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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: MHT File Photo, 06/1971
Martins Pond Archaeological Site
Inventory No.: AA-725
Date Listed: 6/5/1975
Location: Severn Forest Drive , , Annapolis, , Anne Arundel County
Category: Site
Period/Date of Construction: Middle-Late Woodland period
The nomination is marked Not for Public Access. Qualified Medusa accountholders should please contact the MHT Librarian for a copy.
Description: This Middle-Late Woodland period site is a highly stratified habitation site. Lithic, floral, and faunal remains indicate a small, seasonal marine-oriented community settlement. Test excavations conducted in 1973 by Henry Wright revealed shell and charcoal lenses extending 80 feet along a slope and 30 feet from the edge of a terrace. The six feet of cultural and sterile deposits containing 25 distinct levels were the primary basis for Wright’s sequence of phases for the Middle Chesapeake region (Wright 1973). Significance: While of primarily chronological significance, the site’s complex stratigraphy and limited size present an excellent opportunity to study gradual changes in the composition of a small, seasonal, marine-oriented community settlement. The site is potentially valuable for understanding changes within as well as between components of the Popes Creek, Mockley, and Sullivan Cove phases.


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