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Research Programs & Resources

Maryland Historical Trust’s Research and Survey unit conducts and sponsors fundamental research into the historical, architectural and archeological heritage of Maryland. Research focuses on those themes and resources identified as priorities by MHT, and may be carried out by MHT staff or its partners in local governments and non-profit agencies throughout the state. Typical projects might develop statewide historic or archeological contexts, investigate specific property types, or synthesize data related to broad themes in Maryland history.

Doing Research at MHT

MHT maintains a variety of resources that offer researchers both primary and secondary information on architectural and historical subjects. The Maryland Inventory of Historic Properties, National Register, and Determination of Eligibility files housed in our archives compile essential documentation on tens of thousands of historic properties throughout the state.

Our library contains unpublished research material such as surveys, historic contexts, field and research reports, and compliance documentation, in addition to an extensive collection of books and other media relevant to Maryland history, architecture, archeology, and culture.

Research Partnerships

Stanley Institute, Dorchester County

MHT works in partnership with local governments, nonprofit organizations, museums and educational institutions to conduct a wide variety of research projects. State and Federal grants, administered by MHT, assist in funding these activities. Examples include a diverse array of themes across the state including tobacco farming, aviation-related resources, mid-19th century African-American resources, contexts on agriculture, industry and transportation in Mid-Maryland, modern architecture, and a synopsis of Middle Woodland archeological sites in Central Maryland.

About Our Current Architectural Research

Maryland Tobacco Barn

MHT also engages directly in research on topics of broad statewide significance. Projects recently undertaken by MHT staff include:

  • Historic Context Documents in Maryland History and Architecture
  • Comprehensive Historic Structure Report on Maryland’s State House

About Our Current Archeological Research