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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: James T. Wollon, Jr., 07/11/1979
Green Spring Valley Historic District
Inventory No.: BA-2216
Date Listed: 10/3/1980
Location: Owings Mills/Lutherville, Baltimore County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: mid 18th-early 20th centuries
Resources: 162 (126 contributing, 11 non-contributing)
Description: From its initial settlement in the 18th century, the Green Spring Valley has been primarily a rural area. Although land in the valley was originally purely agricultural, since the mid 19th century the number of working farms has steadily decreased as the area became popular as a setting for the country houses of prosperous city residents. Today the character of the land might be compared to an extended landscaped park. The oldest standing structure in the district is St. Thomas’ Church, built of Flemish bond brick in 1743. The remaining 18th century structures are mainly late 18th century parts of large, mainly 19th century houses. Although the area has many historic structures, there is not a large inventory of 18th and early 19th century farmhouses and outbuildings. There are some from all periods, but their major alterations and the majority of the area’s historic structures date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Most of these country seats are in the various styles of antiquity: the English medieval and Georgian and the American Georgian predominating. Many houses are sited on hills with carefully cultivated views and vistas, often of spectacular quality. The village of Stevenson developed at the crossing of an important local road and the railroad; it was the site of one of the district’s railroad stations, one of two still standing, in good repair. The historic right-of-way is clearly visible here as it is its entire length through the district. A collection of small, simple, late 19th century frame houses and a small shopping center comprise the village. Chattolanee is a black community within the district, neatly laid out in several streets in a miniature grid-iron pattern. Large lots and many trees make the village setting a rural one, hardly an urban one. With all the pressures of development surrounding the district, the floor of the valley itself remains rural. Several areas of the district, primarily in its northwesterly area, have seen many houses added since World War II, but these have not detracted substantially from the rural character of the area. Significance: The Green Spring Valley Historic District is a suburban area of Baltimore that acquires significance from the collection of 18th, 19th, and early 20th century buildings and for its park-like setting that retains a late 19th-early 20th century atmosphere. The buildings, primarily houses set among rolling hills, forested highlands, and tree-lined drives and roads, embody the distinctive design characteristics of the major architectural styles popular in the United States from the Neoclassical of the 1700s to the Georgian and other revivals of the pre-1930 period. The buildings also range from modest to elaborate in size and exhibit varying degrees of craftsmanship as well as a record of changes in construction techniques; particularly apparent when contrasting the 18th century masonry houses with the early 20th century bungalow. As an affluent suburban residential region near Baltimore, the Green Spring Valley Historic District is also important historically for its association with typical patterns of suburban development in the early 20th century.

District Resources (162) (126 contributing, 11 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
6 Cradock LaneCBA-687 -- Gayley House (Old Stone House, Cradock Lane Building)
1021 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-814 -- Oakdene (Summerfield)
112 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-45 -- Green Spring
