Medusa, Maryland's Cultural Resource Information System
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The Requester acknowledges he or she understands that archeological site location data shall not be disclosed by the Requester or his or her proxies through publications or otherwise, including but not limited to presentations, interviews, social media, and electronic formats, to any group or individual who is not a professional archeologist, without the express consent of the MHT. The Requester further acknowledges that archeological site location data is to be used only for research or compliance purposes, and may only be reproduced for MHT or other appropriate review agencies. A copy of any report or publication that uses this data will be deposited with the MHT Librarian, and will credit the Maryland Historical Trust.

This account can be terminated at any time by MHT for non-compliance with these Terms. Activation of an account to use the Medusa Cultural Resource Information System neither signifies nor implies any official approval or certification of the qualifications of the Requester and/or proxy.

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