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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: MHT Files, n.d.
Old Town College Park Historic District
Inventory No.: PG:66-42
Date Listed: 12/4/2012
Location: College Park, Prince Georges County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1889-1965
Architect/Builder: Architects: Samuel W. Curriden, Henry Wright Cutler, John O. Johnson, Elmore Power, and R. Webster Ross
Resources: 222 (148 contributing, 60 non-contributing)
Description: The Old Town College Park Historic District, developed primarily between 1889 and 1950, is a residential subdivision located in Prince George's County, eight miles northeast of Washington, D.C. The 125-acre suburban neighborhood was designed to attract middle- and upper-middle-income residents. Accordingly, it was strategically located between the Washington and Baltimore Turnpike (U.S. Route 1) and the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad, with the Maryland Agricultural College (now the University of Maryland) to the immediate north. The area developed gradually, with the greatest period of development beginning in the 1920s and subsiding with the end of World War II in 1945. As a result, the architecture reflects the fashionable designs of several periods, beginning with the Queen Anne style of the late Victorian era and moving to the Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, and Craftsman styles of the early- to mid-20th century. The most popular forms are the American Foursquare, Cape Cod, bungalow, and two-story house with side-gabled roof. The strong influences of the Modern Movement are illustrated by the ranch and split-foyer houses. These single-family dwellings stand alongside low-rise garden apartment complexes, multi-family dwellings, and university-affiliated fraternity and sorority houses. As the architectural styles became more vernacular, ornamentation and stylistic expression was exhibited solely through the building materials like rock-faced concrete blocks, formed stone, brick veneers, aluminum siding, vertical-board siding, and asbestos siding. These materials were, for the most part, made popular by wartime shortages and/or production innovations. The residential neighborhood is supported by a Gothic Revival-style church, an altered fire station, and few commercial buildings, most of which have been rehabilitated to serve as housing. The modest wood-frame post office and B&O train station that served the neighborhood when platted in 1889 have since been replaced with a modern brick-veneered post office and Metrorail station. Significance: Old Town College Park, a cohesive residential subdivision that developed in the late 19th century through the mid 20th century, exemplifies the railroad, streetcar, and early automobile suburbs that emerged in the Washington metropolitan area during this time. The neighborhood's evolution illustrates the gradual transformation of Prince George's County from a semi-rural landscape dominated by farms in the late 19th century into a thriving commuter suburb of Washington, D.C., in the 20th century. Platted in 1889 by real estate developers John O. Johnson and Samuel W. Curriden on farmland historically associated with the wealthy and influential Stier and Calvert families, the 125-acre neighborhood of College Park was laid out specifically to attract middle- and upper-middle-income residents, and persons associated with the nearby Maryland Agricultural College (later University of Maryland). The development of the subdivision, inextricably tied to its strategic location between the Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Railroad to the east and the Washington and Baltimore Turnpike to the west, rapidly grew with the introduction of the streetcar line that traversed the neighborhood in the beginning of the 20th century and heightened with the marked expansion of the University of Maryland in the second quarter of the 20th century. As the principal subdivision planned and developed near the college, Old Town College Park exists today as one of the first successful commuter suburbs located along the B&O Railroad and Washington and Baltimore Turnpike in Prince George's County. With the period of greatest residential development beginning in the 1920s and subsiding with the end of World War II, Old Town College Park consists of buildings that reflect the periods in which they were erected, illustrating fashionable styles, forms, and materials. The variety of architectural styles found within the neighborhood included Queen Anne and Colonial Revival, as well as later designs and forms such as the American Foursquare, Cape Cod, and bungalow. To meet the needs of the burgeoning University of Maryland, residential buildings for the school's fraternal organizations and modestly sized apartment complexes were constructed, further uniting the neighborhood and the university. These university-maintained buildings, generally occupying large lots with landscaped yards, illustrate many of the architectural fashions presented by their single-family residential neighbors, but on a much grander and more imposing scale. Today, Old Town College Park presents a well-defined and singular neighborhood characterized by landscaped streets and well-built, freestanding single-family dwellings, garden apartments, and university housing. The primary period of significance for the Old Town College Park is 1889, when Johnson and Curriden platted the neighborhood, to 1950. This captures the development of the suburban neighborhood from its establishment as a railroad suburb to its greatest period of growth as a streetcar and automobile suburb of Washington, D.C. The second period of significance, extending from 1935 to 1965, captures the contribution of the University of Maryland to the neighborhood.

