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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: MHT Files, n.d.
Riverside Historic District
Inventory No.: B-5139
Date Listed: 4/30/2008
Location: Bounded by Race, West, Winder, Webster, Heath, Boyle, Fort, Marshall, Ostend, and Olive Streets, Baltimore, Baltimore City
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1845-1910
Resources: 347 (315 contributing, 31 non-contributing)
Description: The Riverside Historic District is a 52-block area in the southern part of Baltimore, bounded on the west and south by a railroad line, established in the mid-19th century when the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad decided to build a branch line to connect its Camden Station on Pratt Street to its now deepwater terminal on Locust Point. The northern boundary follows West, Olive, Ostend, and Marshall Streets and Fort Avenue, and abuts the Federal Hill South Historic District for much of its length. The eastern boundary is established by Webster, Heath, and Boyle Streets. The Riverside Historic District reflects the pattern of development which is characteristic of Baltimore neighborhoods of the period: rectilinear blocks densely lined with two- and three-story brick rowhouses reflecting the various architectural expressions of the latter half of the 19th century and the first decade of the 20th. A city park is bounded by Randall, Johnson, and Covington streets in the eastern part of the district. The earliest residential development occurred along the major north-south artery, Light Street, a block north of the rail line. Here in the 1850s several groups of modest working-class housing were built for rail workers. Similar housing went up at the same time directly south of the Locust Point facilities. The area did not really begin to grow until after the Civil War when local landowners began leasing lots to builders near Fort Avenue and Light Street, extending west to S. Charles Street in the early 1870s. Further development west of Charles occurred mainly in the 1880s and 1890s, with a mix of 3-story Italianate houses built for managers and store owners along Light, Charles, and Hanover Streets, and more modest 2-story houses built for workingmen on the lesser streets. By this time, major industrial plants had located west and south of the rail lines and houses were needed for the workers. At the turn of the 20th century an ambitious local developer put up rows of fashionable neoclassical style houses in the blocks directly north of and east of Riverside Park. These houses remain in excellent condition. Today, many of the older houses west of the park are being restored. Significance: The Riverside Historic District is historically significant for its association with the development of transportation and industry in Baltimore. The area developed when the new Baltimore & Ohio Railroad extended a spur line in 1845 from its Mount Clare facilities to a new coal pier being developed at Locust Point. The entire neighborhood, including a city park, lies inside the L-shaped course of this rail line. The earliest surviving, modest housing dates to the 1850s, having been built for those working on the rail line. After the B&O opened a new car roundhouse south of the park and moved many workers to the area in the early 1870s, developers lined the major arteries with spacious three- and two-story houses. The railroad facilities, and their close connection to a deepwater terminal, quickly attracted major industries to the area, and ambitious building developers put up rows and rows of two-story houses for their employees. The district derives additional historical significance for its association with the history of immigration in Baltimore, with particular reference to German immigration. A key event for the history of the neighborhood was the 1868 opening of an immigration pier at Locust Point, the result of an agreement between the president of the B&O Railroad and the North-German Lloyd line, headquartered in Bremen. Although many of the German immigrants bought through-train passage to the Middle West, many also stayed and settled in the neighborhoods near the docks--either in Locust Point or Riverside. The many German-language churches in the district are a testament to this phenomenon. Finally, the district is significant for its architecture, which is representative of the full range of domestic and ecclesiastical building types characteristic of Baltimore neighborhoods during the period from the mid-19th century through the first decade of the 20th. The rowhouses built in the district contain a few examples of late Federal and Greek Revival designs, but are mainly Italianate in style, built between the late 1860s and the early 1890s. At the turn of the 20th century, a stylish group of neoclassical style houses went up east of Riverside Park. The district’s physical development pattern exemplifies the dense urban rowhouse environment characteristic of Baltimore during the period.

