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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: K. Tyler, 06/1981
Long Green Valley Historic District
Inventory No.: BA-2188
Date Listed: 12/30/1982
Location: Baltimore County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 18th - early 20th centuries
Resources: 135 (100 contributing, 23 non-contributing)
Description: The Long Green Valley Historic District is an approximately 6,066 acre rural agricultural area to the northeast of the city of Baltimore. The valley has a distinct physical unity created by gently rolling fields dotted with crossroads villages such as Glen Arm and Baldwin, and farm complexes. Its architecture covers the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries and is generally conservative with most of the major architectural styles of these periods evident. In some examples, more than one style is found in the same building because of renovations. The majority of the structures are domestic or farm related such as barns and utility buildings. Commercial structures stand in the village areas. The older structures are generally of stone or brick construction with frame dominating the mid 19th-century to present era. The houses vary in scale, design, and craftsmanship depending on the history of the structure. Approximately 125 individual buildings, complexes, and objects stand in the district with the majority contributing to the significance of the district. The major intrusions or non-obtrusive elements are industrial complexes around Glen Arm and groupings of post-1930s houses. Significance: The significance of the Long Green Valley Historic District derives from the collection of 18th, 19th, and early 20th century buildings that are situated in a rural agricultural setting. The buildings, primarily houses and farm structures, embody the distinctive design characteristics of the major architectural styles popular in the United States from the Neoclassical of the 1700s to the Georgian Revival of the pre 1935 period. The buildings range from modest to elaborate in size and exhibit varying degrees of craftsmanship as well as a record of changes in construction techniques in Baltimore County. The buildings also are evidence in the productive agricultural nature of the valley since it was settled in the 1720s thus recording ways of life that have disappeared in other regions surrounding metropolitan Baltimore.

District Resources (135) (100 contributing, 23 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
12815 Kanes RoadCBA-138 -- Prospect Hill
12130 Harford RoadCBA-386 -- The Homestead
6017 Williams RoadCBA-140 -- Glen Meadows (Hill's Forest)
13717 Baldwin Mill RoadCBA-265 -- Gittings-Baldwin House (Archibald Gittings House, Dr. Abraham Baldwin House)
6008 Williams RoadCBA-1895 -- Haystack Farm (Frank Foard Farm)
5025 Long Green RoadCBA-522 -- Avondell
12020 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1932 -- Serendipity (Wilson Property) & Barn
5530 Glen Arm RoadCBA-141 -- Limespring Farm
4603 Long Green RoadCBA-1947 -- Yoder Farm House
13500 Manor RoadCBA-1861 -- Norman House (Robert H. Piper House)
12901 Bottom RoadCBA-1892 -- Merryland Farm
12701 Bottom RoadCBA-1893 -- Merryland Farm Tenant House
4809 Long Green RoadCBA-1942 -- Dovecote Farm (Isennock House)/Carter House?
12720 Long Green PikeCBA-139 -- Long Green Farm (Gittings Choice)
5606 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1920 -- Dietz Farm (Lang-Dietz farm)
5835 Williams RoadCBA-1894 -- John Foard Farm & Stone Barn
4800 Hydes RoadCBA-1865 -- Smithwick House
12001 Hartley Mill RoadCBA-528 -- Sanford Hershfield House
4610 Hydes RoadCBA-520 -- Gunpowder Manor
11905 Long Green PikeCBA-2108 -- Ward Dawson House
13205 Manor RoadCBA-1950 -- Dublin Farm
13307 Long Green PikeCBA-256 -- St. John the Evangelist Church
13333 Long Green PikeCBA-1392 -- Montrose
5445 Patterson RoadCBA-382 -- Winnaford Farm
13401 Manor RoadCBA-1862 -- Overland Farm
13007 Manor RoadCBA-1949 -- Kolk Farm
5220 Long Green RoadCBA-1938 -- Morrison House & Frame Barn
4600 Breidenbaugh LaneCBA-1948 -- Manor Hill Farm (Land of Promise, Grossdaddy Home)
12531 Manor RoadCBA-521 -- Eicholtz House (Denisch/Binford House)
12001 Hartley Mill RoadCBA-1924 -- Hartley Mill, site & Mill Race
9316 Hartley Mill RoadCBA-529 -- Hartley House (Russell Welsh House)
5539 Hillrise RoadCBA-1923 -- Randall House
13710 Baldwin Mill RoadCBA-885 -- God's Grace Farm (Fairlea, Pleasant Prospect)
13009 Bottom RoadCBA-1891 -- Hertsgaard House
6410 Brinton LaneCBA-1702 -- Brinton Woods
4825 Long Green RoadCBA-1941 -- J. Currens House
4815 Long Green RoadCBA-2137 -- E. Currens House
4712 Long Green RoadCBA-2109 -- Dalton House
12239 Long Green PikeCBA-1905 -- France House & Barn
12655 Long Green PikeCBA-1880 -- Ing(l)ewood Farm (Brogden Farm)
Long Green PikeCBA-1518 -- Burton Farm
5515 Williams RoadCBA-1898 -- Sunny Knoll
13330 Long Green PikeCBA-1387 -- Ellendale
