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Maryland's National Register Properties

Photo credit: Janet Davis, 07/1985
Cathedral Hill Historic District
Inventory No.: B-118
Date Listed: 4/27/1987
Location: Baltimore, Baltimore City
Category: District
Period/Date of Construction: 1790-1940
Boundary Description: Bounded by Park Avenue, Hamilton Street, Saratoga Street and St. Paul Street
Resources: 111 (94 contributing, 12 non-contributing)
Description: The Cathedral Hill Historic District is a concentration of commercial, religious, and institutional buildings covering approximately 10 blocks in downtown Baltimore that are linked historically and architecturally. Its general boundaries are Hamilton Street on the north, St. Paul Place on the east, Saratoga Street on the south, and Cathedral Street and Park Avenue on the west. The buildings are mostly commercial in use, with the exception of four large churches, dominated by the Catholic Basilica of the Assumption or "The Cathedral," and several large institutional buildings, most of which have been converted to commercial use. The District originally was mostly rowhouses, which began to be converted to combined residential and commercial use about the middle of the 19th century. By the time of the Baltimore Fire of 1904, the District was mostly commercial and the rowhouses had been largely altered by the addition of plate glass display windows and projecting bays. The Fire caused massive relocations of businesses and shops into the District with increasing remodelings of existing buildings and construction of new buildings. The present building types range in size from two-story commercial structures and converted rowhouses to 14-story office buildings. The inclusive dates of significance range from 1790 to 1940, when the last structure important to the historic and architectural character of the district was erected. The stylistic range covers Federal, Greek Revival, the various Renaissance Revival styles of the Victorian period, the Beaux-Arts Classical Revival, and the Art Deco movement. Most have stone or brick façades with metal, wood, and stone detailing. The street plan is basically a grid, except for Saratoga Street along the southern boundary. The integrity of the District remains high in spite of alterations and post-World War II construction. Significance: The Cathedral Hill Historic District is significant to Baltimore for it contains several of the most important 19th century religious and institutional structures built in Baltimore, as well as the heart of the city’s elite retail district of the early to mid 20th century. The architectural quality of the District is epitomized by the nationally recognized Basilica of the Assumption, the First Unitarian Church, the Franklin Street Presbyterian Church, and Old St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Partly in response to the elegance and quality of these buildings and the prestigious residential neighborhood which grew around them, fraternal orders and social organizations erected large, well-designed headquarters buildings in the Cathedral Hill District. These included the Masonic order in 1867, the YMCA in 1873, and a second YMCA building in 1907, the International Order of Odd Fellows in 1891, and the YWCA in 1915. The 200-500 blocks of North Charles Street included in the District developed from a wealthy residential neighborhood in the mid-19th century to the most elegant retail district by the early 20th century. The previously established sophistication in architectural design, the "carriage trade" clientele, and the upsurge in building in the aftermath of the 1904 fire in the Baltimore business district produced an almost continuous line of stone and brick façades on Charles Street which led to its being described as the "rue de la Paix" or "Fifth Avenue" of Baltimore. With few intrusions, the Cathedral Hill District retains the character of a unique mixed neighborhood of churches, institutions, and commercial buildings. In the area of religion, the Basilica of the Assumption is nationally significant in its own right as the first Roman Catholic cathedral erected in the United States. The First Unitarian Church is similarly important as the first structure built for a Unitarian group in America. On a local level, the Old St. Paul’s Church symbolizes the oldest Episcopal parish in Baltimore, established in 1692. The Odd Fellows Hall was the national headquarters of the social and fraternal order from 1891 until the mid-20th century. The Women’s Industrial Exchange on North Charles Street is significant in both the social/humanitarian field and in architecture, founded to aid destitute women after the Civil War and occupying since 1899 a mid-19th century rowhouse with few alterations.

District Resources (111) (94 contributing, 12 non-contributing)

From associated listing in National Register nomination form. C = Contributing, NC = non-contributing, blank = not evaluated.

