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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: MHT File Photo, Undated Photo
Easton Historic District
Inventory No.: T-410
Date Listed: 9/17/1980
Location: Easton, Talbot County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1710-Early 20th century
Resources: 127 (22 contributing, 2 non-contributing)
Description: The Easton Historic District is an urban district that covers most of the core of Easton, a town on the Maryland Eastern Shore that has a population of about 7,000. The district contains approximately 900 buildings and structures arranged along a grid pattern of streets and alleys and is primarily residential with the Central Business District located in the western section near the Talbot County Courthouse on Washington Street. Although the town of Easton was founded in the 18th century, the majority of the buildings in the district, which includes the earliest portion of the town, date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Less than a dozen buildings are documentable to the 18th century, only about 50 to the early 19th, and somewhat less to the mid 1800s, reflecting an economic decline in the history of this period. These buildings are concentrated primarily along Washington, West, Harrison, Goldsborough, Dover, South, and Aurora Street. The highest proportion of the buildings are of frame construction, dating to the mid 19th to early 20th century. Masonry, mainly brick, construction is found primarily in the 18th and early-19th century buildings, public structures such as churches and government buildings, and the buildings in the predominately commercial area, many of which were originally residential and later converted for commercial use or multipurpose originally. The buildings reflect most of the major stylistic influences that characterize American architecture through the 19th century and into the 20th. The earliest definable style is the Federal which is clearly visible along Washington Street and is generally marked by heavy masonry flat arches. What Greek Revival is present tends to be combined with the Italianate that more or less dominates the fabric in the mid to late part of the century. The Queen Anne mode is the predominate mode of the last third of the 1800s. The early decades of the 20th century are characterized by the Colonial or Georgian Revival style (several excellent examples stand along Washington, Harrison, Hanson, and Aurora Streets below Brooklets Avenue) and bungalows scattered throughout the residential areas to the south of Dover Street and the east of Hanson Street. The decorative fabric is further marked by examples of the Gothic Revival (mainly churches), Second Empire, and Shingle styles. Most of the commercial district, principally rows of adjoining brick structures, was built in the 19th century. There are also several rows of early 20th century storefronts. The majority of 19th century commercial buildings are located on Washington Street by the courthouse and on Dover Street in the first block east of Washington. Early 20th century store rows are located on Dover Street between Aurora and Higgins and on Goldsborough in the block east of Washington Street. Significance: The Easton Historic District consists of the core of the town of Easton and is significant for the collection of 18th, 19th, and early-20th century buildings which 1) record the development and status of Easton as the governmental, commercial, and social center of Talbot County; 2) include several excellent and well-preserved examples of the major stylistic influences that characterize American architecture up to the early 20th century; and 3) contribute through their juxtaposition and variety of design and materials to several streetscapes that retain the basic environmental qualities associated with life in small urban centers at the turn of the 20th century.

District Resources (127) (22 contributing, 2 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
1 S. West StreetCT-1156 -- Easton Gas Manufacturing Plant
1 Goldsborough StreetCT-39 -- Old Frame Hotel (Nevius & Frampton Hardware)
200 Goldsborough StreetCT-29 -- Luby House
14 N. Aurora StreetCT-294 -- McDaniel House (Doctors Baines & Dawkins Office)
132 S. Harrison StreetCT-34 -- Chaffinch House
212 Aurora StreetC 
Washington StreetCT-65 -- Talbot County Courthouse
Dover StreetC1930 Colonial Revival Post Office
40 S. Harrison StreetCT-484 -- Easton Armory
South Street & Harrison StreetCT-15 -- Christ Church
12 South StreetCT-16 -- Christ Church Rectory (Christ Church Parish House)
313 Goldsborough StreetCT-239 -- Trinity Cathedral (Episcopal Church)
18 S. Higgins StreetCT-421 -- Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church
Powell's AlleyCT-251 -- Easton Railroad Station (Delaware/Penn-Central Station)
