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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Mark R. Edwards, 03/1980
Tracy's Landing Tobacco House #2
Inventory No.: AA-756
Other Name(s): Coe Barn
Date Listed: 11/30/1982
Location: Solomons Island Road (MD 2), Tracys Landing, Anne Arundel County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1805
Description: Tracy’s Landing Tobacco House #2 is a 24’3" by 45’2" heavy timber framed tobacco barn with a construction date of 1805 based on dendrochronological evidence. The building retains a great deal of its original fabric, and exhibits significant construction features. Resting on brick piers, the ground sills are anchored by pegged double tenons. The roof, which is clad in side-lapped shingles, utilizes a tilted false plate rafter system with decorative rafter ends. Access to the barn is through doors in the east and west walls; one of these doors is hung on original pintles. Later 19th century sheds have been added to the east and west walls; structural evidence suggests that a shed originally existed on the east façade. Both hand-wrought iron nails and early machine-cut common nails with handmade heads are found in the structure. Significance: This tobacco barn, erected in the winter of 1805, is significant as the earliest identified tobacco house extant in Anne Arundel County. It represents one of the earliest recorded examples of this type of agricultural building in Tidewater Maryland and is a visual expression of the tobacco economy which continues to support this region of the state. Virtually unchanged, the tobacco house is also significant as it illustrates important structural details found in other 18th century barns in the state, which are "holdovers" of construction methods standardized in this region in the 17th century. In addition, it is one of only two barns recorded which utilizes a five foot, rather than the more standard four foot, "room" configuration, referring to the interior partitioned sections which support hanging tobacco spears.


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