2312 GreenSpring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-47 -- Come By Chance
10510 Burnside Farm RoadCBA-153 -- Burnside
918 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1598 -- Brandonwood
1526 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1608 -- Villa Pace (Rosa Ponselle (Jackson) House, Nacirema)
10502 Falls Road (MD 25)CBA-1187 -- Brooklandville Railroad Station
10404 Stevenson RoadCBA-1651 -- Stevenson (Railroad) Station (Bancroft Homes)
4001 W. Stewarts RoadCBA-1648 -- Skyfield
10600 Park Heights Avenue (MD 129)CBA-1615 -- Simon C. Williams House
210 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1633 -- Harold Deutch House
1701 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1614 -- Hay Barracks (Howard Baetjer Frame Barn)
2032 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1613 -- Green Spring Punch (Punch Farm House, Berg Farm)
901 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1597 -- Helmore (Edgar Lucas House)
4030 Stewart RoadCBA-1641 -- Willowbrook (Larry Naylor House)
1800 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1610 -- Willowbrook (Anthony's Delight, Old Polo Club Grounds, Wilton Wood)
11152 Falls Road (MD 25)CBA-87 -- Brooklandwood (St. Paul's School for Boys)
111 Chattolanee Hill RoadCBA-1621 -- Mrs. A.H. Stump House (Lower Chattalonee Cottage)
4040 W. Stewarts RoadCBA-1640 -- Cliffeholme (Cliffeholme, Reuben Federman)
10901 Falls Road (MD 25)CBA-916 -- Maurice Long House
10911 Falls Road (MD 25)CBA-1590 -- John Long, Jr. House
10913-10915 Falls Road (MD 25)CBA-1666 -- Shaneybrook Duplex
8604 Park Heights AvenueCBA-1643 -- Finlagen
1014 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1599 -- Forest Knoll (Knollwood)
Reisterstown Road (MD 140)CBA-1699 -- Robinswood (Garrison Forest School)
Reisterstown Road (MD 140)CBA-1701 -- Lochinvar & Chapel (Garrison Forest School)
300 Garrison Forest Road (MD 140)CBA-1704 -- Manor House (Garrison Forest School)
11901 Greenspring AvenueCBA-1604 -- Gordon Jones House & Barn
1400 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1679 -- Gramercy (Koinonia Foundation, Main House)
1501 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1602 -- Wickcliffe (Walter Wicks Mansion, Maryvale Prep School)
10807 Tony RoadCBA-1715 -- Emerson Barns (Montessori School)
1021 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-814A -- Oakdene Horse Barn (Summerfield)
1021 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-814B -- Oakdene Carriage House (Summerfield)
10729 Park Heights Avenue (MD 129)CBA-381 -- Rainbow Hill
1200 Sater's LaneCBA-78 -- Sater's Baptist Church
10625 Stevenson RoadCBA-1612 -- Stevenson Methodist Church
18 Stone Chapel RoadCBA-40 -- Stone Chapel United Methodist Church
10400 Stevenson RoadCBA-1636 -- Stevenson Store & Warehouse (Flowers and Fancies Shop)
8410 Park Heights Avenue (MD 129)CBA-1650 -- Dr. Richard Susel Barns
260 St. Thomas LaneCBA-48 -- St. Thomas' Church (Garrison Forest Church)
8400 Greenspring AvenueCBA-1658 -- St. Timothy's School (Twiford) & Administration Building
10501 Falls Road (MD 25)CBA-218 -- Valley Inn (Brooklandville)
1841-1843 Stevenson RoadCBA-1637 -- Stevenson House & Dwelling (Red Duplex Clapboard House)
 CBA-3049 -- Chattolanee African American Survey District
2730 Spring Hill RoadCBA-1620 -- Green Spring Chapel (Green Spring United Methodist Church)
2714 Spring Hill RoadCGothic Revival-style House
411 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1618 -- Nellie Diggs House
2915 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-46 -- Green Spring Punch (H. Norman Baetjer, Jr. House)
800 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1594 -- Brooklandwood Tenant House #1
800 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1595 -- Brooklandwood Tenant House #2
800 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1596 -- Brooklandwood Tenant House #3
