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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: MHT Files, n.d.
East Monument Historic District
Inventory No.: B-5162
Date Listed: 12/8/2009
Location: Baltimore, Baltimore City
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1867-1926
Architect/Builder: Builder: Frank Novak (and others)
Resources: 649 (597 contributing, 35 non-contributing)
Description: The East Monument Historic District is an approximately 88-block area in East Baltimore centered on the East Monument Street commercial corridor. It lies north of the Patterson Park/Highlandtown Historic District and south of the Broadway East/South Clifton Historic District. This rowhouse community developed east of North Broadway beginning in the 1870s, primarily as housing for the city’s growing Bohemian (Czech) immigrant community. Most of the oldest houses, both north and south of East Monument Street, between Broadway and North Washington Street, have been demolished for the expansion of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. The surviving houses immediately east of Washington Street were built in the 1880s in the Italianate style, but as development progressed eastward in the 1890s and early 1900s, two-story, two-bay-wide rowhouses in the Neoclassical style filled block after block. All of the blocks in the East Monument Historic District were developed according to the plan created by Thomas Poppleton in 1823, with each city block bisected by a narrow alley street. Developers made use of this layout to create differently priced housing options in each block. After the City Council banned building on narrow alley streets less than 40’ wide in 1909, developers still laid out each block with a narrower middle street where less expensive houses were built. Many of the houses in this area were built by a group of Bohemian builders, including the young Frank Novak, for members of their own community. Significance: The East Monument Historic District is historically significant for its association with the history of Bohemian immigration to Baltimore in the late 19th and early 20th century. The district is the center of the city’s Bohemian immigrant community and is home to the Bohemian National Parish of the Roman Catholic Church, St. Wenceslaus. Not only did most of the Bohemian immigrants to Baltimore settle here in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but many of the typical two-story Neoclassical-style brick rowhouses that fill the blocks of the district were built by Bohemian-born builders, most notably Frank Novak (1877-1945). Novak’s family settled in this area and he began his building career by apprenticing to other local Bohemian-born builders. By 1914 he was building on his own, continuing to fill blocks in the district to the city’s eastern boundary line at East Avenue. He later became the city’s most prolific builder of reasonably priced two-story houses, concentrating his efforts in the eastern and southeastern sections of the city as industrial expansion brought even more jobs to this area. Throughout his career, most of his clients were first- and second-generation Eastern European immigrants. The district thus derives additional architectural significance as a relatively pristine example of a type of working class neighborhood that characterized Baltimore in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Although a number of blocks on the western edge of the district contain late Italianate-style houses of the 1880s, by far the largest majority of housing in the entire district was built in the Neoclassical style popular in the early years of the 20th century. The first efforts to provide housing for the influx of Bohemian immigrants to the district began in 1867; construction in the neighborhood was essentially completed in 1926.

District Resources (649) (597 contributing, 35 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
2111-2119 Ashland Avenue, 806 N. Collington Avenue, and 2102 E. Madison StreetCB-5162-1 -- St. Wenceslaus Catholic Church Survey District (St. Wenceslaus Church, Redemptorist Fathers Rectory, Schools Sisters of Notre Dame Convent, St. Wenceslaus School, St. Wenceslaus Lyceum)
Northeast corner of Patterson Park Avenue and Orleans StreetCFormer Martin Luther Evangelical English Lutheran Church (Lighthouse Community Church)
Northeast corner of Jefferson Street and N. Milton AvenueCNew Lebanon Calvary Baptist Church
Southeast corner of E. Madison Street and N. Lakewood AvenueCBethany Evangelical Lutheran Church (New Beginnings Ministry)
Northwest corner of McElderry Street and Linwood StreetCCalvert Presbyterian Church
Northeast corner of McElderry Street and N. Port StreetCAmazing Grace Lutheran Church
2011-2023 E. Chase StreetC 
1013-1031 N. Washington StreetC 
1001-1011 N. Washington StreetC 
2016-2032 E. Eager StreetC 
2034-2064 E. Eager StreetC 
1001-1035 N. Castle StreetC 
1031-1029 N. Castle StreetCB-4715 -- Alley Houses
1000-1038 N. Castle StreetCB-4716 -- Alley Houses
2007-2025 E. Eager StreetC 
2027-2043 E. Eager StreetC 
911-959 N. Washington StreetC 
904-964 N. Chester StreetC 
2002-2024 Ashland AvenueC 
2028-2040 Ashland AvenueC 
903-945 N. Castle StreetC 
916-940 N. Castle StreetC 
901-955 N. Chester StreetC 
2106-2108 Ashland AvenueC 
902-954 N. Duncan StreetC 
959-971 N. Chester StreetC 
2101-2109 E. Eager StreetC 
2111-2119 E. Eager StreetC 
951-953 N. Duncan StreetC 
2110-2126 Ashland AvenueC 
916-970 N. Collington AvenueC 
901-949 N. Duncan StreetC 
North side of Eager Street and west of Duncan StreetCLatter Day Ministries, Inc.