AddressStatusResource Name and MIHP (if any)
330-332 N. Charles StreetCB-2167 -- Professional Building
320 N. Charles StreetCB-2164 -- Baltimore Photo Supply Co., Inc. (Candy Kitchen/Tailor Shop)
318 N. Charles StreetCB-2163 -- John Cook Florist Shop (J. Brown's Jewelry)
316 N. Charles StreetCB-2162 -- Shogun Restaurant (Kahn Brothers)
314 N. Charles StreetCB-2161 -- Oscar Caplan & Sons, Jewelers (A. H. Fetting Co., Dutch Tea Room)
312 N. Charles StreetCB-2160 -- A. H. Fetting Company
310 N. Charles StreetCB-2159 -- Armiger Jewelers and Canterbury Shop (James R. Armiger, Silversmiths)
300-308 N. Charles StreetCB-2158 -- Morris Building (Old YMCA Building, Baltimore Business College)
24-30 W. Franklin StreetCB-2001 -- Central YMCA (Comfort Inn)
22 W. Franklin StreetCB-2000 -- The Medical Eye Bank of Maryland (World Treasures Thrift Shop)
20 W. Franklin StreetCB-2010 -- Sight Conservation Center of Maryland
18 W. Franklin StreetCB-2011 -- Park Avenue Galleries
16 W. Franklin StreetC 
14 W. Franklin StreetCB-2012 -- Wilson's Antiques (Berlitz School)
2-12 W. Franklin StreetCB-5 -- First Unitarian Church (1st Independent Christ's Church)
9 W. Hamilton StreetCB-2004 -- Law Offices of Field, Eaton & Murphy (former carriage house)
7 W. Hamilton StreetCB-2002 -- Former carriage house
5 E. Hamilton StreetCB-2019 -- The Artisans Gift Shop (former carriage house)
501-515 N. Charles Street & 4 E. Franklin StreetCB-2026 -- Benson Building (IPC Building)
6 E. Franklin StreetC 
8 E. Franklin StreetCB-2014 -- Old St. Paul's Parish Boys School
10 E. Franklin StreetCB-2015 -- Old St. Paul's Parish Boys School (Tio Pepe Restaurante, St. Paul's Orphan Asylum)
12-14 E. Franklin StreetCB-2016 -- Margaret J. Bennett Home
16 E. Franklin StreetCB-2017 -- John Q. Lovell House
20 E. Franklin StreetCB-2018 -- Consolidated Engineering Co., Inc., General Contractors (Maryland State Commission on Human Relations)
320 Saint Paul PlaceCB-2231 -- Telephone Building (C&P St. Paul Place Building)
317 N. Charles StreetCB-2228 -- Downs Stationers (Lycett Stationers)
315 N. Charles StreetCB-2227 -- Jenkins & Jenkins Silversmiths Building (Payne and Merrill)
313 N. Charles StreetCB-2226 -- Thomas Cook Travel Building
126-128 W. Franklin StreetCB-1989 -- YWCA Building
100 W. Franklin StreetCB-23 -- Franklin Street Presbyterian Church (New Psalmist Baptist Church)
400-420 Cathedral StreetCB-2068 -- Enoch Pratt Free Library, Central Building
415 N. Charles StreetCB-2096 -- American Heart Association of Central Maryland
413 N. Charles StreetCB-2095 -- William Woodville House (Kawasaki Restaurant, Crabtree's Restaurant)
411 N. Charles StreetCB-2094 -- Grafflin Building
409 N. Charles StreetCB-2093 -- Catholic Club (Eubie Blake Cultural Center)
407 N. Charles StreetCB-2092 -- Purnell Art Company (The Purnell Gallaries)
405 N. Charles StreetCB-2091 -- Bowen & King Building (Bowen & King Optometrists Building)
403 N. Charles StreetCB-2090 -- Hurlbutt & Hurlbutt Interior Decorators Building (Sloans Auctioneers, Sterling Lighting)
401 N. Charles StreetCB-2089 -- Frank Key Howard House
6 E. Mulberry StreetCB-2086 -- F. Winfield Brown Builders & Real Estate (Amy L. Schrack Law Office)
8 E. Mulberry StreetCB-2087 -- Lawlor House
10 E. Mulberry StreetCB-2088 -- Henry Powell Hopkins House
5 E. Mulberry StreetCB-2180 -- Baltimore School of Beauty & Culture (Furniture Manufactory, Brown's Arcade Annex, Site of Calvert Hall College Original Building)
7 E. Mulberry StreetCB-2181 -- Children's Playground Association Headquarters (Philip Tilyard House, Playground Athletic League)
336 Saint Paul PlaceCB-2196 -- Walter deCurzon Poultney House (Rody & Rody Law Offices)
334 Saint Paul PlaceCB-2195 -- Prisoners Aid Association of Maryland
332 Saint Paul PlaceCB-2194 -- Tobacco & Candy Store
330 Saint Paul PlaceC 
115 W. Mulberry StreetC 
113 W. Mulberry StreetCB-2156 -- Joshua Royston House (Wrenn, Lewis and Jencks)
111 W. Mulberry StreetCB-2147 -- Mulberry House (Mallonee Hotel)
300 Cathedral Street & 100 W. Saratoga StreetCB-2151 -- Odd Fellows Temple (odd Fellows Hall, Ridgely Hall)
19 Mulberry Street & 311 Cathedral StreetCB-2157 -- Wentworth Apartments
17 W. Mulberry StreetCB-2176 -- Margaret J. Bennett House (Baltimore International Hostel)
15 W. Mulberry StreetCB-2175 -- Maryland Arts Council (Samuel Poultney House, Law Offices of Plitt & Plitt)