Park Heights Avenue (MD 129) over Tributary of Jones FallsCBA-2216-6 -- SHA Structure No. 03058X0
Green Spring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-2216-7 -- Structure No. 03422R0
Green Spring Valley Road (MD 130) over Drainage DitchCBA-2216-8 -- Structure No. 03423X0
1760 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1678 -- Brookfield (Michael Sanger House)
819 Hillside RoadCBA-1663 -- Bruce Wilson House
407 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1700 -- Burnham House (Elizabeth Hammond House)
3238 Caves RoadCBA-1707 -- Burnham House
425 Garrison Forest RoadCBA-639 -- Byway (Cover House)
2 Golf Course RoadCBA-1632 -- Charles Wagner House
1403 Hillside RoadCBA-1674 -- Chenowith House (Clapboard Tenant House)
2626 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1616 -- Clifford White House
115 Garrison Forest RoadCBA-1629 -- Cornelia Levering House (Midlinks)
2712 Spring Hill RoadCBA-1689 -- Daniel Charles House
10938 Falls Road (MD 25)CBA-1592 -- Derrymore
448 Garrison Forest RoadCBA-1710 -- Dr. Hazen G. Kniffen House
939 Hillside RoadCBA-1659 -- Dr. Walter B. Buck House
511 Garrison Forest RoadCBA-1709 -- Eleanor Fenwick House
2728 Spring Hill RoadCBA-1691 -- Elizabeth Price House
Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-155 -- Chattolanee Summer Houses
2705 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1685 -- Chattolanee School (Chattolanee Colored School)
834 Hillside RoadCBA-1664 -- Albert S. Barr House
2706 Spring Hill RoadCBA-1688 -- Alice Smith House (Jarrett Davis House)
401 Chattolanee Hill RoadCBA-1625 -- Ballintoy (Loring A. Cover House)
2704 Spring Hill RoadCBA-1687 -- Blanche Jones House
Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130) over North BranchCBA-2669 -- Bridge (SHA 3074)
1116 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1600 -- Fernwood
823 Hillside RoadCBA-1662 -- George Stewart House
211 Golf Course RoadCBA-2367 -- Glennoak
1341 Hillside RoadCBA-1673 -- Green Spring Valley School
309 Chattolanee Hill RoadCBA-1680 -- Heloise A. Beebe House
101 Chattolanee Hill RoadCBA-3053 -- Heloise Beene House
1 Garrison Forest RoadCBA-1696 -- J.F. Fusting House
10941 Falls Road (MD 25)CBA-1591 -- J.H. Palmer Log House (Robert Jones House, Deep Run Log House)
1742 Hillside RoadCBA-1655 -- James Fowke House
222 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1634 -- Tyler Koehler House
1 Golf Course Road (formerly 216 Greenspring Valley Road)CBA-1693 -- Koeningsberg House
1840 Hillside AvenueCBA-1848 -- Larrimore House
1425 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1607 -- Laural (Ral Parr House)
10044 Greenspring AvenueCBA-1606 -- Ledger Hill, Carriage House, Barn, & Garage
1812 Cottage LaneCBA-1653 -- Louis B. Price House
2716 Spring Hill RoadCBA-1690 -- Louise Saunders House (Sanders)
10801 Greenspring AvenueCBA-1669 -- Lystra Meadows
1718 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1609 -- Mensana (Venture, Dr. Nelson Hendler House)
Park Heights Avenue (MD 129)CBA-1649 -- Merry Hill, Stone Spring Houses
8608 Park Heights Avenue (MD 129)CBA-1644 -- Mostly Hill and Stone Spring House
10415 Hillside RoadCBA-1656 -- Osborne P. Beall House
1724 Hillside RoadCBA-1712 -- Philip Schnering House
1425 Hillside RoadCBA-1675 -- Reuben Stump, Tenant House No. 1
1332 Hillside RoadCBA-1670 -- Reuben Stump, Tenant House No. 2
1338 Hillside RoadCBA-1671 -- Reuben Stump, Tenant House No. 3
1406 Hillside RoadCBA-1672 -- Reuben Stump, Tenant House No. 4
1431 Hillside RoadCBA-1676 -- Reuben Stump, Tenant House No. 5
1424 Hillside RoadCBA-1677 -- Reuben Stump, Tenant House No. 6
Cottage LaneCBA-1652 -- Richard B. Buyalos House
Thicket Lane (Near 1606?)CBA-1646 -- Richard Biggs House (Nacirema Barn)
1804 Cottage LaneCBA-1654 -- Richard O. Beall House
313 Garrison Forest RoadCBA-2549 -- Richman House
10707 Greenspring AvenueCBA-1605 -- Rogerdel (Garland Moore House)
11045 Greenspring Valley Road (Md 130)CBA-1667 -- Russell Morris, Tenant House No. 1
