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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Joe Getty, 11/1984
Uniontown Historic District
Inventory No.: CARR-179
Date Listed: 1/3/1986
Location: Westminster, Carroll County
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: c.1790s-1930s
Resources: 80 (74 contributing, 5 non-contributing)
Description: The Uniontown Historic District comprises nearly the entirety of Uniontown, a small community in rural Carroll County, Maryland. The district contains a remarkably cohesive and well-preserved collection of houses, commercial buildings, churches, and schools reflecting the development of this agricultural village from the turn of the 19th century through the 1930s. The town is laid out in linear fashion along Uniontown Road, which was the main route from Baltimore to Hagerstown in the early 19th century, and extends a short distance along Trevanion Road, the village's only side street. Buildings are uniformly situated close to the road on shaded lots; open farmland surrounds the settlement on all sides. The buildings in the district are primarily houses, dating from1802 through the late 19th century, with a few more recent examples reflecting Uniontown's growth into the early 20th century. Many of the lots feature historic secondary structures such as stables, barns, washhouses, and smokehouses. Most of the houses conform to the standard vernacular dwelling types which characterized rural contexts in Maryland throughout the 19th century to well into the 20th. Construction materials include log, frame, and brick. While the basic farmhouse form remained constant throughout the period of Uniontown's development, most houses show the influence of architectural fashion current at the time of their construction in their decorative detailing, which is generally limited to entrances and architraves, porch trim, and cornice details. Several mid-19th century commercial buildings within the district diverge from the pattern by presenting a gabled fa├žade to the street, often with large shop windows flanking the entrance. Other buildings in town present relatively fully articulated examples of various high-style architectural trends. Significance: The Uniontown Historic District is significant as an outstandingly well-preserved example of a linear townscape typical of small settlements in rural north-central Maryland during the 19th century. While it incorporates a handful of significant early 20th century buildings reflecting the most recent phase of the town's development as a center for social activities and small-scale commerce for the outlying farms, the town is primarily characterized by 19th century houses and community buildings creating a strong impression of a rural village of that period. The district retains a high level of integrity, with extremely few insensitive alterations or intrusions; this superior degree of preservation distinguishes Uniontown among other 19th century agricultural communities of similar size in Carroll County.

District Resources (80) (74 contributing, 5 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
3468 Uniontown RoadCCARR-184 -- Abraham Shriner House
3472 Uniontown RoadCCARR-183 -- Daniel Cover House
3476 Uniontown RoadCCARR-182 -- Crossed Keys Tavern (Englar Store, Donofrio House)
Trevanion Road (MD 84)CCARR-362 -- St. Lucas Reformed Church, site
705 Trevanion RoadCCARR-353 -- William Hiteshew House
795 Trevanion Road (MD 84)CCARR-354 -- George Slonaker House
800 Trevanion Road (MD 84)CCARR-369 -- Rentzel House
3484 Uniontown RoadCCARR-181 -- I.O.R.M. Lodge Hall (Starr's Store)
3488 Uniontown RoadCCARR-180 -- Charles Clarke House (& Hitching Blocks, Nicholas Hiteshew House)
west side of Clear Ridge RoadCLutheran Cemetery
3485 Uniontown RoadCCARR-350 -- Charles Devilbiss House
3481 Uniontown RoadCCARR-349 -- William Segafoose House
3477 Uniontown RoadCCARR-348 -- Uniontown Hotel (Segafoose Hotel)