13 W. Mulberry StreetCB-2174 -- Fallon & Hellen Furniture and Interiors (Moale House)
11 W. Mulberry StreetCB-2173 -- Latrobe House (Fallon & Hellen Furniture and Interiors)
7-9 W. Mulberry StreetCB-964 -- Cathedral School (Morris House)
344 N. Charles StreetCB-2172 -- Hopper McGaw & Company Grocers Building (Maryland State Teachers Association)
340-342 N. Charles StreetCB-2171 -- Country Life/Wm. Baumgarten Company (The Fine Fur Co.)
338 N. Charles StreetCB-2170 -- Leonard Furs/Richard Hartwick House of Hair (Studio 338, Dance Hall)
336 N. Charles StreetCB-2169 -- Household Finance
334 N. Charles StreetCB-2168 -- Muhly's Bakery & Coffee Shoppe (Tailor Shop)
309 Cathedral StreetCB-2179 -- St. Paul's House (St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church Vestry, Home for Girls)
24 W. Saratoga StreetCB-979 -- St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Rectory
414-424 N. Charles Street & 1 W. Franklin StreetCB-2078 -- The Rochambeau, site (The Rochambeau Hotel)
421-423 N. Charles StreetCB-2098 -- Old Hynson, Westcott & Dunning Pharmacists Building (Samuel Kirk & Sons Building, Capital Savings and Loan Assoc.)
5 E. Franklin StreetCB-2081 -- White-Grindall House
7 E. Franklin StreetCB-2082 -- Don Richard Associates
9 E. Franklin StreetCB-2083 -- The Bible House
17 E. Franklin StreetCB-2085 -- Florists Exchange Building (Jennings Building)
401-409 Cathedral StreetCB-1 -- Basilica of the Assumption (Minor Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)
408 N. Charles StreetCB-131 -- Archbishop's Residence
419 N. Charles StreetCB-2097 -- Fisher Building (Orchid Restaurant)
322 N. Charles StreetCB-2165 -- Brown's Arcade (Capezio Custom Tailoring)
324-328 N. Charles StreetCB-2166 -- Brown's Arcade
311 N. Charles StreetCB-2225 -- Auman & Werkmeister Furriers Store (Travel Guide Agency)
309 N. Charles StreetCB-2224 -- Royal Oak Building (Eastman Kodak Store)
301-307 N. Charles StreetCB-2223 -- Old Baltimore Life Insurance Company Building (Commercial Credit Building)
233 N. Charles StreetCB-10 -- St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church
221-227 N. Charles StreetCB-975 -- Masonic Temple
217 N. Charles StreetCB-976 -- Hiss Building
11-15 E. Saratoga StreetCB-977 -- Daily Record Building
347 N. Charles StreetCB-2191 -- Remingtons
345 N. Charles StreetCB-2190 -- Alex Cooper, Auctioneers (G. T. Sadtler & Sons Optometrists Building, G. T. Sadtler & Sons Furniture Store)
343 N. Charles StreetCB-2189 -- John C. Knipp & Sons Furniture Building (Hooper, Keifer and Cornell Law Offices)
339-341 N. Charles StreetCB-2188 -- McDowell and Company
19 W. Franklin StreetCB-2080 -- Gregg House (Franklin Realty and Finance Company)
17 W. Franklin StreetCB-2079 -- Henry Winter Davis House (Allen Organ Studio, Our Daily Bread)
335 N. Charles StreetCB-2186 -- Edward A. Myerberg and Company
333 N. Charles StreetCB-2185 -- Woman's Industrial Exchange
12 E. Pleasant StreetCB-2183 -- Houston-Marshall Law Building
326 Saint Paul PlaceCB-2192 -- Hack Building (Banneker Building)
14 E. Pleasant StreetNC 
8 E. Pleasant StreetNCB-2182 -- Tremont Hotel
3 W. Franklin StreetNCB-4433 -- 1991 Parking Garage
337 N. Charles StreetNCB-2187 -- Dulany-Vernay Company Building (Tarlow Furs)
417 N. Charles StreetNC 
11-15 E. Franklin StreetNCB-2084 -- Commercial Credit Corp. Employees Parking Garage
18 W. Saratoga StreetNCB-978 -- Allright Auto Park (Site of Johns Hopkins Town House/Royal Arcanum)
16 W. Saratoga StreetNCB-2178 -- Arcade Parking, Inc. (Brown's Arcade Parking Garage, St. Joseph's Academy, H. W. Jenkins & Songs)
14 W. Saratoga StreetNCB-2177 -- Security Savings and Loan
320 Cathedral StreetNCB-2141 -- Catholic Archdiocesan Center
124 W. Franklin StreetNCB-113 -- Basilica Place (Tower)
323 N. Charles StreetNCB-2229 -- Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company
514 N. Charles Street B-1995 -- First Unitarian Church House (Chapel, Parish House)
400-420 Cathedral Street B-2068A -- Enoch Pratt Free Library Garage
502 Cathedral Street B-1988 -- Franklin Street Presbyterian Church Rectory (New Psalmist Baptist Church Christian Center)
115 W. Franklin Street B-2071 -- Moale-McGlannan House (Demolished)
113 W. Franklin Street B-2070 -- Johnston-Wolf House (Demolished)


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