District Resources (222) (148 contributing, 60 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
4701 Calvert RoadC 
4704 Calvert RoadC 
4704 Calvert RoadC 
4707 Calvert RoadCPG:66-42-14 -- Elliott-McCall House
4707 Calvert RoadCPG:66-23 -- Elliott-McCall House
4708 Calvert RoadC 
4800 Calvert RoadC 
4801 Calvert RoadC 
4802 Calvert RoadC 
4602 Calvert RoadC 
4604 Calvert RoadC 
4606 Calvert RoadC 
7301 Hopkins Avenue (Recorded as 4606.5 Calvert Road)C 
4608 Calvert RoadC 
4610 Calvert RoadC 
4805 Calvert RoadC 
4809 Calvert RoadC 
4810 Calvert RoadC 
4811 Calvert RoadC 
4508 College AvenueCPG:66-42-37 -- St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Rectory
4512 College AvenueCPG:66-42-36 -- St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
4517 College AvenueC 
4525 College AvenueC 
4531 College AvenueC 
4535 College AvenueC 
4603 College AvenueC 
4604 College AvenueC 
4605 College AvenueC 
4607 College AvenueC 
4609 College AvenueC 
4610 College AvenueC 
4611 College AvenueC 
4612 College AvenueC 
4613 College AvenueC 
4615 College AvenueC 
4617 College AvenueC 
4618 College AvenueCPG:66-42-31 -- Holbrook House
4619 College AvenueC 
4620 College AvenueC 
4622-4624 College AvenueCPG:66-11 -- Harrison Store and Dwelling (Trolley Stop Shop)
4710 College AvenueCPG:66-8 -- Cory House
4800 College AvenueC 
4801 College AvenueC 
4804 College AvenueC 
7406 Columbia AvenueCPG:66-42-30 -- Taliaferro House
7407 Columbia AvenueC 
7409 Columbia AvenueC 
7410 Columbia AvenueC 
7411 Columbia AvenueC 
7403 Columbia AvenueC 
7300 Dartmouth AvenueC 
7303 Dartmouth AvenueC 
7400 Dartmouth AvenueCPG:66-10 -- McDonnell House
7401 Dartmouth AvenueC 
7405 Dartmouth AvenueC 
7406 Dartmouth AvenueC 
7503 Dartmouth AvenueC 
7505 Dartmouth AvenueC 
7403 Dartmouth AvenueC 
7302 Dickinson AvenueC 
7303 Dickinson AvenueC 
7305 Dickinson AvenueC 
7307 Dickinson AvenueC 
7309 Dickinson AvenueC 
7310 Dickinson AvenueC 
7402 Dickinson AvenueC 
7405 Dickinson AvenueC 
7406 Dickinson AvenueC 
7407 Dickinson AvenueC 
7409 Dickinson AvenueC 
7504 Dickinson AvenueC 
7506 Dickinson AvenueC 
7508 Dickinson AvenueC 
7507 Girard StreetC 
7518 Girard StreetC 
4504 Hartwick RoadC 
4506 Hartwick RoadC 
4508 Hartwick RoadC 
4510 Hartwick RoadC 
4512 Hartwick RoadC 
4600 Hartwick RoadC 
4602 Hartwick RoadC 
4606 Hartwick RoadC 
4608 Hartwick RoadC 
4610 Hartwick RoadC 
7304 Hopkins AvenueC 
7305 Hopkins AvenueC 
7306 Hopkins AvenueC 
7307 Hopkins AvenueC 
7308 Hopkins AvenueC 
7309 Hopkins AvenueC 
7310 Hopkins AvenueC 
7400 Hopkins AvenueC 
7403 Hopkins AvenueC 
7404 Hopkins AvenueC 
7504 Hopkins AvenueC 
7505 Hopkins AvenueC 
7506 Hopkins AvenueC 
7507 Hopkins AvenueC 
7511 Girard StreetC 
4514 Knox RoadC 
4516 Knox RoadC 
4517 Knox RoadC 
4518 Knox RoadC 
4601 Knox RoadC 
4603 Knox RoadC 
4607 Knox RoadC 
4608 Knox RoadC 
4609 Knox RoadC 
4610 Knox RoadC 
4611 Knox RoadC 
