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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Wayne Clark, 08/1974
Shawnee Old Fields Village Archeological Site
Inventory No.: AL-II-B-010
Other Name(s): (South Branch) King Oppessa's Town, Indian Flats
Date Listed: 5/12/1975
Location: Uhl Highway (MD 51), , Oldtown, , Allegany County
Category: Site
Period/Date of Construction: Late Woodland/Contact Periods
The nomination is marked Not for Public Access. Qualified Medusa accountholders should please contact the MHT Librarian for a copy.
Description: This large village site, long collected by local artifact hunters, was investigated in 1974, revealing Late Woodland and Contact period artifacts. An area between the site itself and the river’s edge may be the location of a number of short-term camps, dispersed horticulturalist dwelling units, or both. Significance: The village is believed to have been the home of King Opessa, a Shawnee leader who accepted and protected runaway slaves and convicts. The site represents the first confirmed archeological manifestation of the several historically documented Shawnee villages in Maryland.


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