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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Jennifer K. Cosham, 04/25/2006
Uniontown Academy
Inventory No.: CARR-26
Date Listed: 8/14/1973
Location: Uniontown Road , Uniontown, Carroll County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1851
Description: The Uniontown Academy is a one-story building of brick with a stone foundation constructed in 1851 and is said to be a replica of the earlier, 1810 structure. The structure is three bays wide and three bays long, with a gable roof. The side bays are delineated with brick pilasters. The front of the building has a center door set in a simple wood door frame with a transom window. There is a window on each side of the front door rather large in scale, having 9/6 panes set in double-hung sashes with thin muntin. The window sills are unusually low to the ground. The windows in the side bays match those of the front. Set in the gable over the door is a tripartite stepped window, the center sash having four panes and each side light having only one pane. The white wood lintels over all windows and the front door are distinctive features in the red-brick building and are in the modified Greek Revival style with rosette medallions at either end of the lintel. The most distinctive feature of the structure is the "false" front effect of the front gable end with its corbeled or stepped setbacks derived from a traditional Dutch style often seen in the false store fronts of western towns. This stepped gable is further delineated by segments of white painted wood moldings along the top edges of the steps, capped with tin. There is a hitching rail of considerable antiquity remaining across the front yard of the school, effectively separating the shaded school yard from the village street. The interior is finished with plaster with horsehair filling, and has old, white pine flooring. Significance: The Uniontown Academy is significant for its role in education and as a good example of early 19th century school architecture.


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