District Resources (347) (315 contributing, 31 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
1208-1222 S. Hanover StreetC 
1228 S. Hanover StreetC 
1224-1226 S. Hanover StreetC 
100-110; 114-120; 124-138 W. Ostend StreetC 
140 W. Ostend StreetCB-2942 -- Scully's Tavern
112 & 122 W. Ostend StreetC 
1201-1215 Hanover StreetC 
1217-1225 Hanover StreetC 
5-29 W. West StreetC 
1227 S. Hanover StreetCB-2922 -- Engine Co. #6 (Truck Company #6)
1310-1316; 1320-1340 S.Hanover StreetC 
1318 S. Hanover StreetC 
102; 106-114 W. Clement StreetC 
104 W. Clement StreetC 
116-140 W. Clement StreetC 
101-111 W. Ostend StreetC 
113 W. Ostend StreetC 
115-137 W. Ostend StreetC 
1301-1319 Clarkson StreetC 
100-108; 112-128 Burnett StreetC 
110 Burnett StreetC 
101-129 Burnett StreetC 
1302-1340 S. Charles StreetC 
1300 S. Charles StreetC 
1301-1311 Hanover StreetC 
17-21 W. Ostend StreetC 
1313-1327 Hanover StreetC 
2-8 W. Clement StreetC 
1-7 W. Ostend StreetC 
1327-1345 S. Charles StreetC 
1403-1437 S. Charles StreetC 
6-16 E. Fort AvenueC 
1400-1460 Patapsco StreetC 
1303-1317 Patapsco StreetC 
10-22 Gittings StreetC 
1319-1325 S. Charles StreetC 
1312-1318 Patapsco StreetC 
1400 Patapsco StreetC 
1302-1306 Marshall StreetC 
19-37 E. Ostend StreetC 
1-17 E. Ostend StreetC 
1301 S. Charles StreetCChurch of the Advent and rectory
1401-1453 Potapsco StreetC 
1400-1446 Marshall StreetC 
1400-1438 Hanover StreetC 
101-109; 113 W. Clement StreetC 
111 W. Clement StreetC 
115-137 W. Clement StreetC 
102-114 W. Fort AvenueC 
116-138 W. Fort AvenueC 
1401-1425 Clarkson StreetC 
1400-1424 Clarkson StreetC 
1401-1425 Race StreetC 
1411-1439 Hanover StreetC 
1420-1450 S. Charles StreetC 
1401-1429 Olive StreetC 
SE corner of Hanover Street and Ostend StreetCMt. Vernon M.E. Mission Church
1404-1418 S. Charles StreetCGrace United Church of Christ
SW corner of Charles Street and Clement StreetCFort Avenue Savings Bank
NE corner of Patapsco Street and Fort AvenueC 
28-34 E. Fort AvenueC 
27-35 Birckhead StreetC 
1500-1550 Hanover StreetC 
1501-1523 Clarkson StreetC 
102-112 Randall StreetC 
114-136 Randall StreetC 
1524-1538 Clarkson StreetC 
105-115 Fort AvenueC 
1503-1523 Race StreetC 
1512-1522 Clarkson StreetC 
SW corner of Fort Avenue and Clarkson StreetCGrace Reformed Church
1532-1540 S. Charles StreetC 
4-8 Randall StreetC 
1506-1516 S. Charles StreetC 
1530 S. Charles StreetC 
1518-1528 S. Charles StreetC 
1501-1509 Hanover StreetC 
13-17 W. Fort AvenueC 
1529-1543 Hanover StreetC 
10-14 W. Randall StreetC 
1524-1526 Olive StreetC 
1528 Olive StreetC 
SW corner of Fort Avenue and S. Charles StreetCOlive Branch Independent Methodist Church