901-919 N. Collington AvenueC 
921-971 N. Collington AvenueC 
2202-2208 Ashland AvenueC 
2212-2220 Ashland AvenueC 
900-942 Patterson Park AvenueC 
2200-2228 Barnes StreetC 
900-936 N. Madeira StreetC 
905-933 N. Madeira StreetC 
901-929 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
2300-2308 Ashland AvenueC 
931-945 Patterson Park AvenueC 
2310-2318 Ashland AvenueC 
2328-2342 Eager StreetC 
2321-2323 Eager StreetC 
900-926 N. Montford AvenueC 
901-929 N. Bradford StreetCB-4725 -- Alley Houses
900-936 N. Bradford StreetCB-4726 -- Alley Houses
2402-2454 E. Eager StreetC 
2403-2423 E. Eager StreetC 
901-915 N. Montford AvenueC 
2400-2420 Ashland AvenueC 
901-917 N. Port StreetC 
900-916 N. Port StreetC 
900-916 N. Milton StreetC 
901 N. Milton AvenueCB-5140 -- L. Greif & Brothers Manufactory Building
2500-2508 Ashland AvenueC 
901-927 N. Rose StreetC 
900-924 N. Luzerne StreetC 
901-937 N. Luzerne StreetC 
2612-2620 Ashland AvenueC 
2622-2640 Ashland AvenueC 
900-922 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
2700-2718 Ashland AvenueC 
2720-2738 Ashland AvenueC 
901-923 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
900-922 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
901-925 N. Belnord AvenueC 
900-924 N. Belnord AvenueC 
2800-2818 Ashland AvenueC 
2820-2838 Ashland AvenueC 
901-923 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
900-920 N. Linwood AvenueC 
901-923 Streeper StreetC 
900-924 N. Streeper StreetC 
901-933 N. Linwood AvenueC 
801-841 N. Washington StreetC 
2007-2013 Ashland AvenueC 
2019 Ashland AvenueC 
2000-2014 E. Madison StreetC 
801 N. Castle StreetC 
811 N. Castle StreetC 
800-808 N. Castle StreetC 
840 N. Chester StreetC 
801-817 N. Chester StreetC 
2106-2120 E. Madison StreetC 
2104 E. Madison StreetC 
801-847 N. Collington AvenueC 
2201-2211 Ashland AvenueC 
2212-2218 E. Madison StreetC 
2224-2232 E. Madison StreetC 
802-824 N. Madeira StreetC 
800-844 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
801-837 Madeira StreetC 
801-845 N. Patterson ParkC 
2301-2309 Ashland AvenueC 
2311-2331 Ashland AvenueC 
2300-2308 E. Madison StreetC 
800-822 N. Montford StreetC 
801-827 N. Bradford StreetCB-4727 -- Alley Houses
800-824 N. Bradford StreetCB-4728 -- Alley Houses
2310-2330 E. Madison StreetC 
801-847 N. Montford AvenueC 
800-822 N. Milton AvenueC 
2400-2408 E. Madison StreetC 
2410-2418 E. Madison StreetC 
801-825 N. Port StreetC 
800-824 N. Port StreetC 
2401-2409 Ashland AvenueC 
2411-2431 Ashland AvenueC 
801-847 N. Milton AvenueC 
2500-2508 E. Madison StreetC 
2510-2530 E. Madison StreetC 
2501-2509 Ashland AvenueC 
2511-2519 Ashland AvenueC 
800-832 N. Luzerne StreetC 
801-823 N. Rose StreetC 
800-822 N. Rose StreetC 
801-845 N. LuzerneC 
2601-2609 Ashland AvenueC 
2611-2629 Ashland AvenueC 
2612-2620 E. Madison StreetC 
2622-2630 E. Madison StreetC 
800-832 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
801-823 N. Glover StreetC 
800-822 N. Glover StreetC 
2710-2718 E. Madison StreetC 
