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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Susanne Moore, 07/1980
Denton Armory
Inventory No.: CAR-256
Date Listed: 9/25/1985
Location: Maple Avenue & Randolph Street , Denton, Caroline County
Category: Building
Period/Date of Construction: 1938
Architect/Builder: Builder: Carlstrand Engineering Corporation, Baltimore
Related Multiple Property Record: Maryland National Guard Armories
Description: The Denton Armory is a two-story brick structure with a full basement situated on the southeastern edge of the town of Denton. The armory, completed in 1938, is oriented to the west. It is composed of one story, one-bay side sections flanking a three-bay center section. The side sections are identical and contain casement windows with stone sills. A second section of the front facade projects slightly from the side sections. Buttresses with stone caps punctuate the bays. The bays flanking the center arched doorway contain casement windows at the first and second floor levels. The center doorway is flanked by piers projecting slightly from the rest of the center. Significance: The Denton Armory is primarily significant for its association with the reorganization and expansion of the National Guard system in the 20th century. It derives additional significance from its role as a social center for the Denton community, a function it has served continuously since its construction in 1938. Architecturally, the building embodies the distinctive characteristics of its type, including a T-shaped plan with a two-story front "head house" section and a one-story perpendicular "drill hall" extending to the rear. The facade is detailed to recall Medieval fortifications, with towers flanking the central entrance, crenellated parapets, and ornamental buttresses. The armory is exceptionally significant for its association with the distinguished contribution of the Maryland National Guard in the second World War.


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