10628 Falls Road (MD 25)CBA-1593 -- Ryngate Farm (Rodgers House)
1503 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-2294 -- Seven Oaks (Jenkins Residence, Faculty House, Villa Julie College, Villa Julie Secretarial School)
409 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1684 -- James Starrett House (Sterrett)
319 Chattolanee Hill RoadCBA-1623 -- Susan P. Wharton House
4020 W. Stewarts RoadCBA-1642 -- The Branches (George T. Harrison House)
311 Golf Course RoadCBA-1682 -- The Briars (William F. Blue House & Frame Barn)
214 Garrison Forest RoadCBA-1631 -- The Knoll (Charles White House)
4006 W. Stewarts RoadCBA-1647 -- The Rookery (Drachman House, Woodwynd)
200 Garrison Forest RoadCBA-1630 -- Theodore Kaplan House
2702 Spring Hill RoadCBA-1686 -- Thomas Supensky House
3112 Golf Course RoadCBA-1627 -- Tilton H. Dobbin House
3 Moales LaneCBA-1635 -- John P. Ward House
308 Golf Course RoadCBA-1683 -- W.K. Cogswell House (Adams House)
204 Hopkins LaneCBA-1705 -- Wayside (Truman Semans House)
225 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130)CBA-1638 -- William Balfour House
10440 Falls Road (MD 25)NCBA-1186 -- The Cloisters (The Parker Estate)
Stevenson Road over Jones FallsNCBA-2696 -- Bridge (SHA B-0241)
Old Valley Road over Jones FallsNCBA-2855 -- Bridge (SHA B-125)
Carrying Park Heights Avenue (MD 129) over tributary of Jones Falls, north of PikesvilleNCBA-2216-9 -- SHA Small Structure No. 03057X0
(MD 130) over Tributary of Jones FallsNCBA-2216-1 -- Small Structure No. 03034X0
Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130) over a spring drainNCBA-2216-2 -- SHA Small Structure No. 03424X0
Greenspring Valley Drive (MD 130) over tributary of Dipping Pond RunNCBA-2216-3 -- SHA Small Structure No. 03039X0
Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130) over tributary of North BranchNCBA-2216-4 -- SHA Small Structure No. 03038X0
Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130) over tributary of Jones FallsNCBA-2216-5 -- SHA Small Structure No. 03037C0
405 Greenspring Valley RoadNCThomas Moore House
2724 Spring Hill RoadNCCommercial Building
1128-1130 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130) BA-1601 -- Wickcliffe Tenant House, site (Maryvale Sisters' Home)
11 Moales Lane (formerly 220 Greenspring Valley Road) BA-2793 -- Fastie House
311 Chattolanee Hill Road BA-1681 -- Chattolanee Hotel, site
Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130) BA-156 -- Chattolanee Spring Water Company, site (Watered Stock Company)
317 Chattolanee Hill Road BA-1624 -- Francis G. Kennedy House
102 Garrison Forest Road BA-1697 -- Grinnell Locke House
931 Hillside Road BA-1660 -- Bradford Jacobs House
2707 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130) BA-1617 -- Beverly Compton House
2728 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130) BA-1692 -- Amanda Moore House
10909 Garrison Forest Road BA-44 -- Atamasco
1700 Hillside Road BA-1657 -- Margaret Meadows
827 Hillside Road BA-1661 -- Little Scroby (Brewster House)
307 Chattolanee Hill Road BA-1622 -- James Howard Tenant House
114 Garrison Forest Road BA-1698 -- James Poultney House
3120 Golf Course Road BA-1628 -- Jacob W. Slagle House
9901-9903 Railroad Avenue BA-1668 -- House
11001 Greenspring Avenue BA-1603 -- Ivy Hill (Russell Morris House & Barn)
4001 W. Stewarts Road BA-1711 -- The Patches (Jervis Finney House, Skyfield Tenant House)
223 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130) BA-1695 -- W. Thorne Kissell, III House
226 Hopkins Lane BA-1706 -- The Barn (Alex Russell House)
505 Garrison Forest Road BA-1708 -- John Buckman House
124 St. Thomas Lane BA-1745 -- St. Thomas Church Rectory
232 St. Thomas Lane BA-1744 -- St. Thomas Church Rectory
11 Cliffeholme Road BA-1694 -- Robin Hill (John West House)
2600 Greenspring Valley Road (MD 130) BA-1619 -- Westburn


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