2720-2728 E. Madison StreetC 
801-833 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
800-832 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
2701-2719 Ashland AvenueC 
2721-2739 Ashland AvenueC 
801-825 N. Belnord StreetC 
800-824 N. Belnord StreetC 
801-833 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
2812-2820 E. Madison StreetC 
2822-2830 E. Madison StreetC 
2801-2819 Ashland AvenueC 
2821-2839 E. MadisonC 
800-832 N. Linwood StreetC 
801-825 N. Streeper StreetC 
800-824 N. Streeper StreetC 
801-831 N. Linwood StreetC 
2910-2920 E. Madison StreetC 
2922-2932 E. Madison StreetC 
801-823 N. Curley StreetC 
800-822 N. Curley StreetC 
835-843 N. Linwood StreetC 
North side of Monument Street and east of Castle StreetCJohns Hopkins University Building
703-713 N. Chester StreetC 
715-745 N. Chester StreetC 
2101-2105 E. Madison StreetC 
700-722 N. Duncan StreetCB-4720 -- Alley Houses
700-730 N. Collington AvenueC 
2107-2111 E. Madison StreetC 
701-723 N. Duncan StreetCB-4719 -- Alley Houses
2112-2114 E. Monument StreetC 
2108 E. Monument StreetC 
2110 E. Monument StreetC 
2122 E. Monument StreetC 
2102 E. Monument StreetC 
2104-2106 E. Monument StreetC 
701 N. Chester StreetC 
2126 E. Monument StreetC 
2116-2120 E. Monument StreetC 
2124 E. Monument StreetC 
718-746 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
2225-2233 E. Madison StreetC 
701-733 N. Collington AvenueC 
2213-2219 E. Madison StreetC 
701-739 N. Madeira StreetC 
700-722 N. Madeira StreetC 
2200-2216 E. Monument StreetC 
2218-2224 E. Monument StreetC 
2226-2230 E. Monument StreetC 
2310-2318 E. Monument StreetC 
2320-2342 E. Monument StreetC 
700-708 N. Montford AvenueC 
700-718 N. Bradford StreetCB-4729 -- Alley Houses
701-745 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
2301-2309 E. Madison StreetC 
2311-2331 E. Madison StreetC 
701-723 N. Montford AvenueC 
700-722 N. Milton AvenueC 
2401-2421 E. Madison StreetC 
2423-2443 E. Madison StreetC 
2400-2420 E. Monument StreetC 
2422-2442 E. Monument StreetC 
701-725 N. Port StreetC 
700-724 N. Port StreetC 
2510-2518 E. Madison StreetC 
2520-2522 E. Madison StreetC 
2511-2513 E. Madison StreetC 
701-747 N. Milton StreetC 
700-720 N. Luzerne StreetC 
701-725 N. Rose StreetC 
700-724 N. Rose StreetC 
South side of E. Madison Street and east of N. Montford AvenueCThe Pillar of Truth Church of the Apostolic Faith
2600-2620 E. Monument StreetC 
2622-2642 E. Monument StreetC 
701-723 N. Luzerne StreetC 
700-722 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
701-725 N. Glover StreetC 
700-724 N. Glover StreetC 
2607-2621 E. Madison StreetC 
2623-2643 E. Madison StreetC 
701-739 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
700-742 N. Kenwood StreetC 
2711-2719 E. Madison StreetC 
2721-2729 E. Madison StreetC 
701-725 N. Belnord StreetC 
700-724 N. Belnord StreetC 
701-745 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
2811-2819 E. Madison StreetC 
2821-2829 E. Madison StreetC 
