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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: MHT File Photo, Undated Photo
16 Altamont Terrace
Inventory No.: AL-IV-A-003
Date Listed: 7/7/1975
Location: 16 Altamont Terrace , Cumberland, Allegany County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: c. 1851
Description: The house at 16 Altamont Terrace is a 2 1/2-story 5-bay brick building with a cut stone foundation. A brick cornice wraps around the entire structure. Brick projections protrude at the four corners forming capitals, although there is no evidence that there ever were pilasters below them. A one-story one-bay Ionic portico covers the doorway in the central bay. The structure has a low-pitched gable roof running north/south, and the gable end walls extend above the roofline running parallel to the slopes of the roof. Originally, the end walls extended up higher and were squarish in form and contained the chimneys. There is one chimney on the north side and none on the south. The structure is rectangular in shape with two small extensions and a porch and a balcony of recent vintage, all on the rear elevations. The exterior surface is covered with several coats of paint, obscuring the bond of the brick. It appears that the principal facade is of all stretcher bond and the north and south sides of common bond. The doorway has rectangular sidelights and transom, and double wooden doors, each with a large light in the upper half. Cast iron balconies, each two bays wide, flank the portico. The fenestration of the second story mirrors that of the first, with two small windows located above the central portico. Significance: The interior of this house was converted to apartments c. 1905. Constructed c. 1851, it is an example of the regional interpretation of Greek Revival, and served as the county's only hospital from 1889-1890.


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