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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Michael O. Bourne, 08/1999
The Neck Meetinghouse and Yard
Inventory No.: CAR-36
Other Name(s): Quaker Meeting House
Date Listed: 10/22/1976
Location: Hillsboro Denton Road (MD 404) , Denton, Caroline County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1802
Description: The Neck Quaker Meeting House is a one-story rectangular frame building with a pitched gable roof oriented on an east-west axis. The building measures 30'-8 1/2" long and 20'-5" deep. It rests on a continuous brick foundation and is covered with plain weatherboard siding and a wood shingle roof. There is only one door in the south facade: a low, wide door measuring 5'-1" high and 3'-5" wide. This door is offset to the left of center and is flanked by single 6/6 windows on either side. The batten door is not original, but appears to be a later 19th century replacement. In the graveyard there are six marked burials visible with stones dating from the 1850s to 1890. Two plain granite stones with no markings identifies another burial, presumably dating to the same period. More recently, interments were made in 1969 and 1979. It is assumed that other burial sites are present but are no longer marked. A cast iron pump is located about 10 yards to the southeast of the meeting house. Significance: The Neck Meeting House is the only extant Quaker Meeting House in Caroline County, and one of only a few still standing on the Eastern Shore. In 1801, Quakers living near Denton asked Third Haven Meeting for permission to build a meeting house. The request was granted and plans were proposed. On September 26, 1802, the first meeting was held in the building, constructed on land deeded to the Trustees of the Meeting by William Wilson. It was later used as a school around 1856. Neck Meeting was abandoned in 1890 for lack of funds and participants. Between that time and 1949, it was owned and maintained by interested families with Neck Meeting associations.


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