700-732 N. Linwood StreetC 
701-725 N. Streeper StreetC 
700-724 N. Streeper StreetC 
2900-2920 E. Monument StreetC 
2922-2942 E. Monument StreetC 
701-733 N. Linwood StreetC 
29112919 E. Madison StreetC 
2921-2929 E. Madison StreetC 
701-725 N. Curley StreetC 
700-724 N. Curley StreetC 
3000-3020 E. Monument StreetC 
3022-3042 E. Monument StreetC 
3100-3116 E. Monument StreetC 
3118-3122 E. Monument StreetC 
East side of Washington Street and south of Monument StreetCMt. Tabor M.E. Church (New Pilgrim Baptist Church)
617-625 N. Washington StreetC 
2000-2002 McElderry StreetC 
2004-2006 McElderry StreetC 
2008-2012 McElderry StreetC 
2014-2026 McElderry StreetC 
608-626 Castle StreetC 
2003-2025 E. Monument StreetC 
2027-2041 E. Monument StreetCJohns Hopkins Federal Credit Union
2047-2049 E. Monument StreetC 
2051-2053 E. Monument StreetC 
600-604 N. Chester StreetC 
606 N. Chester StreetC 
608 N. Chester StreetC 
2113-2129 E. Monument StreetC 
621 N. Duncan StreetC 
623-633 N. Duncan StreetC 
2219 E. Monument StreetC 
2221 E. Monument StreetC 
2301-2321 E. Monument StreetC 
2323-2343 E. Monument StreetC 
611-625 N. Bradford StreetCB-4841 -- Alley Houses
2401-2421 E. Monument StreetC 
2423-2443 E. Monument StreetC 
615-629 N. Montford AvenueC 
2400-2412 McElderry StreetC 
600-636 N. Milton AvenueC 
2521-2537 E. Monument StreetC 
600-622 N. Luzerne StreetC 
2510-2530 McElderry StreetC 
2600-2620 McElderry StreetC 
2622-2642 McElderry StreetC 
601-623 N. Luzerne StreetC 
601-627 N. Glover StreetC 
600-626 N. Glover StreetC 
2601-2621 E. Monument StreetC 
2623-2643 E. Monument StreetC 
601-637 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
2705-2719 E. Monument StreetC 
2721-2739 E. Monument StreetC 
600-636 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
601-637 N. Belnord StreetC 
600-638 N. Belnord StreetC 
2821-2829 E. Monument StreetC 
601-647 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
2811-2819 E. Monument StreetC 
600-638 N. Streeper StreetC 
Southwest corner of E. Monument Street and Linwood StreetCSt. Paul's M.P. Church (Dynamic Deliverance Cathedral)
601-625 Linwood StreetC 
600-624 N. Potomac StreetC 
2901-2919 E. Monument StreetC 
2921-2931 E. Monument StreetC 
601-627 Curley StreetC 
600-626 Curley StreetC 
2900-2918 E. McElderry StreetC 
2920-2938 E. McElderry StreetC 
3001-3019 E. Monument StreetC 
3021-3031 E. Monument StreetC 
601-627 N. Potomac StreetC 
3000-3018 E. McElderry StreetC 
3020-3038 E. McElderry StreetC 
601-627 N. Decker StreetC 
600-626 N. Decker StreetC 
600-610 N. Ellwood StreetC 
612 N. Ellwood StreetC 
614-624 N. Ellwood StreetC 
3101-3119 E. Monument StreetC 
3121-3131 E. Monument StreetC 
3100-3118 E. McElderry StreetC 
3120-3138 E. McElderry StreetC 
601-625 N. Ellwood StreetC 
601-639 N. Robinson StreetC 
600-626 N. Robinson StreetC 
600-612 N. East AvenueC 
601-621 N. East AvenueC 
601-625 N. Bouldin StreetC 
600-624 N. Bouldin StreetC 
600-622 N. Clinton StreetC 
601-623 N. Clinton StreetC 