4613 Knox RoadC 
4615 Knox RoadC 
4620-4622 Knox RoadC 
4624-4626 Knox RoadC 
4711 Knox RoadCPG:66-9 -- Woman's Club of College Park (St. Andrews Parish Hall)
4617 Norwich RoadC 
4600 Norwich RoadCPG:66-42-159 -- Sigma Chi House
4710 Norwich RoadC 
4704 Norwich RoadC 
4706 Norwich RoadC 
7201 Princeton AvenueC 
7304 Princeton AvenueC 
7305 Princeton AvenueC 
4708 Norwich RoadC 
7307 Princeton AvenueC 
7401 Princeton AvenueC 
7402 Princeton AvenueC 
7407 Princeton AvenueC 
7503 Princeton AvenueC 
7504 Princeton AvenueC 
7302 Rhode Island AvenueC 
7304 Rhode Island AvenueC 
7306 Rhode Island AvenueC 
7308 Rhode Island AvenueC 
7400 Rhode Island AvenueC 
7404 Rhode Island AvenueC 
7501 Rhode Island AvenueC 
7509 Princeton AvenueC 
7510 Princeton AvenueC 
7511 Princeton AvenueC 
7512 Princeton AvenueC 
7506 Rhode Island AvenueC 
7512 Rhode Island AvenueC 
7301 Yale AvenueC 
7303 Yale AvenueC 
7305 Yale AvenueC 
7505 Yale AvenueC 
7508 Rhode Island AvenueNC 
7509 Rhode Island AvenueNC 
7510 Rhode Island AvenueNC 
Randolph Macon AvenueNC 
7505 Rhode Island AvenueNC 
7507 Princeton AvenueNC 
4709 Norwich RoadNC 
7306 Princeton AvenueNC 
4707 Norwich RoadNC 
4705 Norwich RoadNC 
4711 Norwich RoadNC 
4715 Norwich RoadNC 
4803 Norwich RoadNC 
4805 Norwich RoadNC 
4807 Norwich RoadNC 
4808 Norwich RoadNC 
4811 Norwich RoadNC 
4615 Norwich RoadNC 
4703 Norwich RoadNC 
4619 Norwich RoadNC 
4701 Norwich RoadNC 
4500 Lehigh RoadNC 
4604 Knox RoadNC 
7512 Girard StreetNC 
7513 Girard StreetNC 
7509 Hopkins AvenueNC 
7510 Hopkins AvenueNC 
7508 Girard StreetNC 
7509 Girard StreetNC 
7510 Girard StreetNC 
7509 Dickinson AvenueNC 
7511 Dickinson AvenueNC 
7404 Dickinson AvenueNC 
7304 Dickinson AvenueNC 
7404 Dartmouth AvenueNC 
7507 Dartmouth AvenueNC 
7508 Dartmouth AvenueNC 
7402 Dartmouth AvenueNC 
7404 Columbia AvenueNC 
7413 Columbia AvenueNC 
7508 Columbia AvenueNC 
4806 College AvenueNC 
4812A College AvenueNC 
4812B College AvenueNC 
7310 Columbia AvenueNC 
7400 Columbia AvenueNC 
7402 Columbia AvenueNC 
4701 College AvenueNC 
4702 College AvenueNC 
4703 College AvenueNC 
4705 College AvenueNC 
4706 College AvenueNC 
4707 College AvenueNC 
4709 College AvenueNC 
4813 Calvert RoadNCPG:66-42-25 -- College Park Volunteer Fire Department Building
4813 Calvert RoadNCPG:66-33 -- College Park Volunteer Fire Department Building
4815 Calvert RoadNC 
4612 Calvert RoadNC 
4803 Calvert RoadNC 
4804 Calvert RoadNC 
4616 College AvenueC/NC 
4805 College AvenueC/NC 
7510 Columbia AvenueC/NC 
7405 Columbia AvenueC/NCPG:66-42-67 -- Columbia Apartment Building
7405 Columbia AvenueC/NCPG:66-26 -- Columbia Apartment Building
7505 Dickinson AvenueC/NC 
4604 Hartwick RoadC/NC 
7514 Girard StreetC/NC 
7516 Girard StreetC/NC 
4702 Norwich RoadC/NC 
4607 Norwich RoadC/NC 
7309 Princeton AvenueC/NC 
7508 Princeton AvenueC/NC 
4611 Norwich Road  


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