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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Joe Getty, 03/1989
Inventory No.: CARR-264
Date Listed: 9/16/1977
Location: 30 Mill Avenue , Taneytown, Carroll County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1844
Description: Built in 1844, Antrim displays the influence of the Greek Revival style of architecture. Square shaped with a rear wing, the plan is based on a central hall, curved at one end, with a double parlor to one side. Two and one-half stories high, it has a three bay wide front facing north, and is five bays deep on the east side and four bays on the west side. The house is of brick masonry on an unexposed stone foundation. The main façade is laid in stretcher bond, the west façade is Flemish bond, and the east façade is American common bond. The roof is low hipped with four central chimneys symmetrically placed around a widow's walk. The main façade has a full length porch across the first floor with four pairs of symmetrically placed pillars across the front and pilaster strips at the ends in the rear. The porch roof contains a balustrade for a second-floor deck above. Tall 6/9 double-hung sash windows with 5-pane sidelights and stone sills at floor level are in the two outer bays of the first floor and in all three bays on the second floor. These windows are trimmed with a wood bracket cornice. The main entrance in the central bay of the first floor contains single paneled double doors with a four-paned transom, sidelights, and a flat cornice. Above the second floor windows and continuing on all sides of the main section of the house is a double string course of brick. The upper row of the string course is broken by wood sills for the small windows in the half-story. On the main façade these windows consist of four single panes in a row. On the other three façades, the windows are two-paned. Above these windows is a box cornice. A three-bay porch with four pillars stands at the east façade, the porch roof functioning as a balustraded deck. Significance: The Greek Revival style elements in the design of "Antrim" characterize the building as a conspicuous and unique example of domestic architecture in Carroll County, Maryland. Antrim is a statement of the ideals and affluence that existed in sections of the agrarian society during the mid-19th century. This is a period of American history when the farming communities flourished and greatly contributed to the social and economic growth of the country. Antrim, located on the outskirts of Taneytown, is emblematic of this community's position as a rural center of trade and commerce. Its use of the Greek Revival style is indicative of the national desire to create a relationship between the achievements of classic civilizations and the cultural development of the United States.


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