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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Michael O. Bourne, 05/1996
Denton Schoolhouse
Inventory No.: CAR-166
Other Name(s): Woman's Club
Date Listed: 4/19/1978
Location: 104 S. Second Street , Denton, Caroline County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1883
Description: Located at 104 South Second Street in Denton, the Schoolhouse is a small building, domestic in scale, with a Latin cross plan. The longer arms, each three bays, are parallel to second street. The main entrance, which opens from a hall onto the street, is in the northeast arm as is the kitchen; the southwest arm is now a meeting room. A large clubroom extends the entire length of the shorter arms of the cross. Two other entrances are situated in the rear wall of the northeast arm, opening into the kitchen, and the street side of the southwest room, opening into the meeting room. Although the building has been covered with aluminum siding and an asphalt shingle roof, it still retains architectural details of its Gothic Revival style. The pointed arch windows have 4/4 Gothic sash and shutter blinds with louvered sections over raised panel ones. A few of the window sash have been replaced with ordinary 4/4 sash. The exterior doors have four raised panels each bordered by applied mouldings. "Open work," typical of the period, exists in three of the four gable peaks. Affixed to the roof ridge of the longer sections is an octagonal cupola with a belfry of alternating louvered and plain drop-arched panels. At the top of the cupola is an elaborately cut wooden spire. Significance: The Denton Schoolhouse was built during the last quarter of the 19th century on a cruciform plan, and incorporates several features of the Gothic Revival style. This use of a plan and style post often found in church architecture gives this schoolhouse an unusual character. The building has played a number of roles in the life of the community since its erection, and although no longer used as a school, it today continues to serve the needs of the community.


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