3473 Uniontown RoadCCARR-347 -- John Kurtz House
3471 Uniontown RoadCCARR-346 -- Jacob R. Thomas House
3469 Uniontown RoadCCARR-345 -- Johnathan Davis House
3467 Uniontown RoadCCARR-320 -- William Curry House (Abraham Crumbacker House)
3465 Uniontown RoadCCARR-319 -- Reverend Deidrich Graves House (Abraham Crumbacker House)
3463 Uniontown RoadCCARR-318 -- John Shriver House
3455 Uniontown RoadCCARR-317 -- Uniontown Elementary School
3451 Uniontown RoadCCARR-316 -- William A. Anders House
3441 Uniontown RoadCCARR-314 -- Sarah Herbach House
3437 Uniontown RoadCCARR-313 -- Susan Brown House
3435 Uniontown RoadCCARR-312 -- Edwin G. Gilbert House
3429 Uniontown RoadCCARR-289 -- Charles Stevenson House
3423 Uniontown RoadCCARR-288 -- Jonas Crumbacker House
3413 Uniontown RoadCCARR-287 -- Missouris Routson House
3411 Uniontown RoadCCARR-4 -- Weaver-Fox House
3405 Uniontown RoadCCARR-245 -- United Methodist Church
3403 Uniontown RoadCCARR-244 -- Methodist Parsonage
3367 Uniontown RoadCCARR-243 -- David Stem House
3444 Uniontown RoadCCARR-189 -- Post Office & General Store
3440 Uniontown RoadCCARR-190 -- David Stouffer House (Putman House)
3450 Uniontown RoadCCARR-188 -- James Weller House (Smith House)
3454 Uniontown RoadCCARR-187 -- Henry Herbaugh House
3458 Uniontown RoadCCARR-186 -- John Smith House (West House)
3349 Uniontown RoadCCARR-235 -- Henry Guishard House
Uniontown RoadCCARR-26 -- Uniontown Academy
3341 Uniontown RoadCCARR-234 -- Margaret Ferguson House
3339 Uniontown RoadCCARR-233 -- Emanuel Formwalt House
3329 Uniontown RoadCCARR-231 -- Harvey Erb House
3325 Uniontown RoadCCARR-230 -- Ella May Will House
3321 Uniontown RoadCCARR-229 -- James M. Slemmons House
3317 Uniontown RoadCCARR-228 -- Samuel Brown House & Springhouse
3313 Uniontown RoadCCARR-227 -- Anna Hays House
3309 Uniontown RoadCCARR-226 -- Dennis Chaise House
3201 Uniontown RoadCCARR-225 -- John B. Williams House
3204 Uniontown RoadCCARR-224 -- Jacob Smith House
3208 Uniontown RoadCCARR-223 -- William Smith House
3212 Uniontown RoadCCARR-222 -- Charles Haines House
3216 Uniontown RoadCCARR-221 -- Henrietta Dugan House
3300 Uniontown RoadCCARR-220 -- William Thomas House
3304 Uniontown RoadCCARR-219 -- John W. Ferguson House
3310 Uniontown RoadCCARR-218 -- Tollgate House
3330 Uniontown RoadCCARR-217 -- St. Paul's Lutheran Church
3332 Uniontown RoadCCARR-216 -- Lutheran Parsonage
3336 Uniontown RoadCCARR-215 -- Jacob Royer House
3348 Uniontown RoadCCARR-214 -- Daniel Sullivan House
3352 Uniontown RoadCCARR-212 -- Lewis Myers House
3358 Uniontown RoadCCARR-211 -- Catherine & Rachel Beam House
3362 Uniontown RoadCCARR-210 -- Henry Meyers House
3362 Uniontown RoadCCARR-12 -- First Printing Press
3364 Uniontown RoadCCARR-209 -- Robert Dods House
3400 Uniontown RoadCCARR-208 -- John Hyder House & Post Office
3406 Uniontown RoadCCARR-207 -- Dr. Jacob J. Weaver, Sr. House
3410 Uniontown RoadCCARR-199 -- Daniel Dey House
3412 Uniontown RoadCCARR-198 -- Jacob Appler, Sr. House
3416 Uniontown RoadCCARR-197 -- Dr. Charles Hubbs House
3420 Uniontown RoadCCARR-196 -- Christian Harshberger House
3424 Uniontown RoadCCARR-195 -- Uniontown Bank
3428 Uniontown RoadCCARR-194 -- Dr. Luther Kemp House
3432 Uniontown RoadCCARR-193 -- John Gore House (Horner House)
3434 Uniontown RoadCCARR-192 -- Isaiah Pearce House
3436 Uniontown RoadCCARR-191 -- Reuben Gist House (Dickensheet House)
3333 Uniontown RoadNCCARR-232 -- David Yingling House, site
3462 Uniontown RoadNCCARR-185 -- Masonic Hall, site (Church of God Church & Parsonage)
3355-3359 Uniontown Road (3359 Uniontown Road)NCCARR-242 -- Rising Sun Tavern, site (Union Tannery)
3355-3359 Uniontown Road (3355 Uniontown Road)NCCARR-242 -- Rising Sun Tavern, site (Union Tannery)
3443 Uniontown RoadNCCARR-315 -- Stephen Bower House
Uniontown Road & Clear Ridge Road (MD 84) CARR-351 -- St. Mark's Protestant Episcopal Church, site


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