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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: MHT Files, n.d.
Rockville Park Historic District
Inventory No.: M: 26-13
Date Listed: 12/30/2011
Location: Rockville, Montgomery County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1884-1960
Resources: 72 (61 contributing, 11 non-contributing)
Description: Rockville Park retains the essential physical features that characterized the platting of this residential subdivision in 1884, including streets and alleys associated with the original design. Surrounded by post-WWII turnkey subdivisions, Rockville Park's setting is notable for its open landscape, angled streets, and range of spatial associations that arose from its slow development over time. Lining the streets of the neighborhood are houses in a variety of forms and architectural styles, including Victorian-era residences, American Foursquares, bungalows, and Minimal Traditional houses from the 1950s. The district is adjacent to the Rockville station of the B&O Railroad Metropolitan Branch, the primary impetus for the subdivision's development. The northern boundary of Rockville Park, Baltimore Road, is one of Montgomery County's historic roads; the western boundary is the railroad line. Significance: The Rockville Park Historic District is historically significant for its association with the suburbanization of Rockville precipitated by the extension of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's Metropolitan Branch in Montgomery County in 1873. The district derives additional significance for its association with the trend toward greater middle class homeownership in the late 19th century. Rockville Park is also significant for its association with three individuals--William Reading, Washington Danenhower, and Joseph Reading early--developers of the subdivision whose business models differed in style and substance. Finally, Rockville Park is architecturally significant as a distinctive neighborhood whose development over time resulted in dwellings of diverse architectural styles representative of their eras. The earliest development began with Reading's "Readington" in 1884. The subdivision was replatted by Danenhower in 1890.

District Resources (72) (61 contributing, 11 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
212 Reading RoadCM: 26-13-4 -- Rockville Park Cottage
701 Grandin AvenueCM: 26-13-13 -- The Hipsley-Thompson House
709 Grandin AvenueCM: 26-13-14 -- Corrick-Robertson House
300 Reading AvenueCM: 26-13-15 -- Carey and Hattie Kingdon House
315 Baltimore RoadCM: 26-13-12 -- Rabbitt/Ray House (Calantonio-Eig House)
207 Baltimore RoadCM: 26-13-1 -- Warfield House
702 Maple AvenueCM: 26-13-18 -- 702 Maple Avenue
419 Reading AvenueCM: 26-13-16 -- Fred and Mary Nellinger House
720 Maple AvenueC 
411 Baltimore RoadC 
401 Baltimore RoadCM: 26-13-2 -- Riggs House
301 Baltimore RoadC 
305 Baltimore RoadC 
503 Baltimore RoadCM: 26-48 -- Thompson-Ray House
700 Grandin AvenueC 
713 Maple AvenueC 
307 Baltimore RoadCM: 26-13-7 -- Welliver-Hickerson House
403 Baltimore RoadC 
405 Baltimore RoadC 
501 Baltimore RoadC 
703 Maple AvenueC 
719 Maple AvenueC 
717 Maple AvenueC 
724 Grandin AvenueC 
722 Grandin AvenueC 
712 Maple AvenueC 
410 Reading AvenueC 
420 Reading AvenueC 
715 Grandin AvenueC 
726 Grandin AvenueC 
728 Grandin AvenueC 
205 Reading AvenueC 
505 Baltimore RoadC 
406 Reading AvenueC 
707 Maple AvenueC 
310 Reading AvenueC 
400 Reading AvenueC 
304 Reading AvenueC 
408 Reading AvenueC 
306 Reading AvenueC 
305 Reading AvenueC 
713 Grandin AvenueC 
711 Grandin AvenueC 
707 Grandin AvenueC 
407 Baltimore RoadC 
719 Grandin AvenueC 
717 Grandin AvenueC 
404 Reading AvenueC 
732 Grandin AvenueC 
721 Maple AvenueC 
723 Maple AvenueC 
718 Maple AvenueC 
513 Baltimore RoadC 
511 Baltimore RoadC 
413 Reading AvenueC 
205 Baltimore RoadC 
213 Baltimore RoadC 
206 Reading AvenueCM: 26-13-3 -- Kingdon Sisters House
312 Reading AvenueC 
Grandin AvenueCRockville's First Water Tower
Grandin AvenueCRockville's Second Water Tower
729 Grandin AvenueNC 
725 Grandin AvenueNC 
727 Grandin AvenueNC 
723 Grandin AvenueNC 
405 Reading AvenueNC 
426 Reading AvenueNC 
428 Reading AvenueNC 
402 Joseph StreetNC 
409 Baltimore RoadNC 
409-1/2 Baltimore RoadNC 
735 Grandin AvenueNC 


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