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Maryland's National Register Properties

Multiple Property Submissions in Maryland (21 properties)

The NRHP Multiple Property Documentation Form nominates groups of related significant properties. On it, the themes, trends, and patterns of history shared by the properties are organized into historic contexts and the property types that represent those historic contexts are defined.

The Multiple Property Documentation Form is a cover document and not a nomination in its own right, but serves as a basis for evaluating the National Register eligibility of related properties. It may be used to nominate and register thematically-related historic properties simultaneously or to establish the registration requirements for properties that may be nominated in the future.

The name of the thematic group, denoting the historical framework of nominated properties, is the multiple property listing. When nominated and listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the Multiple Property Documentation Form, together with individual Registration Forms, constitute a multiple property submission.

--From National Register Bulletin 16b, 1991.

The links below will open a PDF copy of the actual MPS form. Some of them are fairly large, so please be pateient while the form loads.

Name Date Listed
Old National Pike Milestones      1975-03-27
Inns on the National Road      1976-12-22
Covered Bridges in Frederick County, Maryland      1978-02-23
Prehistoric Quarries of the Delaware Chalcedony Complex      1983-12-16
Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Fleet (MPD)      1985-05-16
Chesapeake Bay Sailing Log Canoe Fleet (MPD)      1985-09-18
Maryland National Guard Armories      1985-09-25
Parkways of the National Capital Region, 1913-1965      1991-05-09
Historical and Archaeological Resources of Somerset County, MD      1991-05-16
Prehistoric Human Adaptation to the Coastal Plain Environment of Anne Arundel County, Maryland      1991-11-08
Cast Iron Architecture of Baltimore, Maryland, 1850-1904      1994-09-26
Civil War Era National Cemeteries      1994-10-14
Light Stations of the United States      2002-12-02
Subdivisions and Architecture Planned and Designed by Charles M. Goodman Associates in Montgomery County, Maryland      2004-12-15
African-American Historic Resources of Prince George's County, MD      2005-03-14
Rosenwald Schools of Anne Arundel County, Maryland (1921-1932)      2005-06-24
Subdivisons Built by Edmund Bennett and Designed by Keyes, Lethbridge & Condon in Montgomery County, Maryland, 1956-1973      2008-10-01
Quaker Sites in the West River Meeting, c. 1650-1785      2008-11-03
South Mountain Battlefield(s) - Septemeber 14, 1862      2010-07-08
Providence MD: Archaeology of a Puritan/Quaker Settlement      2010-12-01
Tobacco Barns of Southern Maryland      2011-11-03

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