600-632 N. Highland AvenueC 
634 N. Highland AvenueCBaltimore Fire Department's #51 Firehouse
503-515 N. Washington StreetC 
517 N. Washington StreetC 
519-543 N. Washington StreetC 
2002 Jefferson StreetC 
2004-2014 Jefferson StreetC 
2018-2026 Jefferson StreetC 
514-530 N. Chester StreetC 
536 N. Chester StreetC 
2019-2029 McElderry StreetC 
503-533 N. Castle StreetC 
502-508 N. Castle StreetC 
522-536 N. Castle StreetC 
501-505 N. Chester StreetCHopkins Women's Health Care Center
511-535 N. Chester StreetC 
506-522 N. Duncan StreetCB-4792 -- Alley Houses
2102-2108 Jefferson StreetC 
2110-2126 Jefferson StreetC 
500-518 N. Collington AvenueC 
520-530 N. Collington AvenueC 
2109-2115 McElderry StreetC 
503-521 N. Collington AvenueC 
502-532 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
2200-2222 Jefferson StreetC 
2201-2211 McElderry StreetC 
2229-2241 McElderry StreetC 
2245-2251 McElderry StreetC 
2315-2319 McElderry StreetC 
2321-2327 McElderry StreetC 
2309-2313 McElderry StreetC 
2329-2343 McElderry StreetC 
501-523 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
2302-2310 Jefferson StreetC 
2312-2332 Jefferson StreetC 
500-508 N. Montford AvenueC 
501-503 N. Bradford StreetC 
505-509 N. Bradford StreetCB-4842 -- Alley Houses
2426-2434 Jefferson StreetC 
500-540 N. Milton AvenueC 
2401-2421 McElderry StreetC 
2427-2435 McElderry StreetC 
2400-2424 Jefferson StreetC 
501-523 N. Port StreetCB-4856 -- Alley Houses
500-518 N. Port StreetCB-4857 -- Alley Houses
520 N. Port StreetC 
507-541 N. Milton AvenueC 
2501-2509 E. McElderry StreetC 
2500-2508 Jefferson StreetC 
500-522 N. Rose StreetC 
501-535 N. Rose StreetC 
2510-2518 Jefferson StreetC 
500-542 N. Luzerne StreetC 
501-543 N. Luzerne StreetC 
2600-2608 Jefferson StreetC 
2610-2618 Jefferson StreetC 
501-535 N. Glover StreetC 
500-524 N. Glover StreetC 
500-540 N. LakewoodC 
501-543 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
2700-2708 Jefferson StreetC 
501-535 N. Belnord StreetC 
500-534 N. Belnord StreetC 
2710-2728 Jefferson StreetC 
500-530 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
501-543 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
2800-2808 Jefferson StreetC 
2810-2818 Jefferson StreetC 
501-535 N. Streeper StreetC 
500-534 N. Streeper StreetC 
500-540 N. Linwood StreetC 
2901-2919 E. McElderry StreetC 
2921-2939 E. McElderry StreetC 
501-515 N. Linwood StreetC 
501-535 N. Curley StreetC 
500-534 N. Curley StreetC 
514-532 N. Potomac StreetC 
3001-3019 E. McElderry StreetC 
3021-3039 E. McElderry StreetC 
513-535 N. Potomac StreetC 
502-530 N. Ellwood StreetC 
501-535 N. Decker StreetC 
500-534 N. Decker StreetC 
501-531 N. Ellwood StreetC 
3101-3117 E. McElderry StreetC 
3121-3129 E. McElderry StreetC 
501-535 N. Robinson StreetC 
500-534 N. Robinson StreetC 
500-526 N. East AvenueC 
501-527 N. East AvenueC 
501-529 N. Bouldin StreetC 
500-528 N. Bouldin StreetC 
500-528 N. Clinton StreetC 
3213-3221 McElderry StreetC 
3313-3321 McElderry StreetC 
