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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Anthony O. James, 07/1973
Clark's Conveniency
Inventory No.: K-92
Date Listed: 9/9/1975
Location: Quaker Neck Road (MD 289) , Johnsontown, Kent County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: early 18th century
Description: Clark's Conveniency is a 1 1/2 story, early 18th century brick house built in three sections: the main block and a wing on the east and west ends. Facing south, the center section is three bays wide with the entrance in the center bay. The six-panel door, a reproduction of the original, has a plain wood frame and four-light transom which is pegged. Above the transom is a wood lintel and key. The brick steps to the entrance have beveled edges. On each side of the door is a 9/9 light window, also with its original pegged frame. A lintel and key identical to that above the door surmounts each window. The brick, painted white, is laid in Flemish bond. The house has a molded brick water table and a simple box cornice. On the gable roof, covered with wood shingles, are three gable-roofed dormers, one above each opening. At each end is a large, interior end chimney of brick with pilasters. The window and door arrangement on the north side of the main block is identical to that on the south. Below the two windows are small rectangular cellar windows above which are brick segmental arches. The molded brick water table rises above these windows. A screened porch extends across the north side. There is a shed-roofed dormer with 4/4 sash above each first story window. The west wing, probably added later to the main house, is two bays wide. It has a door in the east bay with a recessed, three-light transom that may originally have been a window later converted to a door. A 9/6 light window with its original pegged frame is in the west bay. Between the door and window, an opening that may have been the original door has been bricked in. There are two shed-roofed dormer windows with 2/2 lights, one above each opening. The west end is one room deep and has a large, pilastered, inside end chimney rising through the ridge. Near the south corner is a batten door retaining its original strap hinges and pegged frame. On the north side of the west wing is a center door constructed of beaded vertical boards. Flanking it are 9/6 light windows with original frames. Above the windows are shed dormers with 6/6 sash which were added in about 1958 to provide cross-ventilation to the upper floor. The east wing was also added around 1958 and blends very well with the older sections. It is also brick laid in Flemish bond and painted white. The south facade is two bays wide with a 9/6 sash window in each above which are shed-roofed dormers with 6/6 sash. The eye windows in the east end of the wing are those that were originally in the east end of the main section. Significance: Clark's Conveniency in Quaker Neck, Kent County, is representative of the houses built by the smaller but still prosperous planters of 18th century tidewater Maryland. Seeming small by today's standards, its two-room, 1 1/2-story main block with a kitchen wing including a hall, was actually a good-sized house, as the majority of planters' houses in the first three decades of the 18th century were one-room, 1 1/2-story structures. The house is a well-preserved one retaining much of its original woodwork and hardware. The 20th century changes that have been made are in keeping with the period of the house and the work done was carefully copied from original examples extant in the structure. The sloping set-backs of the chimneys on the main block are seen in several other buildings in Quaker Neck, specifically "The Reward."


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