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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: MHT File Photo, Undated Photo
Mary's Mount
Inventory No.: AA-153
Date Listed: 5/15/1969
Location: Harwood Drive , Harwood, Anne Arundel County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1771, early 19th century
Description: Originally a 1 1/2-story, gambrel-roofed house, Mary's Mount has retained its gambrel roof and underslopes internally, although a false front has now raised the structure to two full stories on the exterior. The house has been enlarged by the addition of two northern additions, each section of which is lower than its neighbor to the south, creating a "telescope" effect. The house has brick gable ends of English bond while the facade walls are clapboard. At the south gable end are two massive exterior chimneys and a chimney pent. Two smooth haunches are to the east and west and a narrow haunch cuts, to the north, into the roof line. The placement of the stacks is not of equal distance from the ridgepole. The brick chimney pent has one small window to the east, and the gable end window is set between the chimneys at attic level. The west side of the south section has a single interior chimney. An interior chimney rises from the east roof slope of the north end of the 1 1/2-story section, and the one-story northern section has a single exterior chimney on its gable end. The main block has two 6/6 sash windows and a door with a transom on the east side, the former front facade, and two on the second floor. The first floor of this facade is covered by a one-story screened porch. The west facade holds a door with a transom in the north bay, and 6/6 sash windows in the south bay and the two openings above. The center section is two bays wide, with 6/6 sash windows on both the first floor and in the two gable-roofed dormers on either side. The northern section contains small 2/2 sash windows and is also two bays long. The main house contains four rooms; in the north end is a stair hall with an original staircase and handrail, closed stringers, and balusters of solid walnut. Most of the trim, except for the stair and doors, was replaced early in the 19th century. Significance: The tract called Mary's Mount was patented by Thomas Miles, and was granted at the time of the restoration of the government of Maryland to Lord Baltimore's officials, about 1660. Although patented by Miles, the property was later acquired by the Larkin family of nearby Larkin's Hill Farm and Larkin's Hundred and by the Harwood family. The earliest portion of Mary's Mount was built in 1771 for Col. Richard Harwood. The Bird family was to take possession of this property from 1820 to 1965. Jacob Wheeler Bird enlarged the house to its present two-story height in the early 19th century.


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