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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: MHT Files, n.d.
Rodgers Forge Historic District
Inventory No.: BA-3238
Date Listed: 9/24/2009
Location: Baltimore, Baltimore County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1925-1957
Architect/Builder: Developer: James Keelty
Resources: 312 (312 contributing, 0 non-contributing)
Description: The Rodgers Forge Historic District is an approximately 150-acre, primarily rowhouse, early suburban community developed by the large-scale Baltimore building developer James Keelty and his sons between 1931 and 1957. The district includes some 38 blocks located just north of the city line in Baltimore County. The oldest section lies just west of York Road, north of Overbrook Road and extending to Dumbarton Road. In the 1940s and 1950s the development grew to the west and south and is now bounded by Overbrook Road on the south, Bellona Avenue on the west, Stevenson Lane on the north, and York Road on the east. The oldest section of Rodgers Forge is distinguished by small groups of charming, well-built, and well-landscaped English-style rowhouses, erected over the course of the 1930s. Although the developer initially planned to build detached houses on half-acre to one-acre lots at Rodgers Forge, by the time he finally began building in late 1932/early 1933, he had made the decision to construct stylish, architect-designed group homes in the then-popular “English” style (the term then used by local builders to refer to their interpretation of the Tudor Revival). The term “group homes” was used to distinguish them from the long, seemingly unbroken rows of “old fashioned” rowhouses associated with city living, and also to relate them in the public’s mind with the highly fashionable and desirable “group homes” erected by the Roland Park Company on the fringes of their Guilford development in Baltimore City. Each “group” of homes was usually designed in a slightly different style from the one next door to give variety to the block face. In addition, the groups were small—in the earliest section, groups of only four, five, and six houses each were constructed, a major distinction from older city rows that occupied an entire block face. And if the attached houses comprised groups only four or five units long, there was much more opportunity to embellish the landscape of the development with grassy lawns, trees, and shrubbery between units, thus enhancing the “village” atmosphere. As the development expanded just before and after World War II, new rows went up in the then almost universally popular Early American style. Both design trends reflect national changes in residential architectural tastes between the mid 1920s into the late 1930s. The houses also offered the modern amenity of a small, detached garage—an attractive selling point for potential buyers of the property located about 8 miles north of the downtown. The quality of design and construction of the early Rodgers Forge houses established the neighborhood’s reputation, and it remains a highly desirable address for both young families and older couples. Significance: The Rodgers Forge Historic District is architecturally significant as a prototypical example of a type of suburban rowhouse development which characterized the region during the late 1920s through the mid-1950s, and is especially noteworthy for the quality of its planning, architecture, and construction. Following stylistic trends then being set in affluent suburbs, many suburban rowhouses of the 1920s were designed in an English cottage style, with builders striving to create “the English village in the city.” English-style houses continued to be built during the Depression years, but when the construction industry revived after World War II, most new neighborhoods took their stylistic cue from the recently opened tribute to America’s colonial past, Colonial Williamsburg. In the Baltimore area, with returning veterans creating an enormous demand for new housing, broad geographical areas just within and without the city’s boundary filled with Early American-style rowhouses. Rodgers Forge stands as the most architecturally accomplished of all of the Early American-style rowhouse neighborhoods built in the greater Baltimore area during these years. The neighborhood was named for a blacksmith shop located at the southeast corner of York Road and Stevenson Lane since before the Civil War. Also used for a time as the local post office, the shop was run by George Rodgers and his descendents until 1947 when it was finally torn down to make way for a gas station. It derives additional historical significance for its association with the suburbanization of Baltimore during the period. Consisting primarily of attached houses, built some miles outside of the city along a major transportation route, this type of neighborhood offered residents convenient access to city jobs along with the newly attractive amenities of the suburbs—landscaped lots near healthy, open land, and a garage for the new family automobile, if they were lucky enough to have one. The district exhibits an extremely high degree of integrity. The period of the district’s historic significance is 1925-1957, corresponding to the period during which the Keelty Company was actively engaged in the construction of Rodgers Forge.

