most of the groups of working-class houses in the district have sallyports. Corner houses often were three bays wide rather than two, at 17' or 18' wide, with two-story rear additions, so that the building could serve as both a corner store and living space for one or two families. By the mid to late 1850s, the Italianate style was also to be seen in the Upper Fells Point Historic District. The long row that extends from 400 to 434 S. Patterson Park Avenue is a fine example of a long early Italianate-style row, with three-story, three-bay wide houses constructed by German immigrant builder Frederick Burger in 1884. The paired two-story Italianate houses in the next block north, set back from the street with front yards and porches, represent an early experiment with the kind of semi-suburban porch-front houses built much later in new neighborhoods like Peabody Heights (Charles Village). These houses were built in 1877-78 by George and Joseph C. Donohue. Many Italianate homes appeared west of Patterson Park, constructed in the late 1860s and 1870s. Significance: The Upper Fells Point Historic District is significant for it cohesive collection of residential, commercial, institutional, and ecclesiastical buildings reflecting the variety of building types and architectural styles from the 1840s through the turn of the 20th century, and for the pattern of its development, which is characteristic of Baltimore neighborhoods during the period. It derives additional significance for its association with the history of immigration in Baltimore. The neighborhood initially developed in the 1840s and 1850s to provide housing for a large influx of German and Irish immigrants, whose arrival in Baltimore in these two decades exactly corresponds to larger national patterns. Both groups settled initially in Fells Point, where their ships docked, but gradually made their way north to newly developing areas along upper Broadway. Here they built German-language churches and schools that helped shape the community for years to come. The German Catholic Church in the neighborhood, St. Michael's, and its associated Convent of Notre Dame, are also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Many of the rowhouses were built by local German immigrant builders, often with financing provided by the German churches or German-affiliated building and loan associations.

District Resources (494) (462 contributing, 32 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
1826-1828; 1832-1836 Gough StreetC 
1830 Gough StreetC 
1822-1824 Gough StreetC 
1838 Gough StreetC 
1840 Gough StreetC 
1804-1816 Gough StreetC 
1800 Gough StreetC 
1802 Gough StreetC 
1818 Gough StreetC 
1820 Gough StreetC 
205-215; 221-223 S. Ann StreetC 
201-203; 217-219 S. Ann StreetC 
225-229 S. Ann StreetC 
231-237 S. Ann StreetC 
239-245 S. Ann StreetC 
247-249 S. Ann StreetC 
251 S. Ann StreetCB-5156 -- Fells Point Corner Theatre
255-257 S. Ann StreetC 
259 S. Ann StreetC 
1805 E. Pratt StreetC 
1807-1811 E. Pratt StreetC 
1813 E. Pratt StreetC 
1815-1817 E. Pratt StreetC 
1819-1823 E. Pratt StreetC 
1831 E. Pratt StreetC 
202 S. Wolfe StreetC 
204-206 S. Wolfe StreetC 
208-210 S. Wolfe StreetC 
212-218 S. Wolfe StreetC 
220 S. Wolfe StreetC 
222 S. Wolfe StreetC 
224 S. Wolfe StreetC 
226 S. Wolfe StreetC 
228 S, Wolfe StreetC 
230-236 S. Wolfe StreetC 
238 S. Wolfe StreetC 
240-242 S. Wolfe StreetC 
244-246 S. Wolfe StreetC 
248 S. Wolfe StreetC 