1 S. Washington StreetCT-1 -- Odd Fellows Hall (Miller Lodge, I.O.O.F.)
12 N. Washington StreetCT-404 -- Shannahan & Wrightson Hardware Co.
405 S. Washington StreetCT-46 -- Third Haven Meeting House
Border LaneCT-47 -- Third Haven Meeting House (second)
202 Dover StreetCT-461 -- Wrightson House
416 Goldsborough StreetCT-496 -- Railroad Workers House
40-42 Dover StreetCT-627 -- Avalon Theater
114 S. Harrison StreetCT-494 -- Schlecht House
17 S. Washington StreetNCT-497 -- Old Ebeneezer Methodist Episcopal Church
N. Washington StreetNCGrocery Store
109 S. Washington Street T-10 -- Plate House
18 Talbot Lane T-11 -- Talbot County Women's Club
26 S. Washington Street T-5 -- Judge Tharp House
Federal Street T-548 -- Old Talbot County Jail
30 S. Washington Street T-6 -- Miss Mary Jenkins House (George Rebman Interiors)
32 S. Washington Street T-7 -- Doctor Packard's Office Building
41 Dover Street T-8 -- Grimes Buildings (Lynch Buildings)
105 S. Washington Street T-9 -- Askins House
Washington Street T-934 -- Easton Confederate Monument
213 S. Harrison Street T-944 -- William Mason Shehan House
122 Goldsborough Street T-462 -- North House
Border Lane T-463 -- Sexton's House (Caretaker's Cottage)
208 Goldsborough Street T-465 -- Hammond House
209 Goldsborough Street T-466 -- Wrightson House (Jones House)
128 S. West Street T-467 -- Mrs. Clara Stanley House
15 S. Hanson Street T-468 -- Cast Iron Fence
6 South Street T-471 -- Morris House
108 S. Harrison Street T-472 -- House just south of the Academy of Arts
August Street & Locust Street T-474 -- Streetscape
12 Brookletts Avenue T-495 -- Michael D. McDonald House
16-18 S. Washington Street T-4 -- Wheatley Buildings
110-112 N. Washington Street T-40 -- North Building
113 S. Hanson Street T-400 -- Cockran House (Poney House)
2 N. Washington Street T-401 -- Daylight Building (Young Co-ed Store)
4 N. Washington Street T-402 -- Atkinson's
10 N. Washington Street T-403 -- Rowen's Annex, North Building
16 N. Washington Street T-405 -- Blades & Co. Store
18 N. Washington Street T-406 -- Blades & Co. Store
20 N. Washington Street T-407 -- Chaffinch Building (Maggie's Place, C.G. Clothiers)
32-36 N. Washington Street T-408 -- Easton National Bank of Maryland (Maryland National Bank)
130 N. Washington Street T-41 -- Lednum House
25 S. Washington Street T-411 -- Victorian Store (Talbot County Historical Society)
112 S. Hanson Street T-412 -- Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
518-520 Goldsborough Street T-413 -- Parris House
116 South Street T-414 -- Blake House
118 South Street T-415 -- Victorian Cottage
127 N. Washington Street T-416 -- Higgins House
410 Goldsborough Street T-423 -- Skip Gordon House
408 Goldsborough Street T-424 -- Littleton House
409 Goldsborough Street T-426 -- Shortall House
South Harrison Street & South Lane T-427 -- Marker, City Lot No. 23, 1786 Survey
313 North Street T-428 -- Children's Home of the Eastern Shore (Orphan's Home)
133 West Street T-43 -- Spence House (Plummer House)
105 Goldsborough Street T-433 -- Dodd House
109 Goldsborough Street T-435 -- Wide White Frame House
111 Goldsborough Street T-436 -- Love House
Hanson Street & Mill Place T-438 -- Standpipe
16 Locust Street T-440 -- Small Frame House
107 S. Washington Street T-442 -- Early Brick Townhouse
111 S. Washington Street T-443 -- Scroll Bracket Porch House
18 N. Aurora Street T-444 -- Hardcastle House & Carriage House
Powells Alley T-446 -- 400 Block Alley, & Outbuildings at 412 Goldsborough
216 South Street T-447 -- Bateman House
213-215 Goldsborough Street T-448 -- St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church
212 Brookletts Avenue T-449 -- Horsey House
220 South Street T-45 -- Trippe House (Beale House)
17 N. Aurora Street T-451 -- Fleckenstein House
312 Goldsborough Street T-452 -- Price House
402 Goldsborough Street T-453 -- William Shannahan House (Stephenson House)
13 N. Aurora Street T-454 -- Adkins House
11 South Street T-455 -- Miss Lelah Perry House
23 N. Harrison Street T-456 -- Market Building, site (Masonic Museum)
33-38 Dover Street T-458 -- Townsend Double Commercial Building
506 Goldsborough Street T-459 -- Caldwell Brick Cottage
101 E. Dover Street T-1160 -- Tidewater Inn
107 South Hanson Street T-1162 -- 107 South Hanson Street
114-120 S. Washington Street T-1167 -- McCord Laundry Building
100 W. Dover Street T-12 -- Bullitt House
30-31 E. Dover Street T-13 -- Hill's Drug Store
28 S. Harrison Street T-14 -- Hambleton Apartments
10 South Street T-17 -- Hughlett-Henry House (Bond House)
124-130 S. Washington Street T-18 -- Brick Row
106 South Street T-19 -- Academy of the Arts (Old Primary School)
13 S. Washington Street T-2 -- Easton Emergency Hospital (Tred Avon Building)
120 South Street T-20 -- Pinkney House
107 N. Washington Street T-21 -- Federal Row House
111 N. Washington Street T-22 -- Shearer Jeweler (Goldsborough Law Offices)
113-115 N. Washington Street T-23 -- Harrison's Florist
117-121 N. Washington Street T-24 -- Perrin-Smith House (Chesapeake Bay Yacht Club)
131 N. Washington Street T-25 -- Hollyday House
101-105 N. Washington Street T-26 -- Stewart Building (Old Brick Hotel)
118 N. Harrison Street T-27 -- Clapboard Federal House, site
North Street T-28 -- Cemetery Gate Keeper's House
107 Goldsborough Street T-288 -- Purdy House
117 Goldsborough Street T-289 -- Fountain House
211 Goldsborough Street T-290 -- Robert's House
214 Goldsborough Street T-291 -- Bishop's House
407 Goldsborough Street T-292 -- Little Dwelling & Carriage House
9 N. Aurora Street T-293 -- Cover House
114 N. Washington Street T-295 -- Coates Lodge #2 (Masonic Temple)
18 West Street T-296 -- House behind Historical Society
200 S. Harrison Street T-297 -- Parlett House (Newnam Funeral Home)
7 E. Dover Street T-3 -- Star-Democrat Building
24 N. Aurora Street T-30 -- Foxley Hall
122 N. Washington Street T-303 -- Langsdale House, site
124 N. Washington Street T-304 -- Langsdale House
23 Hanson Street T-31 -- Miller's House
27 S. Washington Street T-32 -- Talbot Co. Historical Society Headquarters (Neall House)
20 West Street T-33 -- Joseph's Cottage (Joseph Neall House)
6 N. Washington Street T-35 -- Hopkin's House (Armed Forces Building)
8 N. Washington Street T-36 -- Rowen's Annex, South Building
14 N. Washington Street T-37 -- Bata Shoe Store
26-28 N. Washington Street T-38 -- McCrory's


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