District Resources (312) (312 contributing, 0 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
47-57 Dunkirk RoadC 
31-45 Dunkirk RoadC 
19-29 Dunkirk RoadC 
9-17 Dunkirk RoadC 
1-7 Dunkirk RoadC 
54-64 Dunkirk RoadC 
38-52 Dunkirk RoadC 
26-36 Dunkirk RoadC 
18-24 Dunkirk RoadC 
10-16 Dunkirk RoadC 
2-8 Dunkirk RoadC 
421-427 Murdock RoadC 
409-419 Murdock RoadC 
401-407 Murdock RoadC 
420-426 Murdock RoadC 
408-418 Murdock RoadC 
400-406 Murdock RoadC 
323-331 Murdock RoadC 
311-321 Murdock RoadC 
301-309 Murdock RoadC 
322-330 Murdock RoadC 
310-320 Murdock RoadC 
300-308 Murdock RoadC 
223-331 Murdock RoadC 
211-221 Murdock RoadC 
207-209 Murdock RoadC 
222-230 Murdock RoadC 
210-220 Murdock RoadC 
200-208 Murdock RoadC 
129-141 Murdock RoadC 
115-127 Murdock RoadC 
101-113 Murdock RoadC 
87-99 Murdock RoadC 
75-85 Murdock RoadC 
138-148 Murdock RoadC 
124-136 Murdock RoadC 
110-122 Murdock RoadC 
96-108 Murdock RoadC 
82-94 Murdock RoadC 
59-73 Murdock RoadC 
421-427 Hopkins RoadC 
409-419 Hopkins RoadC 
401-407 Hopkins RoadC 
420-426 Hopkins RoadC 
408-418 Hopkins RoadC 
400-406 Hopkins RoadC 
322-330 Hopkins RoadC 
310-320 Hopkins RoadC 
300-308 Hopkins RoadC 
323-331 Hopkins RoadC 
311-321 Hopkins RoadC 
301-309 Hopkins RoadC 
223-231 Hopkins RoadC 
211-221 Hopkins RoadC 
201-209 Hopkins RoadC 
222-230 Hopkins RoadC 
210-220 Hopkins RoadC 
200-208 Hopkins RoadC 
139-151 Hopkins RoadC 
127-137 Hopkins RoadC 
115-125 Hopkins RoadC 
101-113 Hopkins RoadC 
150-158 Hopkins RoadC 
136-148 Hopkins RoadC 
124-134 Hopkins RoadC 
110-122 Hopkins RoadC 
100-108 Hopkins RoadC 
100-112 Overbrook RoadC 
114-126 Overbrook RoadC 
128-140 Overbrook RoadC 
101-111 Overbrook RoadC 
113-121 Overbrook RoadC 
6418-6424 Pinehurst RoadC 
6810-6820 Pinehurst RoadC 
421-427 Dunkirk RoadC 
409-419 Dunkirk RoadC 
401-407 Dunkirk RoadC 
420-426 Dunkirk RoadC 
408-418 Dunkirk RoadC 
400-406 Dunkirk RoadC 
323-331 Dunkirk RoadC 
311-321 Dunkirk RoadC 
301-309 Dunkirk RoadC 
322-330 Dunkirk RoadC 
310-320 Dunkirk RoadC 
300-308 Dunkirk RoadC 
223-231 Dunkirk RoadC 
211-221 Dunkirk RoadC 
201-209 Dunkirk RoadC 
222-230 Dunkirk RoadC 
210-220 Dunkirk RoadC 
200-208 Dunkirk RoadC 
103-117 Dunkirk RoadC 
91-101 Dunkirk RoadC 
75-89 Dunkirk RoadC 
67-73 Dunkirk RoadC 
59-65 Dunkirk RoadC 
114-128 Dunkirk RoadC 
102-112 Dunkirk RoadC 
86-100 Dunkirk RoadC 
74-84 Dunkirk RoadC 
66-72 Dunkirk RoadC 
45-57 Murdock RoadC 
31-43 Murdock RoadC 
17-29 Murdock RoadC 
1-15 Murdock RoadC 
66-80 Murdock RoadC 