9-11 W. Fort AvenueC 
1511-1527 Hanover StreetC 
1543-1545 S. Charles StreetC 
6-20 Randall StreetC 
1519-1545 S. Charles StreetC 
1501-1517 S. Charles StreetC 
5-17 Fort AvenueC 
1500-1520 Patapsco StreetC 
1501-1521 Patapsco StreetC 
19-39 Fort AvenueC 
1500-1520 Marshall StreetC 
22-32 Randall StreetC 
1501-1521 Patapsco StreetC 
1055-1016 Light StreetC 
1538 Light StreetC 
1532-1538 Light StreetC 
1505-1539 Marshall StreetC 
46-60 E. Randall StreetC 
1518-1530 Light StreetC 
43-47 E. Fort AvenueC 
1502-1532 Byrd StreetC 
102-106; 110-114 E. Randall StreetC 
108 E. Randall StreetC 
105-121 Fort AvenueC 
1504-1541 Light StreetC 
1500-1516 William StreetC 
1518-1548 William StreetC 
1517-1533 Byrd StreetC 
116-132 Randall StreetC 
1505-1513 Byrd StreetC 
125-135 Fort AvenueC 
137 Fort AvenueC 
201-211 Fort AvenueC 
213-221 Fort AvenueC 
1501-1527 William StreetC 
200-210 Randall StreetC 
1512-1518 Battery AvenueC 
1500-1510 Battery AvenueC 
212-214 E. Randall StreetCSalem Evangelical Lutheran Church
1500-1530 Riverside AvenyeC 
313-317 E. Fort AvenueC 
319-323 Fort AvenueC 
1532-1538 Riverside AvenueC 
1501-1527 Battery Avenue C 
300-310 E. Randall StreetC 
1501-1517 Riverside AvenueC 
1500-1518 Henry StreetC 
400-420 E. Randall StreetC 
401-423 E. Fort AvenueC 
425-441 E. Fort AvenueC 
1500-1530 Covington StreetC 
1501-1519 Henry StreetC 
422-436 Randall StreetC 
SE corner of Fort Avenue and Riverside AvenueCFire Engine House No. 12
501-513 E. Fort AvenueC 
515-539 E. Fort AvenueC 
1505-1543 Covington StreetC 
500-510 E. Randall StreetC 
1500-1524 Belt StreetC 
1501-1531 Belt StreetC 
500-534 Jackson StreetC 
NE corner of Randall Street and Belt StreetCDisciples of Christ Christian Church
1501-1527 Jackson StreetC 
1500-1516 Webster StreetC 
607-635 E. Fort AvenueC 
1500-1554 Boyle StreetC 
737-743 E. Fort AvenueC 
701-715 E. Fort AvenueC 
1501-1519 Webster StreetC 
1601-1635 Webster StreetC 
801-823 E. Fort AvenueC 
109-115 Randall StreetC 
1603-1621 Clarkson StreetC 
1623-1637 Clarkson StreetC 
121-143 Randall StreetC 
1600-1640 Clarkson StreetC 
1600-1610 Hanover StreetC 
103-107 Randall StreetC 
1620-1626 Hanover StreetC 
1634-1644 Hanover StreetC 
100-110 W. Heath StreetC 
1601-1629 Race StreetC 
1632 Hanover StreetCInner Harbor Church of God
1600-1608 S. Charles StreetC 
3-7 Randall StreetC 
1613-1651 Hanover StreetC 
1601-1611 Hanover StreetC 
9-15 W. Randall StreetC 
8-12 Heath StreetC 
1623-1631 Hanover StreetC 
1613-1621 Hanover StreetC 
1614-1650 S. Charles StreetC 
2-6 Heath StreetC 
1605-1627 Olive StreetC 
1-13 Randall StreetC 
1604-1618 Patapsco StreetC 
25-29 Randall StreetC 
1600-1602 Patapsco StreetC 
1620-1624 Patapsco StreetC 
18-32 E. Heath StreetC 
1601-1633 S. Charles StreetC 
1632-1638 Light StreetC 
1613-1619 Elkins StreetC 
1600-1606 Light StreetC 
57-65 E. Randall StreetC 
31-49 E. Randall StreetC 
1612-1626 Elkins StreetC 
46-62 Heath StreetC 
1601-1621 Marshall StreetC 
1600-1620 Marshall StreetC 
51-55 Randall StreetC 
1608-1618 Light StreetC 
34-42 Heath StreetC 
1603-1623 Patapsco StreetC 
1601-1615 Light StreetC 
103-125 E. Randall StreetC 
127-157 E. Randall StreetC 
1602 Johnson StreetCRiverside Baptist Church
1600-1606 Johnson StreetC 
159-163 Randall StreetC 
1631-1651 Covington StreetC 
1061-1025 Covington StreetC 
501-511 Randall StreetC 
1600-1648 Jackson StreetC 
1601-1649 Belt StreetC 
1616-1650 Belt StreetC 
1500-1548 Jackson StreetC 
601-609 E. Randall StreetC 
1600-1632 Webster StreetC 
1712-1752 Hanover StreetC 
102-106 Barney StreetC 
1700-1710 Hanover StreetC 
1725-1755 Clarkson StreetC 
1701-1723 Clarkson StreetC 
1700-1754 Clarkson StreetC 
138 W. Barney StreeyCSeiler-Hughes Chemical Co.
south side of W. Heath StreetC 
1722-1748 S. Charles StreetC 
1725-1737 Olive StreetC 
2-8 W. Barney StreetC 
1701-1753 Hanover StreetC 
1700-1720 S. Charles StreetC 