501-529 N. Clinton StreetC 
500-538 N. Highland AvenueC 
501-539 N. Highland AvenueC 
3323-3331 McElderry StreetC 
403-413 N. Washington StreetC 
429-437 N. Washington StreetC 
2010-2024 Orleans StreetC 
2036-2050 Orleans StreetC 
2038-2048 Orleans StreetC 
400-408 N. Chester StreetC 
410 N. Chester StreetC 
412-418 N. Chester StreetC 
420-422 N. Chester StreetC 
2001-2009 Jefferson StreetC 
2011 Jefferson StreetC 
2015-2025 Jefferson StreetC 
2027 Jefferson StreetC 
2031-2039 Jefferson StreetC 
403-409 N. Castle StreetC 
411-429 N. Castle StreetC 
416-420 N. Castle StreetC 
422 N. Castle StreetC 
424 N. Castle StreetC 
401-409 N. Chester StreetC 
411 N. Chester StreetC 
413-425 N. Chester StreetC 
2101-2113 Jefferson StreetC 
424-426 N. Duncan StreetC 
2121-2139 Jefferson StreetC 
412-426 N. Collington AvenueC 
428 N. Collington AvenueC 
402-410 N. Collington AvenueC 
2100-2116 Orleans StreetC 
2118-2134 Orleans StreetC 
400-452 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
2200-2220 Orleans StreetC 
2224-2236 Orleans StreetC 
401-421 N. Collington AvenueC 
400-422 N. Madeira StreetC 
2201-2223 Jefferson StreetC 
2225-2237 Jefferson StreetC 
401-427 N. Bradford StreetC 
400-424 N. Montford AvenueC 
2311-2331 Jefferson StreetC 
403-443 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
400-426 N. Bradford StreetCB-4844 -- Alley Houses
2401-2423 Jefferson StreetC 
401-441 N. Montford AvenueC 
2400-2408 Orleans StreetC 
2412-2420 Orleans StreetC 
400-434 N. Milton AvenueC 
401-425 N. Port StreetCB-4858 -- Alley Houses
400-428 N. Port StreetCB-4859 -- Alley Houses
2427-2447 Jefferson StreetC 
401-431 N. Milton AvenueC 
400-422 N. Rose StreetC 
433-451 N. Milton AvenueC 
2501-2509 Jefferson StreetC 
2511-2517 Jefferson StreetC 
414-448 N. Luzerne StreetC 
2524-2532 Orleans StreetC 
424-440 N. Rose StreetC 
401-429 N. Rose StreetC 
401-423 N. Luzerne StreetC 
2600-2608 Orleans StreetC 
2610-2618 Orleans StreetC 
401-439 N. Glover StreetC 
400-426 N. Glover StreetC 
425-447 N. Luzerne StreetC 
2601-2609 Jefferson StreetC 
400-446 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
401-447 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
2701-2707 Jefferson StreetC 
2709 Jefferson StreetCNew Millenium Outreach Ministry
2711-2729 Jefferson StreetC 
2700-2708 Orleans StreetC 
2710-2718 Orleans StreetC 
401-427 N. Belnord StreetC 
400-426 N. Belnord StreetC 
400-436 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
401-447 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
400-446 N. Linwood StreetC 
2801-2809 Jefferson StreetC 
2811-2819 Jefferson StreetC 
2800-2808 Orleans StreetC 
2810-2818 Orleans StreetC 
401-427 N. Streeper StreetC 
400-426 N. Streeper StreetC 
401-447 N. Linwood AvenueC 
2900-2908 Orleans StreetC 
401-453 Curley StreetC 
400-426 N. Curley StreetC 
2901-2909 Jefferson StreetC 
307-327 N. Ellwood StreetC 
401-451 N. Ellwood StreetC 
305-325 N. Robinson StreetC 
401-455 N. Robinson StreetC 
304-324 N. Robinson StreetC 