E. Pratt Street (west of 1727 E. Pratt Street)C 
203-217 S. Regester StreetC 
219 S. Regester StreetC 
221 S. Regester StreetC 
223 S. Regester StreetC 
225-227 S. Regester StreetC 
229-231 S. Regester StreetC 
202; 206-210 S. Regester StreetC 
204 S. Regester StreetC 
212 S. Regester StreetC 
214-220 S. Regester StreetC 
222 S. Regester StreetC 
226-228 S. Regester StreetC 
1729 E. Pratt StreetC 
1731-1737 E. Pratt StreetC 
1739 E. Pratt StreetC 
1741 E. Pratt StreetC 
1743-1747 E. Pratt StreetC 
1749 E. Pratt StreetC 
1751 E. Pratt StreetC 
202-212 S. Durham StreetC 
222-224 S. Durham StreetC 
232-248 S. Durham StreetC 
258 S. Durham StreetC 
1920 S. Gough StreetC 
14 S. BroadwayC 
6 S. BroadwayC 
1643 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1634 E. Lombard StreetC 
5-9 S. BroadwayC 
11 S. BroadwayC 
13 S. BroadwayC 
15 S. BroadwayC 
17 S. BroadwayC 
19 S. BroadwayC 
21 S. BroadwayC 
23 S. BroadwayC 
25 S. BroadwayC 
1701 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1703 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1715-1717 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1719-1721 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1709 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1725-1727 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1729-1731 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1733-1735 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1737 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1739 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1738-1746 E. Lombard StreetC 
1748-1750 E. Lombard StreetC 
1752 E. Lombard StreetC 
4 S. Ann StreetC 
8 S. Ann StreetC 
6 S. Ann StreetC 
12-14 S. Ann StreetC 
20-22 S. Ann StreetC 
10 S. Ann StreetC 
24 S. Ann StreetC 
16-18 S. Ann StreetC 
1810-1816; 1820-1828 E. Lombard StreetC 
1818 E. Lombard StreetC 
1802-1804 E. Lombard StreetC 
1806-1808 E. Lombard StreetC 
5-21 S. Ann StreetC 
8 S. BroadwayC 
1623 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1625 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1627 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1629 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1631 E. Pratt StreetC 
1633 E. Pratt StreetC 
1627 E. Pratt StreetC 
1629 E. Pratt StreetC 
1635 E. Pratt StreetC 
1637 E. Pratt StreetC 
1639-1641 E. Pratt StreetC 
1645 E. Baltimore StreetC 
4 S. BroadwayC 
10 S. BroadwayC 
16 S. BroadwayC 
18 S. BroadwayC 
20-24 S. BroadwayC 
26 S. BroadwayC 
28-32 S. BroadwayC 
29-35 S. Ann StreetC 
1801 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1803 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1805-1807 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1809-1811 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1813-1815 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1817 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1831 E. Baltimore StreetC 
1833-1835 E. Baltimore StreetC 
10 S. Wolfe StreetC 
16 S. Wolfe StreetC 
18 S. Wolfe StreetC 
6-30 S. Durham StreetCB-4757 -- Alley Houses
1900-1920 E. Lombard StreetCB-4208 -- St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church Complex (St. Michael's Boys School)
1646 E. Pratt StreetC 
1648 E. Pratt StreetC 
1650-1654 E. Pratt StreetC 
1644 E. Pratt StreetC 
118-128 S. BroadwayC 
114 S. BroadwayC 
116 S. BroadwayC 
1721 E. Lombard StreetC 
1723 E. Lombard StreetC 
1727-1745 E. Lombard StreetC 
105-121 S. Regester StreetCB-4746 -- Alley Houses