1-5 W. Heath StreetC 
7-11 W. Heath StreetC 
14-18 W. Barney StreetC 
1711-1723 Olive StreetC 
1701-1747 S. Charles StreetC 
1706-1740 Patapsco StreetC 
4-8 E. Barney StreetC 
3-17 E. Heath StreetC 
1700-1704 PatapscoC 
1701-1705 Harden CourtC 
1710-1730 Light StreetC 
1700 and 1708 Light StreetC 
1738-1742 Light StreetC 
40-46 E. Barney StreetC 
26-38 E. Barney StreetC 
1736 Light StreetC 
13-51 Heath StreetC 
1701-1703 Patapsco StreetC 
1705-1723 Patapsco StreetC 
1700-1712 Elkins AvenueC 
1711-1715 Elkins AvenueC 
1725-1739 Patapsco StreetC 
1724-1726 Elkins AvenueC 
1701-1705 Light StreetC 
1713 Light StreetC 
1719-1733 Light StreetC 
1707-1711 Light StreetC 
1715-1717 Light StreetC 
1735-1741 Light StreetC 
1700-1730 Byrd StreetC 
112-128 E. Barney StreetC 
107-123 Bloomsbury StreetC 
201-223 E. Heath StreetC 
1705-1707 Byrd StreetC 
1724-1744 Johnson StreetC 
1700-1702 William StreetC 
1729-1739 William StreetC 
200-222 E. Barney StreetC 
1700-1722 Johnson StreetC 
225-233 Heath StreetC 
1704-1722 William StreetC 
1701-1713 William StreetC 
1709-1725 Byrd StreetC 
1701-1729 Covington StreetC 
1731-1751 Covington StreetC 
500-508 E. BarneyC 
1700-1748 Jackson StreetC 
510 E. Barney StreetC 
1700-1734 Belt StreetC 
1701-1749 Belt StreetC 
1701-1749 Jackson StreetC 
601-611 E. Heath StreetC 
600-610 E. Barney StreetC 
1700-1746 Webster StreetC 
1-19 W. Barney StreetC 
21-25 W. Barney StreetC 
1800-1832 S. Charles StreetC 
1801-1805 Hanover StreetC 
1809-1843 Hanover StreetC 
1834 S. Charles StreetCB-1067 -- Pabst Brewing Company (Maryland Glass and Mirror Company)
1826-1842 Light StreetC 
1800-1802 Light StreetC 
1801-1817 S. Charles StreetC 
1-21 Barney StreetC 
1819-1849 S. Charles StreetC 
23-45 E. Barney StreetC 
1816-1824 Light StreetC 
1804-1814 Light StreetC 
1801-1845 Light StreetC 
1800 Westphal PlaceC 
1810-1812 Westphal PlaceC 
1819-1833 Westphal PlaceC 
1834-1840 Westphal PlaceC 
1822-1836 Byrd StreetC 
1801-1817 Westphal PlaceC 
105-127 Barney StreetC 
1804-1820 Byrd StreetC 
1800 Johnson StreetCB-1070 -- W.J. Knox Net and Twine Company
1801-1847 Covington StreetC 
501-509 E. Barney StreetC 
1800-1828 Jackson StreetC 
511 E. Barney StreetC 
1801-1847 Belt StreetC 
1814-1846 Belt StreetC 
1801-1829 Jackson StreetC 
1900-1914 Light StreetC 
1920-1936; 1940-1944 Light StreetC 
1938 Light StreetC 
1901 S. Charles StreetCB-5191 -- Baltimore Foundry & Machine Corp., site (P. Kennedy Foundry, Baltimore Malleable Iron & Steel Casting Co., White & Middleton Gas Engine)
1901 Light StreetCB-1069 -- National Enameling & Stamping Company (Matthai, Ingram & Company, NESCO, Inc.)
77-83 W. West StreetNC 
west side of Hanover StreetNC 
west side of Hanover StreetNC 
1329-1339 Hanover StreetNC 
Randall StreetNC 
14-16 W. Fort Avenue, west of Olive StreetNC 
SW corner of Fort Avenue and Clarkson StreetNC 
NW corner of E. Randall Street and Marshall StreetNC 
22 E. Randall StreetNC 
1501-1503 Light StreetNC 
1521 Light StreetNC 
121 Fort AvenueNC 
123 Fort AvenueNC 
1514 William StreetNC 
205, 209, and 219-21 Fort AvenueNC 
1612-1618 Hanover StreetNC 
100 E. Heath StreetNCThomas Johnson Elementary School complex
west side of Olive StreetNC 
SW corner of Hanover Street and W. Barney StreetNC 
SE corner of W. Barney Street and Clarkson StreetNC 
north side of Wells Street (west of Hanover Street)NC 
east side of S. Charles StreetNC 
south side of E. Barney StreetNC 
2 E. Wells StreetNCB-1057 -- Sinclair-Scott Company
1827 Marshall Street (NE corner of E. Wells Street)NC 
west side of S. Charles Street, south of W. Wells StreetNCPratt-Thompson Co. warehouse
312 E. Randall StreetNC 
SE corner of Fort Avenue and Battery AvenueNC 
501 and 505 Fort AvenueNC 
719-723 Fort AvenueNC 
1507 and 1511 Webster StreetNC 
1736 Westphal Street  


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