400-454 N. Robinson StreetC 
400-434 N. East AvenueC 
401-441 N. East AvenueC 
401-455 N. Bouldin StreetC 
400-446 N. Bouldin StreetC 
400-452 N. Clinton StreetC 
401-451 N. Clinton StreetC 
414-450 N. Highland AvenueC 
2027-2043 Orleans StreetC 
203-207 N. Castle StreetC 
209-225 N. Castle StreetC 
227 N. Castle StreetC 
229-231 N. Castle StreetC 
202-204 N. Chester StreetC 
206-208 N. Chester StreetC 
210-222 N. Chester StreetC 
224-228 N. Chester StreetC 
230-238 N. Chester StreetC 
201-213 N. Chester StreetC 
2101-2109 Orleans StreetC 
229-231 N. Chester StreetC 
206 N. Duncan Street (206-218 N. Duncan Street)CB-4794 -- Alley Houses
208 N. Duncan StreetC 
210-218 N. Duncan Street (206-218 N. Duncan Street)CB-4794 -- Alley Houses
2111-2123 Orleans StreetC 
2125 Orleans StreetC 
216-228 N. Collington AvenueC 
East side of N. Washington StreetCFormer Chester Street M.E. Church
2100-2114 E. Fayette StreetC 
2116 E. Fayette StreetC 
2118 E. Fayette StreetC 
2120-2128 E. Fayette StreetC 
2130 E. Fayette StreetC 
206-214 N. Collington AvenueC 
205-231 N. Duncan StreetCB-4793 -- Alley Houses
205-211 N. Collington AvenueC 
213-225 N. Collington AvenueC 
204-230 N. Madeira StreetCB-4814 -- Alley Houses
227-229 N. Collington AvenueC 
2201-2203 Orleans StreetC 
2205-2221 Orleans StreetC 
2223-2233 Orleans StreetC 
216-244 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
211-229 N. Madeira StreetCB-4813 -- Alley Houses
214 1/2 N. Patterson Park AvenueCFire Engine House
200-214 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
2200 E. Fayette StreetC 
2202 E. Fayette StreetC 
2204-2216 E. Fayette StreetC 
2300-2322 E. Fayette StreetC 
2324-2346 E. Fayette StreetC 
2240-2246 E. Fayette StreetC 
200-228 N. Montford AvenueC 
201-209 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
219-235 N. Patterson Park AvenueC 
215-227 N. Montford AvenueC 
200-236 N. Port StreetC 
2401-2409 Orleans StreetC 
2411-2419 Orleans StreetC 
2422-2442 E. Fayette StreetC 
200-242 N. Milton AvenueC 
201-235 N. Port StreetC 
201-241 N. Milton AvenueC 
2500-2520 E. Fayette StreetC 
2522-2540 E. Fayette StreetC 
200-244 N. Rose StreetC 
201-235 N. Rose StreetC 
200-240 N. Luzerne StreetC 
2511-2519 Orleans StreetC 
201-251 N. Luzerne StreetC 
2600-2608 E. Fayette StreetC 
2601-2609 Orleans StreetC 
200-228 N. Glover StreetC 
221-241 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
201-219 N. Lakewood AvenueC 
200-234 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
226-234 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
2601-2607 Orleans StreetC 
2609-2615 Orleans StreetC 
201-219 N. Belnord StreetC 
200-220 N. Belnord StreetC 
201-235 N. Kenwood AvenueC 
200-230 N. Linwood StreetC 
2801-2809 Orleans StreetC 
2811-2819 Orleans StreetC 
2800-2806 E. Fayette StreetC 
2808-2814 E. Fayette StreetC 
201-211 Streeper StreetC 
200-212 N. Streeper StreetC 
201-229 N. Linwood StreetC 
2901-2909 Orleans StreetC 
2900-2908 E. Fayette StreetC 
200-204 N. Curley StreetC 