102-128 S. Regester StreetCB-4747 -- Alley Houses
100 S. Regester StreetC 
1801 (formerly 1801-1805) E. Lombard StreetC 
1813 E. Lombard StreetC 
1815 E. Lombard StreetC 
1807-1811; 1817-1819 E. Lombard StreetC 
1823-1841 E. Lombard StreetC 
101-105 S. Ann StreetC 
107-109 S. Ann StreetC 
115 S. Ann StreetC 
121 S. Ann StreetC 
111-113 S. Ann StreetC 
117-119 S. Ann StreetC 
123-125 S. Ann StreetC 
127 S. Ann StreetC 
129 S. Ann StreetC 
1800-1802 E. Pratt StreetC 
1804 E. Pratt StreetC 
1806-1816 E. Pratt StreetC 
1818 E. Pratt StreetC 
1820-1830 E. Pratt StreetC 
1832-1834 E. Pratt StreetC 
1836 E. Pratt Street (corner of Wolfe Street)C 
1838 E. Pratt Street (corner of Wolfe Street)C 
114-120 S. Wolfe StreetC 
122-124 S. Wolfe StreetC 
126-128 S. Wolfe StreetC 
100-112 S. Wolfe StreetC 
103-133 S. Durham StreetCB-4758 -- Alley Houses
102-136 S. Durham StreetCB-4759 -- Alley Houses
1902-1914 E. Pratt StreetC 
1900 E. Pratt StreetC 
119-129 S. Wolfe StreetC 
105-111 S. Wolfe StreetC 
113-117 S. Wolfe StreetC 
SE corner of S. Wolfe Street and E. Lombard Street (1901 E. Lombard Street)CB-5161-1?? -- Convent of Notre Dame
1913 E. Lombard StreetC 
1915-1919 E. Lombard StreetC 
1921 E. Lombard StreetC 
102-132 S. Chapel StreetCB-4771 -- Alley Houses
203-213; 227 S. Bethel StreetCB-4736 -- Alley Houses
1616-1618 Gough StreetC 
208 S. BroadwayCHoly Cross Polish National parish
SW corner of Broadway and E. Pratt StreetCformer Trinity Episcopal Church
S.BroadwayCformer Broadway Savings Bank
216 S. BroadwayC 
117 S. BroadwayC 
119 S. BroadwayC 
127 and 131 S. BroadwayC 
129 S. BroadwayC 
111 S. BroadwayC 
113 S. BroadwayC 
121-123 S. BroadwayC 
101 S. BroadwayC 
103 S. BroadwayC 
105 S. BroadwayC 
107 S. BroadwayC 
109 S. BroadwayC 
1706; 1710-1718 and 1722 E. Pratt StreetC 
1708 E. Pratt StreetC 
1720 E. Pratt StreetC 
1724 E. Pratt StreetC 
104 S. Ann StreetC 
106-120 S. Ann StreetC 
140 S. Ann StreetC 
1703 E. Lombard StreetC 
223 S. BroadwayC 
225 S. BroadwayC 
227 S. BroadwayC 
211 S. BroadwayCBroadway Methodist Church
207 S. BroadwayC 
235-237 S. BroadwayC 
201-205 S. BroadwayC 
209 S. BroadwayC 
219 S. BroadwayC 
221 S. BroadwayC 
223 S. BroadwayC 
225-227 S. BroadwayC 
229 S. BroadwayC 
231 S. BroadwayC 
233 S. BroadwayC 
239-245 S. BroadwayC 
251 S. BroadwayC 
202 S. Ann StreetC 
208-212 S. Ann StreetC 
216-228 S. Ann StreetC 
250-254 S. Ann StreetC 
204-206 S. Ann StreetC 
230-244 S. Ann StreetC 
246 S. Ann StreetC 
248 S. Ann StreetC 
1901 E. Pratt StreetC 
1915-1917 E. Pratt StreetC 
1903 E. Pratt StreetC 
1905 E. Pratt StreetC 
1907-1913 E. Pratt StreetC 
224-226 S. Washington StreetC 
228 S. Washington StreetC 
230-234 S. Washington StreetC 
200 S. Washington StreetC 
202-204 S. Washington StreetC 
206 S. Washington StreetC 
208 S. Washington StreetC 
210-212 S. Washington StreetC 
214-216 S. Washington StreetC 
218 S. Washington StreetC 
220 S. Washington StreetC 
236-246 S. Washington StreetC 
248 S. Washington StreetC 
250 S. Washington StreetC 
212-244 S. Chapel StreetCB-4773 -- Alley Houses
246 S. Chapel StreetC 
205-245 S. Chapel StreetCB-4772 -- Alley Houses
2002-2018 Gough StreetC 
211-221 S. Washington StreetC 
2020 Gough StreetC 
2022 Gough StreetC 
2024-2026 Gough StreetC 
2044 Gough StreetC 
203-205 S. Washington StreetC 
207 S. Washington StreetC 
209 S. Washington StreetC 
223 S. Washington StreetC 
225-229 S. Washington StreetC 
231 S. Washington StreetC 
233-235 S. Washington StreetC 