50-64 Murdock RoadC 
34-48 Murdock RoadC 
18-32 Murdock RoadC 
2-16 Murdock RoadC 
421-427 Regester AvenueC 
409-419 Regester AvenueC 
401-407 Regester AvenueC 
420-426 Regester AvenueC 
408-418 Regester AvenueC 
400-406 Regester AvenueC 
323-331 Regester AvenueC 
211-221 Regester AvenueC 
201-209 Regester AvenueC 
222-230 Regester AvenueC 
210-220 Regester AvenueC 
200-208 Regester AvenueC 
157-169 Regester AvenueC 
143-155 Regester AvenueC 
133-141 Regester AvenueC 
123-131 Regester AvenueC 
111-121 Regester AvenueC 
101-109 Regester AvenueC 
140-148 Regester AvenueC 
128-138 Regester AvenueC 
116-126 Regester AvenueC 
108-114 Regester AvenueC 
100-106 Regester AvenueC 
110-122 Glen Argyle RoadC 
109-121 Glen Argyle RoadC 
123-135 Glen Argyle RoadC 
29-41 Regester AvenueC 
15-27 Regester AvenueC 
1-13 Regester AvenueC 
16-28 Regester AvenueC 
2-14 Regester AvenueC 
421-427 Dumbarton RoadC 
409-419 Dumbarton RoadC 
401-407 Dumbarton RoadC 
418-426 Dumbarton RoadC 
410-416 Dumbarton RoadC 
323-331 Dumbarton RoadC 
311-321 Dumbarton RoadC 
301-309 Dumbarton RoadC 
330-340 Dumbarton RoadC 
223-231 Dumbarton RoadC 
211-221 Dumbarton RoadC 
201-209 Dumbarton RoadC 
177-183 Dumbarton RoadC 
169-175 Dumbarton RoadC 
161-167 Dumbarton RoadC 
151-159 Dumbarton RoadC 
194-206 Dumbarton RoadC 
180-192 Dumbarton RoadC 
166-178 Dumbarton RoadC 
152-164 Dumbarton RoadC 
138-150 Dumbarton RoadC 
128-136 Dumbarton RoadC 
101-113 Stevenson LaneC 
115-127 Stevenson LaneC 
129-141 Stevenson LaneC 
143-153 Stevenson LaneC 
122-134 Stevenson LaneC 
136-146 Stevenson LaneC 
148-154 Stevenson LaneC 
7201-7209 Lanark CourtC 
7211-7223 Lanark CourtC 
7225-7237 Lanark CourtC 
7200-7212 Lanark CourtC 
7214-7220 Lanark CourtC 
7222-7232 Lanark CourtC 
200-206 Stevenson LaneC 
208-220 Stevenson LaneC 
222-234 Stevenson LaneC 
236-242 Stevenson LaneC 
101-107 Stanmore RoadC 
109-221 Stanmore RoadC 
123-135 Stanmore RoadC 
137-149 Stanmore RoadC 
151-163 Stanmore RoadC 
165-177 Stanmore RoadC 
179-191 Stanmore RoadC 
193-201 Stanmore RoadC 
138-148 Stanmore RoadC 
150-162 Stanmore RoadC 
164-176 Stanmore RoadC 
178-190 Stanmore RoadC 
192-204 Stanmore RoadC 
206-218 Stanmore RoadC 
220-232 Stanmore RoadC 
203-215 Stanmore RoadC 
217-229 Stanmore RoadC 
231-243 Stanmore RoadC 
245-257 Stanmore RoadC 
259-265 Stanmore RoadC 
301-307 Stanmore RoadC 
309-315 Stanmore RoadC 
234-246 Stanmore RoadC 
7400-7424 Stanmore RoadC 
7401-7413 Stanmore RoadC 
248-260 Stanmore RoadC 
262-274 Stanmore RoadC 