200-210 N. Ellwood StreetC 
2101 E. Monument StreetNCNortheast Market
813 N. Castle StreetNCNortheastern Supply Company
North side of E. Monument Street and E. Washington StreetNCParking Garage
West side of Chester Street and north of E. Monument StreetNCParking Garage
North side of Monument Street and west of Patterson AvenueNCStop-Zone Store and Foot Locker
Northwest corner of Monument Street and Patterson Park AvenueNCMurry's Store
Southeast corner of E. Monument Street and N. Washington StreetNCBurger King
South side of E. Monument Street and east of Collington AvenueNCAlpha Gold Pawn Shop
South side of E. Monument Street and west of Patterson ParkNCRainbow Clothing Store
North side of McElderry Street and east of Patterson Park (northeastern corner of McElderry Street and N. Bradford Street)NCAmerican Legion Building (Post No. 285)
North side of McElderry Street and east of Bradford StreetNCTench Tilghman Elementary School
South side of Monument Street and west of Rose StreetNCMeat and Grocery Supermarket
2701-2703 E. Monument StreetNCBank
West side of N. East AvenueNCGarage
535 N. Chester StreetNCShining Star Baptist Church
2213 McElderry StreetNC 
2243 McElderry StreetNCStorefront Church
2305 McElderry StreetNCFormer Mt. Tablor M.E. Church (New Pilgrim Christian Baptist Church)
West side of N. Bradford StreetNC 
Northeast corner of N. Washington Street and Orleans StreetNCDino's Restaurant
Southeast corner of N. Washington Street and Jefferson StreetNCCitgo Station
E. Fayette StreetNC 
Northeast corner of E. Fayette Street and N. Washington StreetNCSenior High-Rise Apartment Building
Southeast corner of Orleans Street and N. Washington StreetNCCitgo Station
North side of E. Fayette Street and E. Madeira StreetNC 
Southeast corner of Orleans Street and Patterson Park AvenueNCPizza Boli's Restaurant
West side of Montford Avenue and noth of E. Fayette StreetNCTire and Auto Shop
South side of Orleans StreetNCJiffy-Lube Store
Southwest corner of Orleans Street and Montford AvenueNC 
Southeast corner of Orleans Street and Montford AvenueNCCrab House
Northeast corner of Fayette Street and Milton Avenue (400 N. Luzerne Avenue)NCEzekiel Baptist Church
200 N. Lakewood Avenue (easern half of block)NCWilliam Paca Elementary School
North side of E. Fayette StreetNC 
Northwest corner of Pulaski Highway and Highland AvenueNCAuto Shop
502-512 N. Chester StreetNC 
2345 McElderry Street  
233 N. Chester Street  
525-527 N. Patterson Park Avenue  
601 N. Castle Street  
610 N. Chester Street  
612 N. Chester Street  
614 N. Chester Street  
616 N. Chester Street  
628 N. Chester Street  
630 N. Chester Street  
632 N. Chester Street  
503-525 N. Madeira Street B-4811 -- Alley Houses
500-510 N. Madeira Street B-4812 -- Alley Houses
2207-2209 Mullikin Street B-4815 -- Alley Houses
401-425 N. Bradford Street B-4843 -- Alley Houses
612-626 N. Port Street B-4854 -- Alley Houses
600-606 N. Port Street B-4855 -- Alley Houses


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