247-251 S. Washington StreetC 
253 S. Washington StreetC 
202 S. Chester StreetC 
204 S. Chester StreetC 
206 S. Chester StreetC 
208-222 S. Chester StreetC 
224 S. Chester StreetC 
226 S. Chester StreetC 
228-234 S. Chester StreetC 
238 S. Chester StreetC 
240 S. Chester StreetC 
242-244 S. Chester StreetC 
203 S. Castle StreetC 
205-217 S. Castle StreetC 
219-221 S. Castle StreetC 
223-235 S. Castle StreetC 
237 S. Castle StreetC 
239 and 249 S. Castle StreetC 
247 S. Castle StreetC 
202-204 S. Castle StreetC 
206-212 S. Castle StreetC 
216 S. Castle StreetC 
214 S. Castle StreetC 
218 S. Castle StreetC 
220-222 S. Castle StreetC 
224-234 S. Castle StreetC 
236-250 S. Castle StreetC 
200 S. Collington AvenueC 
202 S. Collington AvenueC 
204 S. Collington AvenueC 
206-208 S. Collington AvenueC 
210 S. Colington AvenueC 
212 S. Collington AvenueC 
214 S. Collington AvenueC 
216-218 S. Collington AvenueC 
220-226 S. Collington AvenueC 
228-234 S. Collington AvenueC 
236 S. Collington AvenueC 
238 S. Collington AvenueC 
244-246 S. Collington AvenueC 
240-242 S. Collington AvenueC 
248 S. Collington AvenueC 
250 S. Collington AvenueC 
201-217 S. Chester StreetC 
219-221 S. Chester StreetC 
223-225 S. Chester StreetC 
227 S. Chester StreetC 
229-239 S. Chester StreetC 
241 S. Chester StreetC 
243 S. Chester StreetC 
245 S. Chester StreetC 
247 S. Chester StreetC 
2104 Gough StreetC 
2106-2110 Gough StreetC 
219-227 S. Duncan StreetC 
209-239 S. Duncan StreetCB-4804 -- Alley Houses
212-268 S. Duncan StreetCB-4805 -- Alley Houses
209-213 S. Collington AvenueC 
215-217 S. Collington AvenueC 
219 S. Collington AvenueC 
221-231 S. Collington AvenueC 
233-239 S. Collington AvenueC 
2200 Gough StreetC 
2202-2216 Gough StreetC 
2218-2222 Gough StreetC 
206-240 S. Madeira StreetCB-4827 -- Alley Houses
201-245 S. Madeira StreetCB-4826 -- Alley Houses
226 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
228 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
230-232 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
234 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
236 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
2106-2108 Bank StreetC 
2102-2104 Bank StreetC 
309-323 S. Chester StreetC 
303-307 S. Chester StreetC 
337-345 S. Chester StreetC 
325 S. Chester StreetC 
301 S. Chester StreetC 
327 S. Chester StreetC 
329 S. Chester StreetC 
331-335 S. Chester StreetC 
2110-2114 Bank StreetC 
2116-2126 Bank StreetC 
2128 Bank StreetC 
302-328 S. Duncan StreetCB-4807 -- Alley Houses
303-327 S. Duncan StreetCB-4806 -- Alley Houses
2103-2109 Gough StreetC 
2111 Gough StreetC 
300-302 S. Collington AvenueC 
304-306 S. Collington AvenueC 
308 S. Collington AvenueC 
310-322 S. Collington AvenueC 
324-336 S. Collington AvenueC 
328-332; 336-340 S. Collington AvenueC 
334 S. Collington AvenueC 
2201 Gough StreetC 
2203-2209 Gough StreetC 
2211-2221 Gough StreetC 
2223 Gough StreetC 
2225-2233 Gough StreetC 
2220-2228 E. Bank StreetC 
2230-2244 E. Bank StreetC 
2246 E. Bank StreetC 
303 S. Collington AvenueC 
305 S. Collington AvenueC 
307-311; 315-323 S. Collington AvenueC 
332 S. Patterson ParkC 
316 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
318-320 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
322-324 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
326-328 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
330 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