276-288 Stanmore RoadC 
290-302 Stanmore RoadC 
304-316 Stanmore RoadC 
318-330 Stanmore RoadC 
332-344 Stanmore RoadC 
101-113 Brandon RoadC 
115-121 Brandon RoadC 
123-133 Brandon RoadC 
135-147 Brandon RoadC 
149-161 Brandon RoadC 
100-112 Brandon RoadC 
114-126 Brandon RoadC 
128-140 Brandon RoadC 
142-154 Brandon RoadC 
156-168 Brandon RoadC 
170-182 Brandon RoadC 
201-207 Brandon RoadC 
209-219 Brandon RoadC 
221-233 Brandon RoadC 
235-247 Brandon RoadC 
200-210 Brandon RoadC 
212-224 Brandon RoadC 
226-238 Brandon RoadC 
240-252 Brandon RoadC 
7009-7021 Heathfield RoadC 
7023-7029 Heathfield RoadC 
7031-7043 Heathfield RoadC 
7045-7051 Heathfield RoadC 
7008-7020 Heathfield RoadC 
7022-7034 Heathfield RoadC 
7036-7048 Heathfield RoadC 
417-425 Chumleigh RoadC 
408-416 Chumleigh RoadC 
418-426 Chumleigh RoadC 
7101-7113 Heathfield RoadC 
7115-7125 Heathfield RoadC 
7127-7133 Heathfield RoadC 
7100-7112 Heathfield RoadC 
7114-7126 Heathfield RoadC 
7128-7140 Heathfield RoadC 
427-439 Old Trail RoadC 
413-421 Old Trail RoadC 
428-440 Old Trail RoadC 
414-426 Old Trail RoadC 
400-412 Old Trail RoadC 
7109-7121 Rodgers CourtC 
7100-7108 Rodgers CourtC 
7110-7122 Rodgers CourtC 
417-425 Rodgers CourtC 
369-377 Old Trail RoadC 
357-367 Old Trail RoadC 
645-655 Old Trail RoadC 
333-343 Old Trail RoadC 
321-331 Old Trail RoadC 
313-319 Old Trail RoadC 
301-311 Old Trail RoadC 
368-376 Old Trail RoadC 
356-366 Old Trail RoadC 
344-354 Old Trail RoadC 
332-342 Old Trail RoadC 
300-310 Old Trail RoadC 
104-106 Stanmore RoadC 
108-110 Stanmore RoadC 
112-114 Stanmore RoadC 
116-118 Stanmore RoadC 
120-122 Stanmore RoadC 
124-126 Stanmore RoadC 
128-130 Stanmore RoadC 
7002 York RoadC 
7004 York RoadC 
7006 York RoadC 
7008 York RoadC 
7010 York RoadC 
7012 York RoadC 
7014 York RoadC 
7100 York RoadC 
7102 York RoadC 
7104 York RoadC 
7106 York RoadC 
7108 York RoadC 
7110 York RoadC 
7112 York RoadC 
7114 York RoadC 
7116 York RoadC 
419 Stevenson LaneC 
417 Stevenson LaneC 
415 Stevenson LaneC 
413 Stevenson LaneC 
411 Stevenson LaneC 
409 Stevenson LaneC 
407 Stevenson LaneC 
405 Stevenson LaneC 
403 Stevenson LaneC 
401 Stevenson LaneC 
323 Stevenson LaneC 
321 Stevenson LaneC 
319 Stevenson LaneC 
317 Stevenson LaneC 
315 Stevenson LaneC 
313 Stevenson LaneC 
311 Stevenson LaneC 
250 Dumbarton RoadCRodgers Forge Elementary School
300 Dumbarton RoadCDumbarton Middle School
300 Dumbarton RoadCBA-99 -- Dumbarton Mansion


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