13016 Long Green PikeCBA-1876 -- Ambrose House
4851 Long Green RoadCBA-1519 -- Bell Vale (Priegel House)
12835 Long Green PikeCBA-1897 -- Ridgeview Farm (Yellott House)
13305 Long Green PikeCBA-1877 -- St. John's Catholic Church Rectory
13037 Long Green PikeCBA-1875 -- Leonard Foard Farm
Kanes RoadCBA-1945 -- Long Green School & Odd Fellows Hall, site
5319 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1910 -- Gunnarson House
5020 Elder RoadCBA-1868 -- Dimmits Delight
13701 Baldwin Mill RoadCBA-1884 -- Ehrhardt House
12017 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1933 -- Solter House
13224 Manor RoadCBA-1863 -- Knoebel House
13575 Fork RoadCBA-1881 -- Day House
12100 Long Green PikeCBA-1908 -- Moore House
13036 Long Green PikeCBA-1874 -- Ady Tavern
5126 Long Green RoadCBA-383 -- Greenlea
5205 Glen Arm RoadCBA-863 -- Glen Arm Station (Ma-Pa Whistle Shop)
5235 Hydes RoadCBA-860 -- Hydes Station
Long Green RoadCBA-861 -- Long Green Station
5217 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1928 -- Unfried House
4807 Long Green RoadCBA-1943 -- Hinder House
5306-5308 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1909 -- Glen Arm School
5225 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1927 -- Macaluso
12062-12064 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1929 -- Shanklin's Store
4817 Long Green RoadCBA-1940 -- Long Green Valley Church of the Brethren & Cemetery
5100 Hydes RoadCBA-1867 -- The Wedge
12040 Long Green PikeCBA-1925 -- Kemske House
12506 Hooper RoadCBA-1930 -- Page House
13128 Long Green PikeCBA-1873 -- Remembrance Farm (Jenkin's Purchase)
12601 Long Green PikeCBA-1900 -- Weston
12214 Long Green PikeCBA-1907 -- Robert's Store
13523 Long Green PikeCBA-1393 -- Watkins Hotel (Charles Hotel)
11548 Long Green PikeCBA-2117 -- Botzler Bungalow
11917 Long Green PikeCBA-2107 -- Fischer Bungalow
Long Green RoadCBA-1901 -- Gittings Mill, site
12231 Long Green PikeCBA-1906 -- McComas House
12804, 12901 Kanes RoadCBA-1944 -- Old Mennonite Church, site and Cemetery
4941 Long Green RoadCBA-1939 -- Bunker Hill House
5345 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1916 -- Craven House
 CDean House
5325 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1912 -- Devlin House
5544 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1918 -- Dietz Tenant House
5606 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1919 -- Dietz Farm Tenant House, & Barn
6008 Williams RoadCBA-1896 -- Robert Foard House (Mast House)
12107 Long Green PikeCBA-2106 -- Gruman Gable House
 CGruman (gambrel)
19000 Harford RoadCBA-1922 -- Gwynn House
12112 Hooper RoadCBA-1931 -- Hooper House
12434 Long Green PikeCBA-1904 -- Hunter House
5320 Long Green RoadCBA-1902 -- Long Green Farm Miller's House
12518 Long Green PikeCBA-1903 -- Mumma House
5339 Glen Arm RoadCBA-1915 -- Nowowieski House
Long Green PikeCBA-1380 -- Glen Arm I.O.O.F. Hall (Odd Fellows Hall)
13441 Long Green PikeCBA-1879 -- Sandler House
5815 Church LaneCBA-1890 -- Spencer House
 CSpencer House (Glen Arm village)
5511 Williams RoadCBA-1899 -- Wade House
Hydes FarmCBA-1866 -- White Tenant House (Whitelyn Farm)
Glen Arm Road, Glen Arm VillageNC6 Small Houses
Glen Arm Road, Glen Arm VillageNCLong Green Florist
Glen Arm Road, Glen Arm VillageNCLyons and Lyons Supply
SW corner Glen Arm Road and Long Green PikeNC5 Small Houses
Long Green Pike, Glen Arm VillageNCGlen Arm Post Office
Hillrise RoadNC10 Houses (including 3 farms)
NW corner Glen Arm Road and Williams RoadNC10 Houses
Williams Road (crest of ridge)NC8 Houses
Hydes RoadNCHydes Post Office
South side of Patterson RoadNC4 Houses
Long Green Pike, Baldwin (both sides)NC11 Houses
Long Green Pike, Baldwin (both sides)NCLong Green Market
Long Green Pike, Baldwin (both sides)NCPeterson's Store
Long Green Pike, BaldwinNCBaldwin Post Office
Crosses Glen Arm Road, Long Green Road, and Hydes RoadNCPower Line
Glen Arm Road, corner, Glen Arm VillageNCKoppers Corp.
Glen Arm Road, Glen Arm VillageNCProsser Corp.
Long Green Pike, Glen Arm VillageNCGlen Arm Lumber
East side Long Green Pike, Glen Arm VillageNCNew Grumman Aerospace
West side Long Green Pike, Glen Arm VillageNCOld Grumman
West side Long Green PikeNCFischer Homes
West side Long Green PikeNCImperial Industries
Long Green Road over Long Green CreekNCBA-2682 -- Bridge (SHA B-0176)
5315 Hydes Road BA-1871 -- Dr. Smith Farm
5300 Hydes Road BA-1870 -- Hyde Canning Factory, site
5300 Hydes Road BA-1872 -- Hyde School Site
Marc Lane BA-1921 -- Lambert Gittings Tenant House & Stone Smoke House
Long Green Road BA-1937 -- Long Green Laundry, site
5013 Elder Road BA-1869 -- Mrs. Phillips Tenant House
12036 Long Green Road BA-1926 -- Ohler House
12818 Kanes Road BA-1946 -- Old Frame House
5328 Glen Arm Road BA-1914 -- Old Gambrel Roofed House
Glen Arm Road BA-1913 -- Old House
5349 Glen Arm Road BA-1917 -- Shearman House
5325 Glen Arm Road BA-1911 -- Spurry House


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