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Historic Preservation Review for
State and Federal Projects

East New Market Streetscape, Dorchester Co.East New Market Streetscape, Dorchester Co.

Historic preservation laws require state and federal government agencies to consider the effects of their projects on historic and archaeological resources through a consultation process known as "Section 106" review. Protecting cultural resources benefits the public by revitalizing communities, promoting heritage tourism and preserving tangible links with our past.

Through consultation with agencies, project sponsors, and the public, the Maryland Historical Trust—the State Historic Preservation Office—helps ensure that federal and state projects avoid, reduce or mitigate harm to historic and archaeological properties. MHT annually reviews over 6,000 projects—ranging from the rehabilitation of a home to large scale transportation improvements—that have received state or federal funds, permits, and licenses. Click on the boxes below to learn more about the Section 106 process and how you can get involved.