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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Paul Baker Touart, 03/1979
Inventory No.: CE-172
Date Listed: 5/9/1979
Location: 594 Little Elk Creek Road , Elkton, Cecil County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1730-1750
Description: Hopewell is a 2 1/2-story, mid-18th century stone structure facing south, with the gable running east/west. The 2 1/2-story main block is five bays across and two rooms deep. The first floor consists of four rooms and a central hall located between the back two rooms. The fieldstone structure rests on an uncoursed stone foundation. The roof is of a medium to steep pitch and covered with corrugated tin. The south facade is five bays across and laid in cut and coursed fieldstone. Large quoins support the structure at each corner. A 20th century porch all but the easternmost bay. Entrances are located in the second and third bays from the west. The early doors have been replaced with late 19th century paneled ones. Transoms were probably set in at the same time as the long paneled reveals. The door and window surrounds are molded. The 6/6 sash windows are undoubtedly replacements for smaller paned sash. The second floor windows are a narrower 6/6. The boxed cornice is a certain replacement since the unused nailers for the earlier cornice were left exposed. The west gable end, as the rest of the house, is laid in uncoursed fieldstone with stone quoins. On each floor are 6/6 sash windows, and a small four-pane window illuminates the attic. The pent eave was removed, but the stone drip course and wooden nailers remain. The eaves of the roof were extended on the gable ends with short returns at the base. The massive stone chimney pile protrudes through the gable end. The stack above the roof has been stuccoed, but a one-course stone cap is still evident. The east gable end is similar in detail, since the 1 1/2-story frame kitchen addition was removed. The southern entrance has been covered over while the northern door was converted into a window. There are no windows on the second floor, but two 6-pane windows light the attic. A drip course is found on this gable also. The chimney pile above the roof has been removed, and a tin stove pipe presently serves as a stack. The only other opening on this side is a cellar entrance on the northern portion of the foundation wall. The north facade has been partially covered with a single-story shed addition that covers the central bay. Windows on the first and second floors are 9/6 sash, except for the central bay on the second floor which is 6/6. A small horizontal three-pane light is located above the central second-floor window and lights the third floor stair landing. Significance: Hopewell is one of the most significant buildings in the Little Elk Creek Valley. It is one of the earliest farmhouses still standing in the broad Elk Creek Valley and remains as an excellent example of the extensive stone building tradition of northeastern Maryland and nearby Pennsylvania and Delaware. Important interior woodwork includes the early stair. The house has an expansive view of the broad valley that has been developed both agriculturally and industrially since its settlement in the early 18th century.


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