314 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
334-346 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
302-322 S. Madeira StreetCB-4829 -- Alley Houses
303-327 S. Madeira StreetCB-4828 -- Alley Houses
2211-2221 Canary CourtCB-4830 -- Alley Houses
2210-2214 Canary CourtCB-4831 -- Alley Houses
SW corner of Gough Street and S. Patterson AvenueCFaith Reformed Church
312 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
413 S. Chester StreetC 
423-427 S. Chester StreetC 
429-437 S. Chester StreetC 
439 S. Chester StreetC 
401-403 S. Chester StreetC 
224 S. BroadwayC 
226-228 S. BroadwayC 
230 S. BroadwayC 
232 S. BroadwayC 
234 S. BroadwayC 
236-240 S. BroadwayC 
242 S. BroadwayC 
244 S. BroadwayC 
1722 Gough StreetC 
1724 Gough StreetC 
1726 Gough StreetC 
1728-1732 Gough StreetC 
1734 Gough StreetC 
1922 S. Gough StreetC 
1924 S. Gough StreetC 
1926 S. Gough StreetC 
229 S. Wolfe StreetC 
231 S. Wolfe StreetC 
233 S. Wolfe StreetC 
243 S. Wolfe StreetC 
235-241 S. Wolfe StreetC 
217-219 S. Wolfe StreetC 
402 S. Collington AvenueC 
404-408 S. Collington AvenueC 
410 S. Collington AvenueC 
412-414 S. Collington AvenueC 
421-423 S. Duncan StreetC 
407-419 S. Duncan StreetCB-4808 -- Alley Houses
410-420 S. Duncan StreetCB-4808 -- Alley Houses
415-419 S. Collington AvenueC 
403-413 S. Collington AvenueC 
2201 Bank StreetC 
2203-2215 Bank StreetC 
2217-2227 Bank StreetC 
2229-2235 Bank StreetC 
2239 Bank StreetC 
2210-2214 Eastern AvenueC 
2216-2224 Eastern AvenueC 
2226 Eastern AvenueC 
2200 Eastern AvenueC 
2202-2208 Eastern AvenueC 
2228-2234 Eastern AvenueC 
2238 Eastern AvenueC 
400-434 S. Patterson Park AvenueC 
203-257 S. Durham StreetCB-4760 -- Alley Houses
23-25 S. Ann StreetC 
205-209 S. Wolfe StreetC 
215 S. Wolfe StreetC 
221-223 S. Wolfe StreetC 
225 S. Wolfe StreetC 
211 S. Wolfe StreetC 
2103-2107 Bank StreetC 
2109-2123 Bank StreetC 
2104-2106 Eastern AvenueC 
2108 Eastern AvenueC 
2110 Eastern AvenueC 
2112-2114 Eastern AvenueC 
2215-2223 Choptank CourtCB-4836 -- Alley Houses
2210-2218 Portugal StreetCB-4835 -- Alley Houses
2211-2221 Portugal StreetCB-4834 -- Alley Houses
404-420 S. Madeira StreetCB-4833 -- Alley Houses
403-427 S. Madeira StreetCB-4832 -- Alley Houses
NE corner of Duncan Street and Eastern AvenueNCRoman A. Kaminski Fire Station
213 S. Wolfe StreetNC 
27 S. Ann StreetNC 
213-215 S. Durham StreetNCB-4760 -- Alley Houses
239 S. Durham StreetNCB-4760 -- Alley Houses
NW corner of Eastern Avenue and Patterson Park AvenueNCChesapeake Bank and the Southeastern District Community Policing Office
2236 Eastern AvenueNCBenson's Market
227 S. Wolfe StreetNC 
246-250 S. BroadwayNC 
405-407 S. Chester StreetNC 
409-411 S. Chester StreetNC 
242 S. Patterson Park AvenueNCHeadquarters of SECO Head Start at Patterson Park
246 S. Chester StreetNC 
Gough Street (west of Regester)NCU.S. Post Office, Patterson Station
1709-1713 E. Lombard StreetNC 
218-220 S. BroadwayNC 
222 S. BroadwayNC 
112 S. BroadwayNC 
100 S. BroadwayNCApex Theater
SW corner of Broadway and E. Lombard StreetNC 
1632 E. Lombard StreetNC 
1622-1630 E. Lombard StreetNC 
37 S. Ann StreetNC 
12 S. BroadwayNC 
230 S. Durham StreetNC 
254-256 S. Durham StreetNC 
245 S. Wolfe StreetNCGeneral Wolfe Elementary School
1727 E. Pratt StreetNC 
1700 Gough StreetNC 
West side of Regester Street, North of Gough StreetNCBG&E Broadway Substation
256 S. Ann StreetNC 
250 S. Wolfe StreetNC 


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